Traffic, Conversions, Bounce Rate. You have heard all these terms but do you know how to actually make them work in your favor? So you built a website. It looks amazing. You even have website traffic. However, the conversions are low. The bounce rate – the percentage of visitors leaving your website without reading your content – is high. There’s so much going on. How are you supposed to handle all this?

But don’t worry, we are here to help! In this article, we will break everything down into small parts – to understand how you can keep your visitors hooked on your website!

1. Load Time:

load time
Loading Speed helps to Keep Visitors On Your Website

If your site lags and takes a lot of time to load, your visitor will bounce. Nobody has the time nowadays and people barely spend a few seconds on websites. It is the fastest way to turn away visitors. Having more number of pictures and visual aids on your website could be a huge factor in determining your website’s load time. However, that should not mean that you do not use pictures at all – do it wisely. Put them up at appropriate places and make them more relevant to your content. Make your landing page load as quickly as possible. After all, it is the first point of contact with the visitor.

In short, your first page should draw the attention of visitors – rule one of high conversions.

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2. Mobile-Friendly:

Keep Visitors On Your Website
Ways to Keep Visitors On Your Website

Your website should be optimized for all kinds of devices. Users could be viewing your website through a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop. Your website should be readable and functional always – no matter what the device is. If your pages are not responsive or fail to load quickly, expect a higher bounce rate. Think about multi-platform users while designing your website. If your website does not work well or gives your user a bad experience, they are less likely to stay around.

In conclusion, aim to provide your customers with a user experience that’s unforgettable.

3. Readability and Content:

Your content should be valuable and readable. If your website only has huge amounts of text, chances are your visitor will not read it. The digital world is quick and everything goes around fast. Ensure that you provide your users with maximum data and value in minimum words. Design your website in such a way that your audience sees the exact information you want them to see.

Everybody likes free stuff. Offer your visitors with something useful – maybe a first-time discount or a chance to subscribe to your newsletter. Creating something that is useful or fun will ensure that your visitors come back for more. Create a ‘featured’ section that includes your best products and details about your services. Highlight new content. Include a ‘search’ option to make things easier for them. Give your customers an easy way to pay you. Make your payment gateways fast and simple to understand.

Publish consistently. Post high-value content every other day. Stay on top of trends. It will make your site seem authentic. Posting consistently showcases your talent and dedication towards your website. Visitors prefer active websites!

Here are a few ways to ensure readability:

  1. Write conclusions to your articles
  2. Use short paragraphs
  3. Highlight information that is important by using bold text or different colored font
  4. Provide your visitors with a CTA – Call To Action
  5. Break up long paragraphs by using lists
  6. Use pictures and other media

Keep your content balanced – too much of anything will ruin readability for most visitors.

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4. Keywords:

RELEVANCY is the secret ingredient. When your audience searches something online and is directed to your website, it expects more information about the related keyword. If your website talks about something else, the visitor will (you guessed it right!) bounce. Focus on keywords that will lead to conversions. Your keywords should comprise of services that you offer. Give your visitor relevant information about their search requirements and they will linger around for a while.

5. Social Proof:

Your audience needs to trust you. One way to do this is through social proof – add your social media accounts on your website, ask people to drop in reviews, and publish testimonials. The more organic your content is, the more people are likely to believe it. Show your visitors that you are authentic and trustworthy – it gives them a reason to conduct business with you. Moreover, you can up your social media game and use it in a way to direct more engagement to your website. You can provide your users with tips, hacks, information about new products and so much more by linking your website with your social media.

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6. Rewards:

Like we said before, everyone likes free stuff. Your brand advocates should get a little something in return for sticking around with you. There are a lot of ways in which you can acknowledge and thank them – providing them with coupon codes and vouchers, offering personal acknowledgments, giving them public recognition on your website or your social media accounts, and so on. You can also come up with a loyalty program. Rewarding your loyal customers is one of the best ways of marketing and growing your brand. After all, if you keep your customers happy, they will go a step further and recommend you to their family and friends. They may even put up a helpful review or an awesome testimonial online!


Now you see it! There are so many reasons why a potential customer would leave your website without browsing it! If you get these things right and continually provide quality content to your audience, conversions will not be a problem for you! There are different kinds of people – try to incorporate all their needs and you are good to go. Know your audience. Communicate effectively. Strategize. With this, your bounce rate will eventually drop and your visitors will become advocates for your brand!

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