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Hiring Freelance Web Developers over Traditional Companies

Evaluate the pros of working with freelancers
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Suppose you are a business owner and embarking on a new project to improve your company website. In that case, you need to ascertain whether you would like to work with a professional freelancer or a web development and design company. For both, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each. Your requirements, time, and budget, too, should be considered when it comes to hiring the best web developer or designer for your business website, as the costs of the project should be within your reach.

There are several advantages of working with a freelance web developer or designer for your business website. The biggest being the freelancer works at their own time and pace, making him/her more flexible than companies specializing in web development and design in more ways than one. If you are a business owner and need to work on your company website, this post will help you to gain a deeper insight into the key advantages of teaming up with a freelancer for your business projects.


7 Advantages to Hire Freelance Web Developer

Advantages as to why freelancers are great to work with over traditional companies.

1. Lower Costs – Freelance Web Developer Costs Less

Freelance Web Developer
Freelance Web Developer

Lower costs – Since freelance web developers and designers work from home, they can pass over many cost savings to you. They earn a good income as they work with several clients, and when you hire them, you pay for the hours they spend on your project. This means you no longer need to incur extra web development and design company costs like paying for the office facilities that companies charge you at their prices for a project.

2. Speed – Hire Full Stack Developer to Save Time

top freelance web developer in new york

Speed – Freelancers can make faster decisions than traditional web development and design companies. Revisions in tasks and design are accelerated when you work with a single individual. Since freelancers generally work longer hours at their own time and pace, they are able to deliver you the results as promised. Unlike offices, they do not have fixed working hours or days. Many freelancers even agree to work on weekends to complete a project in time. They might charge you extra for the work hours; they generally take more than usual, but still, you are saving costs as you are getting the final results delivered in time.

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3. Expertise – Hire Expert Developers

hire expert developers, expert wordpress developer

Expertise – Experienced freelancers have multiple skills and talents. Some of them wear many different hats when they work on your business website. Most of them are proficient in copywriting, UX design, graphic design, and even on more specialized subjects like working with platforms which release management and Salesforce.
You can also look for more technically minded expertise for instance, your ecommerce store development may need someone who is willing to do a Magento 2 skills test or has completed one already.Most freelancers have worked professionally before, and so they often have valuable experience and knowledge under their belts. They want to work at liberty, and so they embrace self-employment to enjoy that freedom and space.

4. Quality – Check Freelance Web Developer Online Portfolio

Freelance Web Developer Portfolio
Ask Web Developer Examples and Portfolio

Quality – When it comes to web design quality from traditional companies specializing in the niche and freelancers, you need to check their portfolios first. It would be wrong to say that companies are better than freelancers when it comes to the quality of work delivered for web development and design. You need to do your homework well. This entails effort as you should check the portfolios of both the Web Development and Design Company with the freelancer’s site.

Most professional freelancers will have an online portfolio for clients to view their past work and references. In order to get the desired quality of work, you need to carefully go through these portfolios to match their standards to your expectations. Moreover, the size of the business never determines the standards and the quality of work. A freelancer might have an outstanding portfolio online and agree to work with you at a lesser cost, whereas a large firm can have a terrible one and overcharge you for the work.

5. Communication – Professional freelancers Have Proactive Communication

freelance business communications


Communication – Another big advantage of working with a freelancer is you are communicating with a single professional. Unlike a company, you will not be speaking to many people for a single project. The freelancer gives you the benefits of direct communication with lesser hassles. To get the best freelancer for your project, you need to check how responsive the professional is to your phone and emails. Professional freelancers credible in the market are proactive, and they get back to you as soon as you contact them via email or messenger.

Moreover, since they have to communicate in English, having TEFL-certified freelancers can further enhance the quality of communication. Freelancers with a strong background in Teaching English as a Foreign Language are better positioned to collaborate smoothly with clients and ensure smooth project collaboration. Professional communication skills are key to achieving successful project outcomes when dealing with remote freelancers in the global market.


6. Loyalty – A Higher level of Dedication


Loyalty – Freelancers are committed to their clients. They work with dedication as they focus on their client’s projects only. They are available for future upgrades as and when needed. Companies, on the other hand, work on many projects simultaneously. The teams’ levels of dedication and commitment are less as they manage many projects on a single desk. Companies fail their delivery deadlines most often because of this lack of dedication and commitment towards their clients. It is difficult for you to expect that every member of the web design and development team will have the same integrity and levels of dedication towards your project- this belief can only be expected from a freelancer.

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7. Consistency – Freelancers are Known for Their Consistency

Freelancers Consistency

Consistency – Freelancers understand the vital aspects of your site, and they ensure the style and tone of it is consistent. For any business website to work effectively for your business, all its components must be aligned together to function well. In fact, with a single individual working on your project, this alignment is done perfectly, and you often have no problems with the results. Since they generally have a higher level of expertise over companies as they work on diverse projects, they know precisely what your website needs. They keep track of the latest developments in the web development and design industry so that you get a modern fully-functional business website with success.

Freelancers are inevitably more flexible, available, and convenient to work with over companies specializing in web development and design. However, in order to get the best professionals for your project, visit credible freelancing sites, and read their reviews and client testimonials before you hire them. In this way, you can boost your business website’s functionality and design and save money in the process too!

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