Are you wondering how two concepts Email Marketing and SEO, so drastically different from each other, can actually work together for the betterment of our website? Don’t think any further – this article has all of it explained in detail!

Is email marketing essential?

YES. You may think that emails are a thing of the past – but you should consider it again. Emails should be at the core of your whole marketing strategy.

Find it difficult to believe us? Let the statistics speak for themselves:

    1. There are around 3.9 billion email users in the world.
  1. 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention.
  2. 59% of respondents say that email marketing influences their purchase decision.
  3. 35% of marketers send 3-5 emails per week to their customers.

Are you baffled with the data? This is enough proof that it is time to include emails to your marketing strategy checklist!

How to make the most of your email marketing?

  1. Send emails at the right time – depends on your brand and strategy.
  2. Focus on content – provide valuable information to your readers.
  3. Email, don’t spam – have a plan, and don’t use spammy content.
  4. Start small – use segmentation to create a smaller emailing list.
  5. Have a subscription list – send emails to those who have signed up.

Read on to know how your efforts in SEO can be strengthened with the proper use of email marketing!

1. Quality Traffic:

Having traffic on your website may or may not lead to conversions. But having quality traffic is more likely to lead to conversions because these visitors are interested in the kind of content you provide. You can do this by personalizing your content as per the need of your users – through emails. When you send your customers newsletters and other content depending on what they signed up for, you take the first step in building long-term relations. It all starts by segmenting your email list. Ensure that your subscribers receive what they want. When you do this well, you improve your overall SEO rankings and engagement.

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2. Improves Bounce Rate:

When people leave your website without checking out the content, this activity is known as bouncing. Having a higher bounce rate is obviously detrimental to your website. Bounce rate also helps search engine ranking. Even if your SEO is clear and on point, if your bounce rate is high, it will not go anywhere.

Bounce rate is dependent on your content. So having high-quality content should be your first requirement. When you put the same content on your emails, you are directing visitors to your website. Visitors that come through your emails are more likely to spend more time on your website – thereby ensuring that your bounce rate remains at a minimum.

Lastly, provide value to your reader. There should be an end goal for your content. Do you want the reader to sign up for your newsletter? Do you want them to purchase your product? Are you giving them valuable information? These little questions make big difference in the mind of your visitor. Give them unmatchable value and they will come back for more.

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3. Boosts Engagement Rate:

Email Marketing to Boost SEO
Email Marketing to Boost SEO

One way to boost engagement rates through email is CTA – Call To Action. Using compelling CTA forces your audience to interact with you. There are different ways of engagement – you can ask your user to click on a link you have provided in the email or you can attach a form that can be filled out by the user. Emphasize the fact that your CTA should be clear and easy.

When a visitor spends more time on your website, they are more likely to convert and be a customer. Your search visibility increases when you drive your subscribers to relevant content effectively.

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4. Targeted Content Strategy:

When you decide to use email marketing as your primary marketing strategy, you have to ensure that first, you segment your audience – to understand their needs better. Email content needs to be personalized for your users. When you know what your audience wants, you can send quality content to their inboxes. Segmentation allows you to focus on relevant content and this targeted content strategy goes a long way in boosting your SEO.

Search engines also focus on the quality and depth of your content. It makes a thorough analysis before ranking your page. Create high-quality content through email marketing.

5. Facilitates Social Media Sharing:

social media 1
Email Marketing to Boost SEO

Is your audience sharing what they see? Social sharing is yet another important technique you should master. Engagement on your brand’s social media is crucial. It impacts how your brand overall performs. Include your social media handles as an integral part of your emails. Drive traffic to your social media and give the audience content to talk about! When your visitors share your posts, it enhances visibility and your SEO rankings get better. Utilize the power of social media right away!

Social sharing may not directly boost your SEO but it provides you with visibility which is an integral part of SEO. Social shares are meant to work to your advantage – provide value to your customer and they will recommend and share your content!

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Final Words

While emails and SEO seem unrelated, you can define email marketing strategies that boost SEO ranking through email marketing strategies. Your mantra should be to focus on – personalization and segmentation.

Emails have been around since forever. They are not going away anytime soon. Connect with high-quality visitors through high-quality content. With these techniques, search engines will find your content and put it out there. Build connections through emails and see how it positively impacts your overall marketing strategy!

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