One of the most common questions on gaming forums is “is there a way to get OSRS gold really easily?” According to Jagex, the business entity that issues RuneScape gold, you should earn your ORSR gold legitimately by grinding it in the game. If you do not have the stomach for this grueling task, purchase it off their stock exchange using actual cash. 

The Jagex team discourages Old School RuneScape (OSRS) real-world item trading. They say that Andrew Gower, one of the game’s co-founders, was against this practice. Gower said that, as per his observation, real-world item trading could change player behavior in other games.

Second, Gower observed that the real-world item trading of in-game assets such as RuneScape gold gave some players an unfair footing in the game. Access to “real-life” financial resources in a gaming environment distorted some OSRS aspects. On top of that, it adversely affected the player and Jagex relationship dynamics.

In Gower’s defense, this massively multiplayer online role-playing game started as a free-to-play game. It was the poor gamer’s World of Warcraft. You did not have to pay a monthly subscription to play it. And you could play it on the web browser as well. No need to purchase those expensive installation discs. Just get online and log in to your account. 

Old School RuneScape had super humble beginnings with Gower and his sibling Paul working as its main development team. RuneScape could function as a free game. The absence of excess commercialization makes OSRS one of the world’s most active MMORPG games. Its fans have spent billions of minutes playing it, and that number is still growing.

Why you should buy RuneScape gold and RuneScape accounts on El Dorado

Jagex claims that the facilitation of real-world fiat and virtual currency trading could bring up legal liabilities. They do not want to have to undergo regulation as a banking organization. That said, their players spend a lifetime on this game and are often desperate to get their hands on sweet loot. 

Going on quests and leveling up your skills is not one of the easiest ways to access RuneScape gold. To this end, some players have performed real-life crimes to get a hold of OSRS items. As an illustration, two Dutch RuneScape teens attacked a 13-year-old boy and forced him to give up a rare mask and amulet at knifepoint. 

The judge sentenced them to hours of community service, saying that the theft of RuneScape assets equals an actual crime. The court said items such as OSRS gold had value because the 13-year-old boy spent his “the time and energy” acquiring them. 

This is the spirit of El Dorado, the premier OSRS gold selling site. El Dorado is such a popular OSRS gold that 5,468 reviewers have given it a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot. This is a massive feat! El Dorado’s reviewers love its customer care, professionalism, speed, and tact. 

At El Dorado, you can purchase RuneScape Gold and RuneScape accounts for sale without flipping your in-game items at the Grand Exchange. At El Dorado, you have access to a wide range of OSRS gold offers, from one convenient window. 

To this end, you can easily find the cheapest possible prices and steer clear of the industry’s legendary eBay, sub-forums, and shady OSRS gold site scams. El Dorado is a trusted digital marketplace for all sorts of online gaming assets. 

El Dorado will facilitate the exchange of money to ensure that you receive your OSRS gold via their TradeShield tool. TradeShield protects buyers and sellers against fraud, working as an escrow tool for in-game items sales. 

Also, El Dorado facilitates real-world item trading off RuneScape gold using major cryptocurrencies such as USDT, BTC, ETH, BCH, and DOGE. It also processes payouts in USDT and BTC. To buy ORSR gold using BTC or other cryptocurrencies, simply choose them as your preferred method of payment on the checkout page. Easy peasy.



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