Over the past few years, online communities have become so popular that top brands have started taking the help of online communities to promote their business. These online communities help your members to interact with one another and create a sense of trust between themselves. However, most of the online communities are superficial and are also referred to as migrating communities.

There are some organizations which do take the concept of online communities extremely seriously and spend a lot of money in maintaining community principles. They do so in order to maintain brand loyalty and keep their customers happy and satisfied. So, let us see how some of the top brands invest in their online communities:

Google invests a lot of money on Labs

google invest

Google invests in online communities which are in the form of collaborative groups called Labs. These labs bring all the leaders from different industries close to one another so that they are able to share their ideas with each other and discuss their issues. Google Labs also helps to foster a feeling of understanding among the members of the group which happens because of collaboration and conversations. This is exactly why Google is regarded as one of the most innovative organizations on the planet.

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Sephora always encourage beauty enthusiasts

Sephora is one of the most reputed beauty brands in the world and it has invested a lot of money on a beauty enthusiast community. The community is easily accessible from mobile devices. It also enhances the shopping experience of the users. The community allows the members to discuss various beauty products and makeup routines. The members also get to discuss products which are not related to Sephora. The community members also get to know about recent events. They also keep themselves updated about the latest trends. A lot of beauty professionals are also a part of the beauty enthusiast community. They provide valuable information to the other members regarding beauty and makeup.

Twitter has a lot of local groups


Twitter acquires over 2 million users every month for watching and live streaming video broadcasts. A local community allows them to attain their objective. Twitter has around 40 local groups situated at various prominent cities from all across the world. The local communities hold real-life events on a regular basis. The communities also help to develop friendship among the local twitter members. These local groups are mainly meant to bring the members together on the same platform. The groups also foster online interaction among the members. The loyal members will keep coming back to the brand over and over again. With time, they will also recruit new members and expand the group.

What do all these communities have in common?

The communities create a strong bond between the members of a particular organization. It gives a common platform to the members to share all their thoughts and ideas. The online communities will give your members a highly personalized experience. The members will get to know that the brand genuinely cares about them and they will always try to remain attached to your brand.

Few tips for building a proper community?

Here we are with a few useful tips for you that will help you to design a proper community:

  • Do not restrict yourself to building transactional relationships with your customers. You will not be able to gain the trust of your customers by simply offering them coupons or inviting them to events.
  • Your members must know how exactly you are helping them. This will allow them to develop a sense of trust in your community and your brand.
  • Always start by thinking small. Successful communities always happen with small experiences. First start with a small group and then think of expanding it to a huge community.

Reign BuddyPress: A perfect theme for your online community

reign buddypress


Now that Reign BuddyPress is here, the entire task of designing a community website has become a lot easier. Reign BuddyPress is an extremely popular community WordPress theme that will allow you to design your community website in the best possible way. The theme is suitable for all types of niche-based community. It has a huge range of features and allows you to create social networking websites just like Facebook. You will be able to sell your digital and physical products online by using Reign BuddyPress. The theme is also perfect for LMS platforms. Here we are with some of the most useful features of Reign BuddyPress:

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Advanced drag and drop page builder:

By using the advance drag and drop page builder, you will be able to control the entire look of your web page in a real-time environment. You will also be provided with the huge collection of elementor widgets by which you will be able to modify the look of your website and also make it fully functional and interesting.

Easy to import demo content:

The demo content can be installed using the one click installer. All the elements can be imported with just a single click of the mouse. You will also be provided with the life preview option to see how your website looks after making the changes.

Gutenberg compatibility:

Reign BuddyPress is fully compatible with the Gutenberg editor. You will be able to edit the contents of your website extremely easily. This also makes your website highly customisable.

Multiple header options:

You will be provided with a huge variety of header options to choose from. This will give a perfect look to your website. It will also start appearing professional.

Group directory layouts:

A number of layouts are available for creating group directories. You will be able to choose the perfect layout for your community from the endless options available to you.

BuddyPress customisation option:

The theme comes with a huge range of customisation options. You will be able to customize the member avatar, group avatar, cover image and many more. You will also be able to control the number of members entering a group.

In this way, a community website can be used to promote your brand and convey your brand message to the users. So, you must design your community in the best possible way so that it perfectly serves its purpose.

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