If you’re an employment agency or a recruiter having your own job portal, you are definitely trying to implement various promotional strategies to drive top quality traffic to your website. Since you want to bridge the gap between the employers and job seekers, it’s better to make your website appear for the right search terms and at the time when they are surfing over the web to look for the solutions you are providing. And, that’s where recruitment SEO helps!

Outlining and implementing SEO strategy for job board is crucial to improve search engine rankings. Therefore, if you want to get more organic traffic to job board website, this ultimate SEO guide will help you a lot.

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  1. Keyword Research
  2. Analyze Google’s First Page
  3. On-Page SEO of Job Board Website
  4. Content strategy for Job Board
  5. Get Quality Backlinks

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Keyword Research: Create a List of Keywords

Do you know that everything revolves around the target keywords while doing SEO or any other promotions in the online market? You can call them the building blocks of your website. That’s why keyword research is crucial before going further with implementing an SEO strategy.

One recommended method of finding what your target audience, i.e., employers and job seekers, are using is to use Google Suggest. See how it populates its suggestions just by typing a keyword in the search bar that relates to your business:

Google Suggestions

The basic reason why I’m recommending you to consider these suggestions is that these search terms are actually using by the people and the data directly comes from Google. You can easily check out the search volume and competition levels by using various keyword tools like SEMrush, Keywords.io, Ubersuggest, Keywords Finder, etc.

Long-tail keywords always work best in spite of having low search volume. Refer to the Quora and Reddit like websites. You will get an idea of what keywords should you use in your website.

And, don’t forget to explore and analyze which keywords your competitors and other industry bloggers are using.

Next, combine all the keywords that you’ve researched and narrow the list to get a comprehensive and most effective list of keywords that relate to your job board SEO.

Analyze Google’s First Page

Say, for example, you have found a list of keywords that include social media marketing jobs, online marketing jobs in South Carolina, and advertising jobs.

Now, pick one keyword and type into the Google to analyze what is actually working. Scan the top 10 SERP results. Try to figure out what the first page results are made up of. And, you’d probably want to create such a page on your job board website as well.

On-Page SEO of Job Board Website


1. Optimizing Website Structure

Make sure your job board website has a well-optimized sitemap structure. The search, registration CTAs and login options, and other website elements should be placed well. All the job pages should be properly categorized in their respective job categories so that the visitors can easily navigate throughout your website.

2. Internal links Optimization

Find out the pages on your website that have a high-authority. Linking them to the pages that need authority with a keyword-rich anchor text can do a lot in boosting rank.

3. Optimizing Website Pages

Optimize all your web pages with relevant keywords and descriptions. Set the meta title and meta description for each web page. Make sure you have included keyword once in your title and description. Try to include relevant internal and external links on your pages.

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4. Add structured data to job postings

When I searched for the keyword “Online Marketing Jobs”, see how Google provided me results:

Structured Data Markup

This is the power of adding structured data markup to job postings. You can improve the experience of job-seekers by adding JobPosting structured data to your job posting web pages. It will help make your job listing pages eligible to appear in a special way in Google SERPs.

This is how you can add structured data on your job listing pages.

5. Use Keyword-Rich URLs

Don’t build long URLs for your web pages. Instead, short and keyword-rich URLs are better than long URLs. It is recommended to use keywords in your URL that relate to the particular page on your website.

For example, if your page is all about online marketing jobs, the URL can be like this:


6. Semantic SEO

Semantic SEO can change your game in online marketing and help you to boost your rankings for the target keywords. It is all about optimizing your website content according to the search intent of the target audience.

For example, if your target keyword is “career in online marketing”, and you’re writing a blog on it, you need to cover other keywords also that relate to this individual keyword. I searched this keyword on Google and found these related searches:

Semantic SEO

So, if you want to cover this topic, you should also keep these related searches into mind. Another best tool to find the semantic keywords is LSI Graph tool that also provides you with useful data on trends, search volume, competition, top-performing content, and more. See the example below:

Semantic SEO

7. Make Your Job Board Mobile-Responsive

Make sure your job board website is well-optimized and provides a flawless viewing experience for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.  If you’ve created your job board website on WordPress, you should use WordPress plugins and themes that are mobile-responsive.

One such mobile-friendly WordPress job board theme is JobMate that offers attractive theme styling options and useful customization options.

Content strategy for Job Board

Are you ready with the content strategy for your job board website? If not, you should be…

Without a proper content marketing strategy, you can’t drive quality traffic to your website. Here is an ultimate guide for Content Marketing for Job Board website.

Read out this guide and you’ll get a lot of ideas on planning content for your website.

Get Quality Backlinks

Getting backlinks from an authoritative website in your industry is still the top-ranking factor. But not all backlinks worth brings value to your website. So make sure the backlinks must be of high quality.

So how to get backlinks for job board website like yours?

Well, you need to add a hook to your website. A hook is nothing but such a piece of content that generates interest in your readers mind and encourages them to link it.

For example, I’ve noticed that many bloggers try to provide a statistical data in order to prove their points. This can be a hook for you. You can collect data about statistical facts that relate to your industry and publish it on your website. And, who won’t like to link back the fresh data to educate their readers? Obviously, everyone wants it!

Similarly, publishing an interview of an industry expert guiding job seekers regarding their career can also be a good hook.

Just figure out what works best for your job portal!

Improve Ranking of Your Job Board Website

So, here, I’m summing up this blog. But this is not an end… The more you delve into the SEO part of your website the more you will be able to find opportunities that can help you improve your website ranking.

Any queries regarding job board SEO strategies? Would you like to share tips on SEO techniques? You can share your opinions in the comment section below.

Stay tuned!


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