Look for any job board website like Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. You’ll find hundreds of job postings there or even a lot more. Interesting! Likewise, do you also want to increase member engagement on your job board website?

Believe it or not! Your job board website is like a career center for job seekers. Hence, you need to provide something that meets their expectations. Similarly, recruiters or employment agencies consider your job board solution as an ideal hub for finding the best talent for their organizations. Hence, your responsibility increases towards them as well.

In this blog, we’ll share some interesting tips that will help you learn how to engage employers and job seekers to your job board website.

Here, we have categorized these tips into 2 categories:

  1. How To Engage Recruiters On Job Board
  2. How To Engage Job Seekers

Let’s get started!

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How To Engage Recruiters On Job Board

Members Engagement

What’s the main concern of recruiters or employment agencies or for any company looking to fill the vacancy? It’s obvious that they’re finding the best talent for the job role. And, that’s where your job board website helps them.

Although your job board solution is a great hub for finding the best talent, it’s not necessary that they will be active on your website just like they’re on others such as Glassdoor, for example. So, what’s the best way to drive more engagement on your job board website?

Well…here is an answer!

1. Make it easy to list jobs on your website

Do the recruiters find it difficult to post jobs on your website? Do they find it difficult to get and download resumes for the relevant candidate? If yes… then you need to work on it. Else you’ll lose them over your competitors.

The easier it is to add and manage jobs the more engagement will be on your website. So keep the functionalities simple and easier to use.

2. Ask questions

You won’t get to know what your recruiters are looking for the most until they won’t tell you. Hence, it’s better to keep asking at regular intervals what they want.

For example, you can join such social media groups that are created for recruitment. And, then ask them about their interest through a survey. You can ask questions like which industry they belong to, what type of candidates they are looking for, do they prefer monthly subscription packages or yearly, would they like to get their job listing featured on the top, etc.

The main idea is to understand their interest areas and then customize your job board solution that matches their expectations.

3. Build a community of employers or recruiters

In today’s era, most of the people are active on social network platforms. Be it a Facebook, LinkedIn, or another social platform, they love to hang out there. And, the reason is that they get an opportunity to connect with their friends and persons who belong to their interest category.

Why don’t you provide them a platform where they can connect with your brand and get an opportunity to meet the like-minded people?

You can create an online community website where they can share their views and opinions with you and others. This way, you can easily engage them with your brand.

4. Share useful resources

Such resources that can help recruiters finding the best talent or managing the employees in their organization efficiently can assist you stick them engaged around your job board website.

For example, the resources that are useful for employers can be:

  • A guide on how to increase employees’ productivity
  • A video series on understanding employees’ psychology
  • A statistical report on industry trends

5. Provide featured job listing option

The job listings that appear on the top of search results catch the job seekers’ attention the most. If you’re providing such an offer to recruiters to get their job posting listed in the featured section, you can leverage it to increase engagement.

Just plan the 2 or 3 types of featured job listing. It could be getting featured on the top of all job postings, getting listed in a separate featured section, or anything else that you want to offer. Then reach out to them describing all the benefits they get.

They won’t mind getting listed in a featured section to hire the best talent for their companies.

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How To Engage Job Seekers

Employee Engagement

So far, you’ve learned employer engagement strategies. Now, let’s learn how to engage job seekers on your job board website.

1. Create Job Alerts

A new job posting has been created on your job board by a recruiter. How would the relevant job seekers know about it? Think about it!

Let your job seekers create an alert for it so that whenever any job opening arrives that belongs to their interest category, they’ll know instantly. This way, you’ll help them a lot in finding the best opportunity in their career.

2. Ask Questions

Just like you’re trying to know about the recruiters, you can also try to know about the job seekers. When you know which industry they belong to, whether they’re looking for an internship, full time or part-time job, their salary expectations, so on…it will be easy for you to customize your job board solution as per their and interest and need.

So, keep asking your queries and you’ll come up with so many ideas.

3. Build an online community

Create an online community of job seekers. Let them share their doubts, opinions, experiences with like-minded people. The more they open their thoughts in front of others the more they get engaged with your brand.

4. Make it easy to search and apply for jobs

Make sure all the job listings are properly categorized. Categories can be based on full-time jobs, part-time jobs, freelancing tasks, job by location, jobs by industry, jobs by work-shift, jobs by experience required, and so on. Keep it simple to apply for the required jobs.

The main idea is to make it easy and hassle-free to find relevant jobs and apply for it through your website. Complicated procedures might end up losing them over your competitors.

5. Provide featured resume listing option

Just like you’re providing featured job listing to recruiters, similarly, you can offer featured resume listing options to the job seekers. They would like to get their resume listed at the place where it can catch the recruiters’ attention first.

6. Help them write a resume

A well-created resume creates a long-lasting impression. And, it is the first thing that a recruiter takes a look at before face-to-face interaction. Hence, job seekers always try to present their resume in a professional way. But, not all of them are expert!

You can help them write a professional resume according to their experience and the industry they are going to apply for.

If you help them today, they’ll become your fans tomorrow. And, they won’t mind sharing your job board solutions with their friends.

7. Share helpful resources

This is the winning strategy to increase member engagement on your job board website. If job seekers get such resources that help them in growing their career, they’ll be happy.

You can share the following resources with them, just to name a few:

  • Expert’s advice on how to crack the interview in one go.
  • 10 Useful templates for writing a professional resume.
  • 20+ Most-asked interview questions and their answers.

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Wrapping Up

That’s it for today…

Utilize these tips to drive traffic to job board and increase member engagement. Do you want to share some useful tips with us? Share in the comment section below.

Stay tuned!


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