Generally, most people think that content marketing is bound only to the blog posts on their website, and they couldn’t be more wrong. In these times, it has become significant to integrate videos into your content market strategy. More and more businesses are thronging to video content marketing after realizing how productive it is.
Statistics weighing the reliability of this marketing strategy have confirmed that:

  • Including videos in posts increases conversation on the posts by 80%
  • Up to 60% of people are prone to concentrating more on videos than any other type of content
  • Video content spawns 1200% shares than image and text contents put together

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In case you still aren’t sure that this is for you, here are a few reasons why you should consider the use of free ad templates in your marketing strategy:

Why You Need to Incorporate Video into Your Content Strategy

Incorporate Video
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Video content is no longer an uncommon market strategy. Many businesses consider it to be a key and successful marketing technique. Here are ways that you can use it to boost and facilitate real progressive reactions for your business:

Incorporate Video to Improve SEO

It is becoming rare for Google to rank your site strictly according to written content. On the other hand, YouTube has preceded other SEO strategies and is now the world’s second-largest search engine. If put into play, video content has a tremendous influence on your company’s SEO ranking. Video boosts the time users will spend on your site and increase link building.

Repurpose Content Across Multiple Channels

You can repurpose a single video in multiple contents that will be transported across multiple channels. The surge of repurposed content is seen in use by organizations ranging from agencies, brands to companies. Marketers are often apprehensive on how to prioritize content and how to guarantee that adequate resources are put into place for the creation of that content, especially because of the sheer number of channels and platforms in the market today.

Incorporate Video Improve User Engagement

Videos have the undeniable power to engage users. When browsing the social media channels of a company’s website, users are interested in consuming only suitable content. Videos not only engage users but also create engagement among them. As many social media platforms pursue a more video-centric technique, companies would remiss not jumping on this bandwagon.

Creating an Emotional Connection

video digital marketing strategy,Incorporate Video
Incorporate Video

If done accurately, videos build a different level of trust between brands and their customers. Videos make it possible for companies to manipulate a vast array of carefully selected creative elements to emotionally guide an audience through their purchase voyage. The kind of video content you create should align with the achievement of your organization’s goal and target audience. Whether it’s the act of buying or selling, marketers should present their consumers an opportunity to connect with their brands.

Address All Steps of Purchasing

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all policy when it comes to the kind of videos that best resonates with clients. Educational videos naturally argue well with the top-of-the-funnel users who realize they have an issue and need to be more informed before exploring distinct remedies. The content marketing institute proposes the use of explainer videos for the middle of the funnel customers since they will pose your brand as a probable alternative for the user.
The impact that videos have on today’s content marketing makes them a necessity. In its absence, marketers run the risk of missing out on opportunities to better relate to their consumers. The addition of a video to your marketing strategy may seem unnecessary at first, but it ends up saving you resources, time, and money.

How to Integrate Video into Your Content Marketing Strategy?

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Now that you understand the benefits of video content marketing to your organization, you should follow the steps below to know how you could use it:

Start Small

Start with video content that will be able to address the least popular denominator. A welcome to your product and service in a short video advertisement is a great place to start that doesn’t require too much time, money, or effort.

Discern Your Capacity

It is obvious that to know where to start you should do some exploration and distinguish the content you are creating, how much you are willing to invest and how often you plan on creating videos to integrate into your strategy. It would be wise to consider hiring a videographer to attain high-quality end videos for your audience.
Post Videos on Your Website
Including engaging videos is one of the best practices for your landing page. It will increase the conversation rates, which will bring more sales for your company. Video content makes sure that your clients get more information on the type of business you are running from visiting your site.

Stay Mobile Friendly

mobile platforms

When planning to create and distribute your video content, you should always remember that most videos are viewed on mobile platforms. If you want to reach a bigger audience, make sure that your videos are readily available for viewing.

Do it Live

There is a lot of value in live videos that will create long-lasting video content for your audience. It will definitely create a buzz on important declarations and updates. Remember to record these live videos for unpunctual viewers.

Commodity Exhibitions

When marketing commodities and services, it is important to make sure that your video shows how they can be appropriately used. Most viewers might avoid a certain product because they don’t know how to use it.


Brands are using influencers who are inclined to share how valuable the products being advertised are. It is easier to trust your peers over the say-so of companies. These testimonials will encourage an increase in interest and therefore, sales of your products.

Make Video Content Marketing a Priority

However you choose to integrate your videos, it is guaranteed to yield positive results. There is still more to learn about content marketing strategies. It wouldn’t make sense to wait before you consider incorporating videos into your content marketing strategy with a readily available audience. Get started on it now!

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