The business world is going digital with each passing day. And it’s quite challenging for most of us to keep up with new trends and say “goodbye” to outdated tools, solutions, and approaches that worked for us for decades.
However, if we want our businesses to thrive, we must embrace the changes.
Do you still use paper business cards to promote your brand? It’s time to use more advanced solutions and invest in digital business cards.

Strong Reasons to Invest in Digital Business Cards

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Here are seven reasons why a digital business card is a must for your company.

1. Appeal To Mobile- And Tech-first Customers

Digital technology has changed the world in many ways. And eventually, it has made an impact on the attitudes and preferences of customers.
Whatever niche you work in, your target audience expects your business to be tech-savvy. If you want to succeed in the current market, you must have a responsive, mobile-friendly website, active social media accounts, and a digital business card.
Seriously. You can’t keep using paper business cards if you target mobile- and tech-first customers. An outdated approach to marketing can hurt your business.
To make your organization thrive in the long run, you should adjust your strategy to changing customer preferences. You should go digital and invest in digital business cards.

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2. Increase Your Reach

Digital transformation consulting has an impact on your entire organization’s business processes. Probably one of the most significant benefits of using a digital business card is an opportunity to reach a wide audience.
You can send your digital business card to an unlimited number of prospective customers and spread the word about your business using popular platforms. Besides, people can share your digital business card virtually with their contacts and expand your reach even more.
According to statistics, you can increase your sales by 2.5% for every 2000 cards that get passed out. Well, it might be challenging for you to hand out so many paper business cards in real life. But it’s not that difficult to do it virtually using digital business cards. Once you go digital, you will see that you can attract more new customers using fewer resources.

3. Cut costs

Cut costs

What kind of investments should you make to create a digital business card?

In contrast to paper cards, digital business cards are affordable to everyone. The creation and usage of digital business cards do not require significant expenses:

  • You need to pay around $7 for using a digital business card platform that makes designing a card simple, convenient, and reliable. If you have a tough budget, you can use basic features for free.
  • Besides, if you can’t create a compelling business card copy by yourself, you will need to cover the costs associated with writing and editing. For instance, you can contact essay writing reviews to make your copy 100% grammatically correct and typos-free. Professional editing will significantly improve the effectiveness of your digital business card and boost your marketing efforts.

Basically, even if you have just a few bucks on your account, you still can create a digital business card to make your brand stand out. You don’t have to spend money on paper, ink, and printing services to get another batch of new cards.

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4. Be One Step Ahead Of The Competition

Let’s face it. Competition in the market is getting fierce. If you don’t adjust your marketing strategy, you will risk losing your business.
Whatever you do, you should strive to be one step ahead of the competition. Has someone in your niche started using digital business cards? No? You can be the first one – you can become a “digital trendsetter”.
Don’t be afraid to write a new marketing strategy from scratch. Make your business stand out from the pack.
Melanie Sovann, ahead of the content marketing department at an essay writing company, says, “You should use each and every opportunity to show your customers that you are better than your competitors. You should start using digital business cards and incorporate advanced marketing solutions before your rivals do it.”

5. Keep Your Business Card Up-to-date

Your business is developing day by day, and it means that the content of your business card is subject to change. Once you get a new phone number or relocate your business to a new place, you will need to update the information on your card.
If you use a paper business card, you will have to invest in printing a new edition. But if you use a digital business card, making changes will not cost you a thing. You will be able to edit the information in a matter of a click.

6. Save the Planet

Another good thing about digital business cards is that they are eco-friendly alternatives to paper business cards. Since 88% of consumers want brands to help them be more environmental and ethical, it will be wise of you to invest in digital business cards.
Do you know that 88% of paper business cards handed out gets thrown away in less than a week? It’s hard to imagine how much materials and resources are wasted worldwide every year!
Do you want to prevent the waste of paper, inks, and other resources? Say “no” to paper business cards as well as leaflets and booklets. Make a difference and build a successful sustainable business.

7. Avoid the Hassle

What is the most significant drawback of paper business cards? You have to carry them around is a hassle. Besides, you should regularly check the quantity to ensure that you will not run out of them during an important meeting or event.
Start using digital business cards, and you will avoid such a hassle. You will be able to access and share your card using your phone wherever you are at any time.

Bottom Line

In the coming years, digital business cards will completely replace paper ones. So whether you like it or not, you should invest in digital business cards. The sooner you will do it, the more benefits you will get. So don’t waste your time and design a digital business card today.

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