When planning to increase the performance of your marketing efforts by attracting paid traffic with the PPC channel, you will need to do a lot of research to ensure a high ROI and conversion rates.

There are various types of campaigns based on their purpose. Promoting limited-time offers and new features, pure brand campaigns where the focus is put brand reputation (suitable for companies that are leaders in their niche), generic keywords campaigns oriented for users that are searching for some service without any particular company in mind, and evergreen ads that act like one-size-fits-all solution throughout running the business.

Some of these types will be converting better than others depending on the niche while others will be not suitable, like brand-focused campaigns for new companies. So, you will need to experiment to pave your way through the paid search. The must-have tools like Google Analytics accompanied by Shape’s PPC software for budget optimization and management will help you to check what’s working best for your website and pick up the right strategy.


In this article, we will focus on evergreen PPC campaigns as they are the core of your paid advertising. As it might be guessed from the name, these are ads with content that can live up throughout the year without losing relevance. They are not bounded to any specific occasions and stay in trend for a long time. The main benefit of running an evergreen campaign is attracting users who are not acquainted with your business giving them enough information to encourage them to try your products or services.

So here are key tips that will help you

Run Effective Evergreen PPC Ad Campaigns

Run Evergreen Effective PPC Ad Campaigns
Run Evergreen Effective PPC Ad Campaigns

Make a brand statement

Include brand keywords like business name and specific products or plans, so that people get to know you when they do a browser search. This will help them to distinguish your offers from the tons of generic content on the Internet. If you don’t promote your brand, rest assured that competitors will bid on these keywords stealing the traffic from your website showing up their ads on SERP results when people will search for the name of your company.

Demonstrate strong sides of your business

People who see your ads for the first time know nothing about the peculiarities of your offerings and why they are better than other analogs, so the second tip for running successful evergreen ads is to include benefits and features of your products that make them outstanding. Another bonus from such info is throwing out your ads to users who lookup for specific parameters or qualities based on a search request and the match in your ads description.

Show prices

People do not like uncertainty and tend to trust information more if it includes stats and figures. The same is valid for the PPC copy. Being transparent about your pricing will clearly tell a user what to expect. This way, it’s easier for people to decide on clicking on the ad or not, depending on the correlation of the number they see how much they want to spend on a product. It works particularly well if your pricing is lower than the market average.

Show prices ppc ads

There is a precaution to make: it can detract some users from clicking if the price seems to be high for a user, thus the CTR of an ad with the price may be lower. On the other hand, lower CTRs are not bad in this case as they help you to save on clicks and attract those leads that will be more likely to convert. It’s especially relevant when we are talking about evergreen campaigns and you want to drag the attention of a wider audience.

Improve the results by analyzing previous results

As evergreen campaigns are running for a long time, giving you enough information on the performance. Based on the previous results and interaction with your ads you can measure the engagement and play with the text of your ad and headlines to find a perfect combination and increase the conversions.

The great thing about evergreen ad campaigns is that they are easy to craft and are working throughout the year without modifications, unlike campaigns tied to specific seasonal promos and other time-sensitive marketing events. Last but not least, they can become a perfect enhancement to the marketing strategy for brand development. And the tips above will help you to achieve the maximum results from launching the evergreen ads.

Happy Marketing!

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