You already know that your blog is an outstanding way to convert visitors into potential customers. But it’s not exactly easy to build an active and engaged audience that drives business. The reality is many blogs fail to convert. It can happen because of unproductive writing style, marketing issues, consistency in posting, or SEO mishaps. But there are things you can do to upgrade your blog and bring in traffic ready to convert. We’ll help you with these seven tips you can use by yourself to improve your blog conversion rate. A friendly disclaimer: if you don’t feel up to working on your blog by yourself, look for professional help.Brndle

Increase your blog conversion rate

That means looking into some of the best local SEO agencies that can give you an audit and help you with an appropriate marketing plan. After you implement some changes, you’ll most likely notice an increase in Blog conversion rate.

1. Try out a CRO planner

Blog conversion rate
Blog conversion rate

A CRO (Blog conversion rate optimization) planner can help you analyze and create a strategy that helps increase conversion. A good CRO plan can boost your conversions by up to 50%. The entire process can have a great impact on your business. So, it becomes an important strategy in driving your sales up.

Why choose a CRO planner? Because it takes you through the whole process of auditing and improving a blog or website. With a good CRO planner, you can audit your blog, find areas that need improvement in the conversion funnel, and better understand your audience. Click here to get professional help for your blog. You may not be familiar with A/B testing and strategy experimentation, for example.

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2. Choose the right blog topics

There’s a lot of competition in the blog market. So, you have to find ways to stand out. You can start by working on your titles. They have to be catchy and click-worthy. If they’re not engaging, the audience won’t read.

Engaging titles can have the following traits:

  • They’re relevant to your target
  • They use an urgent tone
  • The information is useful for the audience
  • They’re unique
  • They emanate positivity
  • They’re concise.

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3. Increase your social media outreach

Social media marketing
Blog conversion rate

Your reach and social media engagement are crucial to the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. To increase your conversions and social media referrals, you can increase your reach. Either use ads or organic tactics.

Here are a few ways to organically increase your social media reach:

  • Periodically reschedule posts
  • Use specific keywords and hashtags
  • Work with your community to share your posts
  • Consider working with micro influencers and influencers.

4. Use social proof and testimonials on your website

A study conducted for TrustPilot shows that 89% of consumers prefer to check for reviews online before making a purchase. And they’re influenced by positive reviews.  It’s clear that the way people see you online has an effect on your Blog conversion rate. Therefore, you can work on implementing testimonials and reviews on your website. You can link to any directory pages where buyers leave comments or reviews.

Creating a page dedicated to testimonials is also a good option. This way, your visitors won’t have to leave your blog for a third party to read them. The ovferall feeling should be positive, with reviews from people who enjoyed your service or products.

5. Focus on powerful visual details

Visuals are significant in blogging mainly because they help with readability. Posts with visuals have a greater chance to be read than those without photos and diagrams. Justuno says that for 93% of consumers, visual appearance is the key to making a purchase. You can even add important information in lists and diagrams or in other visual forms to help with retention.

Use visuals in the form of:

  • Screenshots to prove your ideas
  • Indicators (graphs)
  • Infographics.

6. Use live chat and comments sections on your website

chatbot-Blog conversion rate
Blog conversion rate

Blogging is about more than one-sided messages. The responses your audience gives are important to the whole process. You can use live chat and comments to show how effective your blog post is. And how engaging the content is. Of course, that leads to a better relationship with your audience.

Boost your engagement by:

  • Responding to comments
  • Inviting your readers to leave comments to your article
  • Being active on other blogs and inviting readers to check out your content.

Use a tool like Disqus to help you out. It’s easier to stay connected with your whole community.
Live chat is useful to quickly answer any question a reader has. Avoid losing prospective clients by giving them a chance to ask their questions fast. Live chat lets customer service lessen your readers’ concerns and facilitates conversion.

7. Focus on how your product helps the reader

You have to attract your prospective client’s attention through your blog posts. To do that, you have to bring into question their pain points. Google found out that “How-to” articles are extremely popular. Searches for this type of article have increased over the years. Take advantage of that.

Bring into question the problems or worries your prospective buyers may have and alleviate them. Relevant information takes you closer to conversion.

Here’s how you identify buyer pain points:

  • Investigate feedback from clients to find important problems
  • Ask yourself what issues you would like to solve for your customer throughout their journey
  • Test the product or service before you sell it.

Work with the information you gather to create catchy titles and informational blog posts your readers will react to.

When in doubt, ask your audience for ideas by using Google Forms or Survey Monkey. They make information collecting much easier online. And you can incorporate what you find out in the content you post.

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Conclusions of Blog conversion rate

You can benefit from your blog and improve Blog conversion rate when you implement the right marketing strategies and tactics. With the seven tips and tricks we mentioned above, you have a greater chance of converting.

And if you need more help along the way, don’t hesitate to ask for professional help. The right marketing and branding agency can be really helpful for increase your Blog conversion rate.

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