IT and customer service support are the backbone of maintaining smooth business operations and creating an appealing market outlook. This is why having a competent IT and customer service team is essential to ensuring your staff and customers always get the help as fast as possible.

However, a persistent problem faced by these teams is the never-ending support ticket backlog that often leads to dissatisfaction and distrust of competence. To help solve this problem, here are the five highly efficient ways of preventing support ticket backlog.

5 Ways to Prevent Support Tickets From Accumulating

1. Invest in a Ticketing management software

In this age of automation, there is never a reason why you should not automate your ticket management. High-rated ticketing systems like the JitBit help desk will provide you with an organized central database to keep track of all support tickets. This makes it easier for your team to prioritize their work as they have better insights on the tickets received and can create automated rules for commonly asked questions.

2. Strive to offer live support for urgent cases

If you want to enhance customer satisfaction, you need to be available for them when they need you the most. Using a ticketing system allows you to track customer requests, making it easy to point out urgent requests. You can then initiate live chat support and offer instant solutions to your customers. Boosting your response times will enable you to maintain a flowing ticketing system, thus avoiding backlog.

3. Solve the root cause of emerging problems

The purpose of having a customer support team should be to elevate your customer’s experience, and there should never be a reason why hundreds of customers should complain about the same problem. This only makes your support team receive an influx of redundant tickets, making their work frustrating. Make it mandatory for your support team to frequently go through your ticketing reports to notice any trends and solve these emerging problems before they get out of hand.

4. Have a self-service portal

Use your knowledge base to create a self-service portal to help end-users solve problems independently. Your self-service portal should be simple enough to be used by anyone who can follow basic instructions. You can easily achieve this by providing step-by-step guides, FAQs answers, self-help videos, and picture tutorials. Cumulatively, this will reduce the burden on your support team as they will be responding to fewer tickets.

5. Apply the FIFO method

The First In, First Out (FIFO) method helps maintain a high-performance ticketing system as every submitted ticket is handled on time. This method solves the widespread problem of a support team overlooking some tickets and creating a black hole backlog. However, it is important to use ticket triaging to categorize your tickets depending on the description. This way, experienced agents can deal with more demanding or urgent issues as other tickets are managed with the specific teams of agents.

Endnote on Prevent Support Tickets From Accumulating

It is too much trouble dealing with accumulated tickets, so many support teams choose to ignore old tickets. To avoid these problems, it is critical to have a good ticketing system that eliminates support ticket backlog, which will boost your customer loyalty and overall performance.


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