Let’s say you wanted to become a full-time web designer and an all-encompassing website creator. Why study web design at home? Well, maybe to make your websites (just for fun or for profit), or maybe you would like to professionally create websites for other people. The problem is, it will take more than a lifetime to learn everything there is to know about website creation!

Due to this reason, current students can significantly benefit from learning how to create websites. It’s a useful skill that will always come in handy, and students have a lot of free time they can invest into learning it!

What Website Creation Skills Should You Learn?

Website Creation Skills

Here’s our list of the most important website creation skills that anyone looking to learn this proficiency needs to acquaint themselves:

  • Marketing
  • Branding and positioning
  • Traffic generation
  • Graphic design
  • Production;
  • Accessibility and convenience (usability).


Marketing website

Website creation is directly related to marketing, which is the process of aligning markets with your offerings. The more efficiently you do this, the more effective your web design will be. Web development is not marketing; it’s just graphic design. But, if you want to make an effective website (instead of just beautiful), graphic design alone is not enough.

If no one visits your website, or people visit but don’t find what they want, how can such a website be successful? Advertising, email marketing, and search engine optimization are all intertwined with your website and should all be seen as part of integrated marketing. We believe that learning and applying simple yet basic marketing principles will play a critical role in the effectiveness of your web design.

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Branding and Positioning

Branding and Positioning website

Branding (and its cousin “positioning”) is the process of choosing what you want to be said about you, your products, or your customers. It all depends on what your website is all about. The brand can be casual or deliberate. A conscious, targeted brand creates a strong impression that gives people a clear understanding of your website’s identity. This way, it gets remembered between countless other online websites.

A strong brand is an important aspect that every website should have in order to give people a reason to get interested and ultimately take action. If you are going to build a powerful website for yourself or someone else, then remember that it must be built around a clear identity. Some people use special services to create content for their websites, including paraphrase online agencies.

Traffic Generation

Traffic Generation website
Sales funnel and Lead generation marketing strategy.

If no one visits your website, then you can forget about success, no matter how great your website looks.wordpress lms theme learndash

To be successful, a website must attract a high number of visitors, and then it must convert those visitors into clients or customers.

How a website will be built, its content and production standards will all impact its ability to drive traffic. If your site doesn’t show up on the first page of search results, then it won’t get a big fraction of the traffic it could (the first page gets 99% of the clicks).


You cannot leave this task for later or to an SEO consultant. It is much better to create a site from scratch to target the right market and make sure that the site is optimized properly for the search engines. A website creator who knows how to do it correctly will be much more successful and in demand.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design for website

Graphic design encompasses page layouts, image usage, color, design, typography, iconography, ease of navigation … This is what people initially think of when you say “website design,” and this is very important.

You see, visual design is important, but not as important as we designers like to think! Of course, the web page must be easy to use, easy to understand, and also look relevant to your main message and audience. But, the difference between good enough design and amazing design doesn’t really translate into feasible figures.

learndash theme

Production Stage

Web page production is the process of transforming the graphic design into a working website. It includes HTML (for content and structure), CSS (for visual styling) components, and JavaScript programming (for making the website interactive). They are very, very important! Plus, understanding how web pages are built will help you discover new possibilities.

Accessibility and Usability

Accessibility and Usability website

The higher the percentage of the target audience that can use your website, the more your website will be used. Web usability is a simple discipline of testing how easy it is to achieve what you want on a website. Accessibility, in turn, is designing a site so that everyone can use it.

There are, of course, legal requirements in many parts of the world for websites to be made available to most people. Anyone who creates web pages should be familiar with the principles of usability and accessibility.

That’s It

After getting acquainted with all these things, you’ll be more than ready to create websites. In fact, there will be nothing stopping you from even applying to full-time web designer positions because you learned all the necessary skills through practice.

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