A brand needs a good logo to launch itself into the stratosphere and stick in the minds of consumers for the right reasons.
The tricky part is to design a logo that ticks all the boxes in terms of aesthetics, emotions and message, all of which needs a lot of work.
To make things easier, here is a look at the founding tenets of good logo design so you can tackle this successfully rather than making common mistakes.

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Uniqueness is Essential

Uniqueness is Essential

A logo should set you apart from the competition and define the things your organization represents succinctly.
Aiming for uniqueness, rather than trying to fit in with the rest of the industry you occupy, is sensible for this reason. Furthermore, finding a logo designer to help you achieve this if you are not an expert yourself is sensible.

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Simplicity sells

While a logo needs to be unique, it should also be simple, because the more straightforward it is, the more likely it will be remembered and recognized again by consumers.
There is a distinction between logos which are simple and those that are simplistic; look at how the world’s biggest brands handle this to get an idea of what works well.

Scalability Matters


Your logo will likely appear in many different places, in many different formats and crucially in many different sizes. From promotional merchandise to headed note paper to printed on the surface of circuitry, logos need to look good whether they are plastered 100 feet high or squeezed down to microscopic scales.
You do not need to worry about the more extreme ends of the spectrum immediately; just make sure that your logo makes sense if it is on a business card as well as on a billboard.

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Timelessness is Important

Big brands regularly revise their logos over the years to keep up with trends and stay relevant in the eyes of consumers.
This is not necessarily practical for smaller businesses, so while it may be tempting to jump on a particular design bandwagon when you make your logo, this might leave it looking long in the tooth sooner rather than later.
Conversely a design which doesn’t conform to any specific fad but instead aims to stand the test of time should serve you well for years to come.

Color is Key

color is the key

The colors of your logo will usually inform your entire brand identity, so if you are starting from scratch you need to think carefully and also consider the psychological implications of your decisions at this point.

Another consideration is that your logo will not only be seen in full color, but also in black and white in many contexts. As such you need to look into whether the hues you choose will make it legible once it is in a monochrome format.

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