GPSTracker – GPS Trackgin System (Navigation)

GPS satellite tracking system, is a system to track devices that have GPS, The system will allow you to accurately track any of your devices that are connected to the platform.

<b>GPS MARKS</b>

  • TK
  • TK1
  • GO5
  • H02

Customer modules

  • Main panel
  • -Access access
  • -Real time
  • -Reproduction
  • -Reports
  • -Geocercas
  • -Playback
  • -Manage the maintenance
  • -Manage devices
  • -Manage payments
  • -Send Commands
  • -User profile

Modules of administration

  • – Destination page
  • -Access access
  • -Board
  • -Manage all clients
  • -Manage all devices
  • -Manage all employees
  • -Service web (in real time)
  • -Module of configurations
  • -User profile

<pre><code><b>GPS PORTS</b>
  • “G05”: 8001,
  • “TK”: 8002,
  • “TK1”: 8003,
  • “MEITRACK”: 8004,
  • “QUECLINK”: 8005,
  • “SUNTECH”: 8006,
  • “H02”: 8007

Direct the devices to the IP

<b> Requirements </b>
  • CENTOS 6.5
  • PHP 5.6
  • TWIG (Installation automatic with composer)
  • MSQL (v.*)
  • CURL (OpenSSL) no use (NSS)
  • If you need help with the installation, do not hesitate to contact us
    <b>Preview demo </b>

    Demo 1 or Demo 2 or

    <b>Client demonstration</b>

    User: democlient

    Password: 123456

    <b>Demonstration administration</b>

    User: master

    Password: password

    <b>PayPal Sanbox credentials (Only for tests)</b>

    E-Mail: [email protected]

    Password: [email protected]!2018

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    InstaAutoComment – Instagram Auto Commenter – Chrome Extension (Miscellaneous)

    If you are into Instagram Marketing and looking to rise the number of your followers, then obviously you are using some automated tools for commenting on various posts.

    If you want to automate your commenting process right from your browser, then this extension comes with very basic settings option which will be more than enough to help you gain more followers.


    • Random Delay in seconds after each comment
    • Spin Text for Comments Supported.
    • Break time in minutes after certain number of comments.

    How it Works

    Watch video preview to see extension in action


    • Its your responsibility to use this extension wisely. Too much spamming via commenting can cause your account banned or suspened.
    • In both Regular and Extended License, you will get minified version of all JS files. Extended license will only give you rights to charge your customer for this extension. For non-minified version, please contact me for price!
    • Any major modification to Instagram platform may affect this extension’s functionality, which may or may not result in discontinuation of support or update.

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    MeloForms – Laravel Drag and Drop Form Builder Software (Project Management Tools)

    MeloForms is a Laravel and Angular JS drag and drop form builder. You can sell subscriptions, where users can create unlimited forms and embed in their websites.

    MeloForms is standalone software, where you can install it on your server and start your SaaS business like JotForms.

    MeloForms is the most complete and customizable drag and drop form builder on the market with 100% opensource code and complete freedom to buyer to modify and use.

    MeloForms – Top 10 Features

    • Built on Laravel and Angular JS
    • 100% Opensource Code
    • Standalone software with self installation wizard
    • Subscription Management with Stripe and RazorPay
    • Forms creation with embed code option
    • SMS,Email Alerts with Site notifications
    • Form Submission Analytics and Reports
    • Full featured Admin Panel with multi settings
    • Increadable Support
    • Free installation and setup

    Login Details :

    User Login Url :

    User Name : demouser

    Password : 123456789

    Melo Form Builder Software

    Explore MeloForms – Enjoy the Awesome Form Builder

    1.User Dashboard :Users dashboard is a collection of 8 widgets, where each widget carries a special purpose of functionality. User can easily understand, how it is going with the forms he created.

    2.Forms Module :This module contains all the forms which are created by user.The user can filter the forms by date, name, responses,status and data.The user can disable,duplicate or delete the form too.Need the form data ? You can download the data in excel file.

    3.Data Module :List all the responses of any form by date, IP, location, and name of the form.You can quick view the response data of the form.

    4.Packages Module : User has multiple packages, like Free, Intermediate, Advanced and Premium followed different limitations like no of forms, emails , sms alerts and space. User can upgrade to any package at any time by Stripe of RazorPay Payment Options.

    5.Payments Module : User can see all of his transaction details here. Like package name, transaction amount, date and status.

    6.Settings Module : Change the password, profile details, language and many other settings. Easy to change.

    7.Support Module :Got any issue, raise the ticket and admin will address your tickets. simple yet beautiful support module for users.

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    phpAnalyzer – Instagram Audit Report Tool (Social Networking)

    phpAnalyzer is an online social tracking tool that gives you the ability to track unlimited Instagram Accounts and generating professional audits, including day by day tracking, engagement rates, top posts, top hashtags and top mentions and many more. Find the best influencers on instagram and keep them on track. It also comes with a Paypal and Stripe payment gateway so that your users can purchase benefits from your website.

    <strong>Provide a fully ready to use website and start selling Instagram Audits to your customers</strong>
    <a href="" rel="nofollow"><img src="" /></a>


    phpAnalyzer Demo
    Username: admin
    Password: admin


    Check out the demo for a full feature list

  • Paypal Gateway: PayPal ready for your users to buy stuff from you :)
  • Stripe Gateway: Stripe ready payment processor.
  • Instagram Tracker: Track detailed statistics about your Followers, Following and Upload count day by day
  • Paid reports You have the ability to sell instagram audits / reports to your users
  • Expiration time for reports (optional)
  • Free / Demo reports: If you want to provide this service for free or for your own network, you can do so
  • API Ready: Provide the API feature for your users with included documentation ready
  • CronJob Ready: Ready to use CronJob to keep the instagram audits on track and fresh all the time.
  • Full Instagram Audit: Each user gets a professional report generated with a lot of data including Top Posts, Day by day followers tracking, Engagement Rates, Top Hashtags used, Top Mentions and many more..
  • PDF Export Ready Your users will be able to export their reports to PDF also
  • Facebook Login / Registration for users accounts
  • Instagram Login / Registration for users accounts
  • Favorites System: Any logged in account can keep track of their favorite accounts listed on the website
  • No Ads Package: Users who don’t want any ads, can purchase the No ads package
  • Responsive Design: Perfectly working on any screen size
  • Clean and modern looking design
  • Evolution Charts for Instagram generated reports
  • many more..
  • Admin Features

  • Automatic Payment System: Earn money with packages sold through points ( Paypal )
  • Custom Pages: Easy add / edit / delete custom pages directly from the admin panel.
  • Users Management: View, Edit, Activate / Disable, Delete Users
  • Links Management: View, Edit, Delete Links
  • Dynamic Titles: Each page has a dynamic title, with the option to change your websites name
  • Analytics Ready Just enter your analytics tracking id and you’re ready to go
  • 4 Ready Adspots
  • reCaptcha: Setup your recaptcha directly from the admin panel
  • Multi Language System: Easy 1 file translation
  • Statistics with Charts: Great overall and monthly statistics
  • Complex Settings Controler: A lot of admin settings possibilities for your website and api’s implementations.
  • Reset option for when a cleanup is needed
  • Requirements

    Please read the whole documentation along with the readme at phpAnalyzer Docs

    <strong>Recommended VPS Hosting:</strong> <a href="" rel="nofollow">Link</a>

    Installation services

    We provide Script Installations and also Full Server Installations from stratch for DigitalOcean. Head over to phpAnalyzer Installation for more details.


    Please read this carefully in order to understand. This is a tracker which uses different API’s to get the data for the user and has the possibility to track data for any user after it has been added to the database with the CronJob functionality. Each of the API has the possibility to break, change, deprecate, disable or ban you at any time depending on the changes they make to their website and I have no control and take no responsibility for this matter. Although I will try to keep this updated as fast as possible and fix any potential bug that might appear because of this matter. Refunds due to mentioned API problems that might occur used within the script are not viable.

    <strong>This script is in no way affiliated with, authorized, maintained, sponsored or endorsed by Instagram or any of its affiliates or subsidiaries.</strong>


    Update 1.1.0 @ 22 May, 2018

  • Admins now can edit any user’s points via the admin panel
  • Added option to set the default amount of points each person receives
  • Cleanup in multiple files
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    Lotto – Live Online Lottery System (Help and Support Tools)

    Lotto is a Online Lottery Script Made with PHP Laravel & mySQL. Fully Secure, Responsive, Seo Optimized, Cross Browser Optimization Standerd custom Lottey Platform made for those people who wants to start there own lottery website. Lotto Support 8 Most popular online payment method including Bitcoin. Its Suitable for Online Lotto, Professional Lottery, Daily Lottery and Jackpot.

    User Features:

    <p><img src="" /> Responsive layout.<br />

    Support Google & Facebook Login.
    News Comments & Share Facility.
    Lottery Result Checker.
    Easy to check Lottery Ticket.
    Auto Ticket Genrator Facility.
    Total Depositor list.
    Winner list.
    Payment Proof list.
    Automated Deposit Method.
    Deposit Logs.
    Withdraw Management.
    Withdraw Logs.
    Total Transaction Logs.
    Profile Management.
    Referal Facility.
    Referal Bonus.
    Referal Logs.
    Lotto Purchase Logs.
    Support PayPal.
    Support Perfect Money.
    Support Bitcoin.
    Support Stripe.
    Support Skrill.
    Secure with 2FA Security.

    Admin Features:

    <img src="" /> Full User Management.<br />

    Email BROADCAST Facility.
    Deposit System Control.
    Withdraw System Management.
    Support Ticket Management.
    Manage Lottery.
    Lottery Draw Management.
    News Management.
    Advertisement Management.
    Full Website Control.
    General Settings.
    Logo and Icon Security.
    Email Template Manage.
    SMS API Manage.
    Frontend Content Management.
    About Section Control.
    Faq Management.
    Footer Section Setup.
    Video Image Setup.

    Demo Access:

    Frontend: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a><br />

    Admin Access:
    Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin

    Support Facility:

    Please send us your product presale query, after sales developer support request, customization project and any other queries to our dedicated support: <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><br /><br />
    <img src="" /><br />

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    Prescription Lens Configurator Magento2 Extension (Magento Extensions)


    Sometimes, people can’t even think without their prescription glasses. They are looking forward to a “Spectacular” shopping experience when they visit your e-commerce store to buy prescription glasses.

    If you’re an online eyewear platform you must be looking forward to improving the shopping experience for your customers. SoftProdigy brings you the solution to improve the multifocal contact lenses lookout experience with this Magento extension.

    Our Prescription Lens Configurator Magento2 Extension brings some unique features required for your online eyewear platform. Such features which are otherwise impossible to be displayed with default Magento2 settings. This makes it possible to create attributes for multifocal contact lenses while displaying two products at the same product page and do a lot more with ease.

    Compatible with: 1.8 1.8.1 1.9 1.9.1 1.9.2 1.9.3


    In the early days, just wearing spectacles and having a bespectacled personality would make people appear intelligent and sophisticated. But as the time changes, trends and thinking also change for good. More human beings started using eyewear and all thanks to such a wide variety of styles and products such as multifocal contacts available on the market.

    This improved the future scope and gave a boost to the online platforms, offering services such as prescription glasses, sunglasses, and other eyewear. If you’ve just entered the battlefield of online eyewear retail business or have been there for a while, give an update to your store with multifocal contact lenses configurator Magento2 extension.

    This extension lets you upgrade your online prescription glasses store into an advanced platform that is easily customizable, attractive, and can be adjusted according to men and women prescription eyewear.

    Start creating an attribute set for daily multifocal contact lenses and some common lenses attributes like lens diameter, power, radius, etc. or displaying of two products on a single page. You can do a lot more as the multifocal lenses Magento2 extension provides more control options for store admin.


    • Customize lenses

    Create attributes for lenses sets’ and set common lenses attributes such as lens radius, power, and lens diameter etc.

    • Product page

    Both products for the right and left lenses can be set with attribute setting, multiple lenses will be shown on the same product page.

    • Better admin control

    The store admin gets more flexibility over store control such as displaying ‘tier prices’ at the front-end, which otherwise is not available with Magento2 default settings.

    • Flexible Compatibility

    This Magento2 extension is compatible with all other extensions and works great with all other extensions that are integrated into your e-commerce website.

    Deliver the best multifocal contact lenses by improving your online eyewear store with this Magento2 extension from Softprodigy!

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    Envato Purchase Verification Plugin for Auto PHP Licenser (Add-ons)

    Envato Purchase Verification Plugin for Auto PHP Licenser is a fully automated licensing solution for authors who sell their products on Envato. Plugin uses existing Auto PHP Licenser module; therefore, protected application doesn’t require any extra code or files.

    As a result, application has all the licensing and protection features of PHP license manager script along with <strong>complete Envato integration</strong>. This is how it works:
    • User is asked to enter his purchase code before using application. If code is not found in Auto PHP Licenser database, plugin looks for a matching purchase on Envato. If purchase exists, a new license for corresponding product is issued and application starts working. Otherwise, usage is blocked until valid purchase code is entered.
    • Plugin starts monitoring license on Envato. If purchase is cancelled or reversed, plugin automatically deactivates a corresponding license in Auto PHP Licenser database and application stops working on user’s machine.
    • In case of any event (new license issued, license deactivated, support expiration date updated, connection to Envato failed, etc.) plugin generates comprehensive reports in Auto PHP Licenser administration dashboard, so authors can track all activities easily.
    • Plugin detects Envato codes automatically; therefore, it’s fully compatible with custom (non-Envato) license codes used by some authors. All custom codes are handled by Auto PHP Licenser as usually.
    The main <strong>Envato Purchase Verification Plugin</strong> features include, but are not limited, to:
  • Purchase code verification on Envato;
  • License activation for new purchases;
  • License status monitoring and update;
  • Support expiration date monitoring and update;
  • License deactivation for cancelled purchases;
  • Detailed reports of activities performed by user or plugin itself;
  • Automated Auto PHP Licenser integration;
  • Truly invisible, background operation;
  • No need to include extra files in protected applications;
  • <em>Note: Envato Purchase Verification Plugin requires Auto PHP Licenser 1.9.2 or higher.</em>

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    A.I. Spinner – Rewrites article with Artificial Intelligence (SEO)

    Rewrites articles with Artificial Intelligence

    A.I. Spinner is the tool that <strong>rewrites text with alternative sentences</strong> through machine learning.
    We basically scan our database to find grammerly similar sentences and check that if they both have same grammer structure. If they have, we apply original content to generate new unique content.
    We use Google’s Natural Language Processing API to match sentences. Please visit API docs for more information.

    Main Features

    • Automatic spin posts (It works perfect with auto-pilot RSS plugins)
    • Filtering categories
    • Manual spin feature for old posts
    • Only spin title, content or slug options
    • Filtering post types
    • Manual spin feature
    • Revert already spun post to original version
    • Cloud API service for spinning
    • Continuously trained service

    An Example From Plugin

    Original Content :

    Generated Content by A.I. :

    {We'll be adding some} new stuff to make it even more awesome, if you have any idea please let us know. If you have any ideas, please let us know and {we'll add something} new to make it even more enjoyable.

    As you can see, it’s not only replace the words, it also move and remove some from sentence and generates totally unique content.

    See demo and documentations :

    Demo :

    Create unique content from any text

      We focused to solve usual spinner’s problem and trained
    a neural network to generate totally new and unique content.
    We use Google’s NMT technique to generate
    alternative sentences.

    Language processing is the key

      We basically scan our database to find grammerly similar
    sentences and check that if they both have same grammer structure.
    If they have, we apply original content to generate new unique content.

    Powerful WordPress Plugin

      The plugin has automatic spin, exclude and include categories,
    spinning some spesific sections like only title or content features.
    It’s very powerful and it fits for almost
    all purposes on WordPress.
    <p>Supported Languages : <strong>English</strong>

    Visit our support page for more detail :

    If you need more detailed test, please contact with us on comments section, we’ll provide you a link to test longer texts.

    <p><strong>Last Update : 22/05/2018 – v1.0.4</strong>
      Plugin Release v1.0.1

    • New version uploaded to Envato
    • Version tested with RSS auto-pilot, issues fixed
    • API Service v1.0.1

    • Envato validator issues fixed
    • API Service v1.0.0

    • Google Natural Language connections.
    • New data set trained
    • NMT base issues fixed
    • Purchase service issues fixed
    • Envato validator added
    • Access token generator released
    • Split problems fixed for HTML codes
    • Web Site Release v1.0.1

    • Newsletter form added
    • Change log added
    • Initial Plugin Release v1.0.0

    • Plugin’s settings page designed.
    • Manual post spin buttons and revert added.
    • Category filter and post type filter added.
    • API connections fixed
    • Access token validator fixed
    • Error fallback messages checked

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    Social Handshake – WordPress plugin for Social Wall Display (Social Networking)

    Social Handshake is WordPress Plugin which allows you to create post in your wordpress and same post gets shared on your social wall like Facebook and Twitter.

    You can also attach images, videos and audio to your post, which will be displayed in your site as well as your social accounts on same time.

    You also have ability to select option on which social account you want your post to be shown.

    We have provided easy to use documentation and also provide Video integration help to make it quick for your. <br /><br />

    We also offer professional support, so if you find any query, please dont hesitate to contact us on

    Buy Plugin