Online communities are popping up everywhere. It is simple to find and be a part of a community of your choice. They are popular nowadays because of its ‘all-inclusive’ policy. There is no restriction on the number of people that can join an online community. But numbers aren’t everything. A community with a lot of people has its own set of problems. For example, it is extremely difficult to have focused, meaningful and long-lasting conversations. This leads to the content being forgettable and the community existing without fulfilling its basic purpose.

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Communities allow people from all over the globe to be a part of them. It has no restrictions or barriers. But this has its downfalls. Often, a community may be crowded with people who may or may not contribute to the community! Members might be inactive, uninterested or simply unwilling to engage with the community.

Now, imagine an online community with the right people. With a micro community, you can create your very own niche-based community with less than 30 people!

What are micro communities?

Micro Community Websites

A micro community is a small group where members aim to network and help each other out personally and professionally. It is a safe space to have honest and in-depth conversations. It adds value to the life of members and the community as a whole.

Micro communities are not that different from a typical online community. It is just a medium where conversations amongst members are more intimate and focused. Interactions can be done on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. It has its focus on a particular niche.

When micro communities include people that are a part of a circle, it makes achieving the purpose easier. It may not necessarily entertain people from the outside. It is usually created amongst friends and can include 10-12 people from the inner and the outer circle. All this is done because it is possible to have deep, meaningful conversations with like-minded people.

The digital world is expanding daily and we are growing with it. In the age of social media, people have finally realized that even though connections are made with a click online, all we crave at the end of the day online is authenticity.

Benefits of Micro Community Websites:

1. Authentic Discussions:

The #1 reason for being a part of a micro community is to be able to have honest conversations with like-minded people. Let’s face it, micro communities are exclusive and they will provide more value than any public community would. Professionals can come together and take maximum advantage of a community like this. It can consist of people that share mutual interests and want to share their work while helping each other with the same. In a micro community, members can share their designs and ideas, have fruitful discussions, give and receive organic feedback and help each other to promote and execute their work and ideas. All this may not be possible in a public online community.

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2. Psychological Safety:

The intimacy that a micro community provides leads to members having open and honest conversations with each other. It makes the whole experience more authentic. There is scope for psychological safety, which is difficult to achieve in a community that has thousands of members. It encourages thought-provoking and real interactions between members that in return can add value to the life of the member in the long term. When a community provides a safe space to its members, it leads to quality exchanges between them. A micro community allows each member to feel accepted and respected. Their opinions are heard and considered. Moreover, such a community is flexible and takes into consideration various needs of its members.

3. Higher Impact with Targeted Engagement:

In the ‘microworld’, the focus is on quality and not quantity. Brands can take maximum advantage of the concept of a micro community. They can use it to market their products and services to a target audience. This leads to better ideation, fewer costs and overall higher outputs.

Members of a micro community websites are connected through the factor of trust. Audiences listen to small influencers. They can end up having a greater impact. When marketing is directed to a specific set of an audience instead of the whole demography, it makes a lot of difference.

Targeted engagement is done with focused content. It aims to create meaningful content that engages people and ensures constant interactions between its members. Micro communities are a direct and efficient way of finding your target market.

Once you build a niche, marketing the same in the right way will do wonders for your brand.

4. Brand Engagement:

Audiences are inclined towards brands that provide a personal touch. Sustaining in the market no longer only depends on the price and quality. Brands have to do more. It is known that audiences tend to connect more with a brand based on its values.

Micro community is a simple way for brands to be closer to their loyal customers and make them feel appreciated and heard. Brands can create a niche community with them. This will include the brand’s most engaged customers, repeat purchasers and those customers who interact with the brand’s social accounts daily. In marketing terms, they are the ‘advocates’ of your brand.

Building a community is the first step. Brands have to continually ensure that they engage with its members. It can be done by creating user-generated content, providing the members with incentives and putting relatable content online. Discounts, coupon codes, vouchers referrals and exclusive deals is a sure-shot way of keeping prime customers engaged with the brand.

Wrapping Up

In short, micro communities try to fulfill our innate desire to connect with others.
The way we look at online communities is changing day by day. We are living in the era of micro communities and we need to make the most of it.

You too can create an online micro community Websites today! It is easy and has a far-reaching impact. Jump on the bandwagon while you still have the chance!


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