Have a job board website? Learn interesting ways on how to create a PR campaign to promote and boost brand awareness of your new job board website.

Table of content:

  1. What is PR Campaign
  2. How To Create a PR Campaign for Job Board
  3. Understand What Your Brand Stands For
  4. Define Your Target Audience
  5. Formulate a Message to Communicate
  6. Reach your audience With Appropriate Channels
  7. Pitching Your PR Plan For Media Coverage
  8. Monitor Your PR Campaign

You have created your job board website and are offering an amazing job board solution. But do the companies, employers, and job seekers know about it? If yes, why should they come up and get engaged with your brand? The answers to these questions are required to understand the importance of a PR campaign.

When it comes to building brand awareness and earning trust of your target audience, PR campaigns help a lot. You need to present your solution in such an interesting manner that excites your target audience. For this, building a positive relationship with them can put the position of your job board company as a thought leader in the market.

Let’s take a look at what PR campaign is all about and how to create a PR campaign for your job board website.

What is PR Campaign

A PR campaign or you can call it a Public Relation campaign is such a marketing campaign that helps in developing relationships with the target audience, partners, and other important stakeholders in order to shape the perceptions of the brand.

For a job board website like yours, PR campaign refers to all those actions that you take for shaping the brands’ perception in the mind of companies, employers, recruitment agencies, job seekers that ultimately helps in fostering your brand relationship with them.

Basically, it consists of news and story coverage, cold pitching, distributing press releases, events, partnerships, letter to the editor, press conferences, pop-up shows, and connecting on social media.

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How To Create a PR Campaign for Job Board

For creating and managing brand reputation, it is required to deliver the correct message of your brand in the right way. Else you’ll get stuck in an undesirable situation!

Let’s start creating a perfect strategy for your PR campaign.

Step 1. Understand What Your Brand Stands For

How to Create a PR Campaign

Ever thought what your target audience and other stakeholders think about your brand? If not, it’s the time to figure it out. Actually, not everyone sees your brand in the same way. So you need to map out the persons who play a key role in brand positioning.

Let’s understand it with a quick example.

Your target audience could be the HR head of a company, a recruitment agency, job seekers, and students. The HR head of a company would have a different perception regarding your job board. Their concern is to find a job portal where they can connect with the best candidate to fill up the vacancies within their company. Similarly, a recruitment agency would be finding a job board solution to find relevant candidates to help them get selected for the relevant job roles in the relevant companies according to their skills and qualifications. Talking about a job seeker, he would be looking for a job board solution to find the best companies for the relevant job role.

You’ve seen how everyone is considering a single job board solution a different way. Therefore, you need to understand clearly what your brand stands for.

Step 2: Define Your Target Audience

Target Audience

The next step is to decide for whom you would like to launch a PR campaign. In the first step, you’ve understood how every audience can think about your brand. Now, you have to decide to whom you would like to target first with this marketing campaign and accordingly you need to prepare your plan.

For example, if your target audience is job seekers. Here is how you may clearly get more details about them for your job board website:

  • Demographics: Age, gender, income, industry, educational level of job seekers.
  • Location: Country or city where the job seekers reside.
  • Psychographics: What job seekers like and dislike, their opinions, and their hobbies.

Similarly, you can define everything about other target audiences. Your campaign objective plays a key role in defining your target audience. The campaign objective can be brand awareness, new signups to your job board, increase sales of your premium job board package, newsletter signups, etc.

Step 3: Formulate a Message to Communicate

Promotional Campaigns

It’s true that everyone has a limited time to spend watching advertisements or promotional campaigns. But if the brand’s message is appealing, they won’t mind investing a little more time in getting engaged with your brand.

Here what you need to keep in mind is that your message that you’re going to communicate with your target audience should be concise, specific, and in clear sentences.

How to write a perfect story

Your story must include a problem, solution, and the method of using the solution that you are providing. Here is an example:

  • Problem: How to get noticed by the multi-national companies.
  • Solution: Your job board website where the most popular multi-national companies are looking for suitable candidates.
  • Method: The job seekers need to register on your website and upload their resume for the relevant job profiles.

So, start writing the interesting stories that deliver your key message.

Step 4: Reach your audience With Appropriate Channels

Press Release

So far you have decided what message you would like to communicate. Now, it’s time to decide how you would like to communicate. And, this all starts with comprehensive research on where your target audience are most active on.

Maybe, they are most active on YouTube, are following their thought leader on a social network platform, are enjoying listening to the podcasts of their thought leader, etc.

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Step 5: Pitching Your PR Plan For Media Coverage

Media Coverage

Now it’s time to earn media coverage and increase engagement with your brand. The media outlet could be a magazine, mainstream media, a digital creator, an industry thought leader, or someone else.

Remember, all of them are working as per their own editorial calendar. Therefore, you need to outreach them with your stories when they think will be the perfect time to cover the media and engage the audience.

Step 6: Monitor Your PR Campaign

PR Campaign

After launching your campaign, it is advisable to regularly measure its success rate. You can do this by defining your KPIs and analyzing them.

The KPI of the PR campaign of your job board website can be:

  • Social Proof: If you have shared your story on social media, you can analyze how many shares and likes it is getting. You can analyze the comments and the tone of voice.
  • Reviews: If your story has got media coverage through news or magazine websites, you can analyze the feedback and reviews that your target audience is providing.
  • Listeners: If your story has got media coverage through podcasts, you can analyze from where your fan following is coming from, their feedback, and how many people have listened to your podcast.
  • YouTube Views: If your story is getting streamed live on YouTube, you can analyze the number of views, likes, dislikes, comments provided by your target audience.
  • Website Traffic: Ask yourself whether there has been an increase in web traffic over the time period.
  • Signups: Figure out whether there has been an increase in the number of signups to your newsletter and job board website.

These are some useful metrics that you can track the positive or negative mentions of your brand. The aim is to check whether you have achieved your desired objectives or not.

Wrapping Up

This is all about how to create a PR campaign for your job board website. So, what’s your story idea for pitching to your audience?

Execute your plan and boost your brand awareness and credibility. Any tips or opinions you would like to share with us? Use the comment section below.

Stay tuned!


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