Ever thought why should employers or candidates come to your website? Why should they show their interest in your website? And, the most important question is how to make your job board website get noticed among your target audience? If you want them to engage with your job board, you need to present your brand in an interesting manner. That’s where content marketing plays a key role.

Basically, content marketing is a marketing strategy that takes care of how to present your brand in front of your target audience. It includes four major steps:

  • Content planning: Research and analyze what type of content is better for your job board.
  • Content creation: Creating content that has been planned.
  • Content publishing: Making your content go live.
  • Sharing & Attracting: And, finally sharing the content with the target audience to convince them to take desired actions.

And, in this article, we’ll help you understand how to do content marketing for job board website and will walk you through some powerful content marketing tools that you can take advantage of.

The opportunity is knocking at your door, you just need to take the right step ahead. So, let’s continue with it! 😉

Content Marketing Strategy for Job Board Website

Here is a step-by-step guide on making a perfect content marketing plan for your job portal or job board website. And, before going further, don’t forget to pay attention to some interesting ideas on “How To Monetize Job Board Website

Step 1: Identifying Target Audience For Your Job Board Website

Content Marketing For Job Board Websites

This is the first step you need to take. It allows you to know about your audience. The more you learn about them the better you can help them in resolving their problems. So, how to do this in the right way?

The answer to this question is to conduct persona research. This is a proven method that helps a lot in understanding the audience so that you can put your efforts in the right direction.

A buyer persona is nothing more than a fictional representation of your ideal customer that you generate based on the research of market data and trends. It includes identifying their challenges, demographic traits, and so on. This helps you better map out the content and to allocate your resources across your organization goals.

HubSpot provides an amazing tool that helps you create a Buyer Persona for your job board website.

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Talking about your job board website, here is an example of a buyer persona that could be useful for a job board website:

Persona Name: Joe

Age: Above 18

Education Level: Masters/ Graduate

Industry: Finance

Their Goals or Objectives: Get The Job In The Banking Sector

Biggest Challenges: Professional Development, Resources, 

Preferred Social Network: LinkedIn


Step 2: Content Auditing

Content Marketing For Job Board Websites

Content auditing is required for you if you have already started publishing content on your website. Audit the published content wherever you’ve shared it, i.e., on your website, on social media channels, through e-books, blogs, images, videos, on social bookmarking websites, discussion forums, etc.

Try to analyze how people are grabbing your content. This helps you find out the content type that is getting a lot of popularity so that you can put more effort into it. Besides, what content isn’t working today can also work well if you change the way to present it in front of your audience.

For instance, if you’ve been publishing weekly blogs for the past year on career guidance, this time create an ebook. It can be like this “An ultimate guide on choosing the right career path”. 

The basic idea is to review your content marketing efforts and the results derived from it. And, accordingly, figure out how to perform better in the upcoming year.

Step 3: Brainstorm Content Ideas for Job Board

Content Marketing For Job Board Websites

You can’t publish every type of content on a regular basis. Neither it is feasible for all nor necessary. Rather brainstorming content ideas is preferable before making any final decision.

This is how you can come with the content ideas for your job board project:

  • Ask Your Audience: Remember your buyer persona. You know where your audience hangs out. Build up your brand presence there and try to build relations with them.
  • Join Groups: Join those groups that you think your audience is in. And, observe what type of content they’re consuming there and how they are reacting.
  • Run a survey: Create a survey consisting of your questions and share it with your audience.
  • Audience Listening: Join major discussion boards like Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn groups and observe what they are asking.
  • Explore New Trends: Use Google Trends to identify the upcoming trends in the employment or job industry.

Step 4: Content Creation & Publishing


So far you have learned what your audience is looking for. It’s time to take action. Create a well-researched content that can touch their heart and solve their pain points.

Some great content formats you can try for your job board website are as follows:

1. Students Resources

The example can be: 

  • What are the career opportunities after MBA?
  • Top companies providing internships to B.Tech. graduates

2. Job Seekers Resources

The example can be:

  • Top companies in the finance and banking sector
  • Sample Resumes

3. Employers Resources

The example can be: 

  • How to set up internship program
  • What to look for in a candidate at the time of taking interview

4. Expert Tips

The example can be:

  • 10 important tips on cracking interview in one go
  • What competencies are required to demonstrate for a particular job

5. Industry news

The example can be:

  • What is happening in the real estate industry
  • Major innovations in the automation industry

6. Interviews

The example can be:

  • Important discussion with industry experts and business tycoon
  • Important discussion with HRs regarding on employees productivity

7. Company Reviews

The example can be:

  • Top companies for 2020 in the health sector
  • Top companies for 2020 in the banking sector

Think about what may work best for your job portal. Create the content and publish it.

Step 5: How To Approach Your Target Audience

Approach Your Target Audience

Once your content goes live, it’s time to promote it. All your efforts are useless if you are not able to approach the right audience. You can promote your content to the right audience in many ways. A few of them are as follows:

  • Social media posting: Reach out to your audience with teasing or entertaining content. 
  • Drive traffic with blogging: Use the right keywords and write blogs based on them. And, optimize your posts for those keywords.
  • Email to subscribers: Send newsletters, offers, or any promotional deal to the people who have subscribed to your blogs.
  • Influencer marketing: Work with the influencers in your industry.
  • Sharing content with online communities: Online communities can be your target market. You can share your content there and attract the right audience easily to your website.
  • Inorganic promotion: Run advertisements for getting e-books or other offers.

Content Marketing Tools

Here we have collected lists of important tools that are helpful in planning and executing your content marketing strategy. Must explore!

What’s Your Next Move?

This is how you can create compelling content for your job board website. Follow this guide and make your job board thrive in the market. Share your opinions if you’re facing any challenges while promoting content to your target audience.

Stay tuned!

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