Over the years, plugins have become a critical part of computing, web browsing, and creating content for the internet. They have been instrumental in ensuring the proper and smooth functioning of basic online activities such as viewing documents, protection against malware, and more. WordPress is the #1 website designing platform with over 40% market. WordPress offers more than 40k plugins for various purposes. Creating a website on WordPress is super easy and a lot of plugins are available to plan your marketing strategies. Let’s take a closer look at WordPress plugins and how they are helpful to achieve our website goals.

What Are Plugins?

Plugins are software extensions that allow for the customization of computer programs, apps, and web browsers — as well as the customization of the content offered by websites. They are the add-ons that you use on the website to optimize the content you upload as a content creator.

You should note that both online creators and consumers use plugins. Hence, from the end of the consumer, plugins provide the add-ons, extras, and features that ensure you experience the internet in many ways that include images, sound, videos, and animation.

Plugins provide flexibility and also ensure your pages and websites are more than just big blocks of text. Some plugins help your blog posts rank higher; some allow you to display YouTube and videos on your websites; some help you customize your website’s fonts.

Interestingly, apart from the basic functions plugins allow you to do, they are also designed to help with things like measuring your analytics, spell-checking and grammatical errors, increasing sign-ups to your newsletter, email distribution systems, and lots more.

Hence, below are some of the benefits of WordPress plugins in digital marketing.

Benefits of WordPress Plugins

Benefits of Plugins

Content Marketing

The relevance of content marketing in digital marketing cannot be de-emphasized. In fact, it is a proven marketing strategy that every organization and business leverage. Online marketers produce millions of content every day for their consumers. Then, this content gets promoted through social media, email marketing, paid channels, and more to reach the target audience.

Hence, the need for targeted keywords and phrases to drive search engine visibility becomes very important. Plugins can help with searching for relevant keywords and phrases to use in developing content on your websites. This not only makes creating and editing website content easy and rapid, but it also boosts your online visibility.

Analytics of Your Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization, commonly dubbed SEO, basically deals with optimizing your website and its links such that Google finds value-based content on it. Plugins can significantly improve your SEO in different ways. Here are a few;

  • YOAST: A plugin like Yoast can help you determine the strength of your website pages and also customize your page title and META description.
  • Also, plugins remove content blockages and update your content regularly. This enhances ranking.
  • Plugins allow you to increase the number of content editors in-house. These editors make changes regularly on the website, and that improves the SEO of the site.

Spell-check and Grammatical Mistakes

Another benefit of using plugins is detecting grammatical mistakes and checking for spelling errors. Plugins naturally scan through your digital content not only to check for grammatical errors or spellcheck but also it checks your punctuation and the style of your content.

Also, it ensures and maintains quality content on your web pages all the time. And sometimes, it checks your writings and provides you with a comprehensive report on spelling, grammar, SEO Empty Fields, Broken shortcodes, and a lot more.


Also, one of the many benefits of using plugins in digital marketing is protecting your website and guiding against intruders. Plugins provide impressive protection against hacks, vulnerabilities and also detection. It’s a way of actively monitoring your website, recognizing weak passwords and obsolete software. Malware scanning, File scanning, Blacklist Monitoring, and also; it shuts off failed attempts from a particular IP address after a certain number of trials and sends a notification about the detected threat.

Editorial Calendar

Editorial Calendar
Editorial Calendar

If you need an overview of your blogs before they are published, plugins are the perfect tools for doing that. An editorial calendar is a very common tool in the digital marketing world. Publishers, business owners, online creators use to plan the creation, publication, and promotion of content, such as blogs, newsletters, etc., across different media outlets. All these functions you can get from an editorial calendar plugin.

Plugins generate your blog posts and then make a publishing schedule. As such, you can monitor and control your posts effectively and reschedule and update their status by dragging and dropping them.

Social Media Customization and Sharing

Social media is a significant part of both online and offline businesses today. In fact, any business that will thrive today must have a massive online presence on social media. Social media plugins integrate social media functionality into your website. This allows your visitors to share your content with others.

Social media sharing plugins also allow you to create several feeds by customizing shortcode parameters. However, you should go for one that will not reduce the performance of your website.

Community Building

In simple terms, a community plugin helps you create your online community or social network where you interact and engage with your customers. Online communities can be so valuable to businesses. Hence, these plugins save you the stress of building a community from scratch and allow you to choose from the several available online communities. It is flexible, adaptable, and fully responsive.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics plugins basically optimize the proper functioning of your website and also measures users’ interactions. The plugins track and keep an updated record of your site visitors including, the demographics of your visitors, the post that gets the most clicks, the number of inbound and outbound links, etc. As such, you can easily make the most profitable decisions.

Apparently, there are thousands of plugins available today. Not only do these plugins ensure an optimized and seamless functioning of your websites, but also, they provide users with flexibility and ease of work.

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