Are you sure your students are performing well while learning your courses online? How will you know where your students got stuck? What are their progress details? And, so on. You need to gauge how the courses are going for your students in which they have enrolled for so that you can make required adjustments to the course as well as your teaching.

If you’re selling courses online using your LearnDash LMS, you can also track the progress and performance of your students. Among the useful solutions in the market, LearnDash Dashboard is the top-recommended solution out there.

In this blog, we’re going to put light on the best LearnDash reporting solution and how it can help you improve your courses. Let’s get started!

How LearnDash Reporting Can Improve Your Courses

No matter how easy and useful your course-material is, you need to track how your students are performing. If they’re not able to understand the modules or concepts, the desired learning outcome can’t be achieved.

1. Measure Students Performance

The reporting tools offer the best way to explore student activity over the past few days, weeks, months, and years. You can check when they have started or finished a course, topic, lesson, or quiz. This helps you learn how engaged your students are.

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2. Track Learning Analytics

Many useful metrics like earnings from courses, number of courses, quizzes, completed or pending assignments, the total number of students and more can help you monitor the progress of your courses, instructors, and students.

3. Quick Decision Making

The visual and accurate reporting allows analyzing all the aspects. Thereby, helping you take quick decisions on key areas of improvement. This way, you can provide the right solution to your students at the right time.

4. Save Your Valuable Time and Efforts

Save your valuable time and efforts by getting detailed insights about your students’ course progress from a single place.

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5. Control Everything

The reporting tools let you have full control over your students’ performance. Track their progress and learn their major pain points. This way, you can easily present useful solutions to make them learn better.

Best LearnDash Reporting Solution: LearnDash Dashboard

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LearnDash Dashboard

Introducing the most recommended LearnDash reporting solution— LearnDash Dashboard.

It is a useful add-on for LearnDash LMS plugin that provides a separate dashboard for admin, instructors, and students where they can adjust each block as per their need. All of them can easily manage and view everything related to their courses, lessons, quizzes. Moreover, they can also contact with others quickly in one go.

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How To Configure The Plugin

From the backend settings of your WordPress dashboard, you can easily upload and activate the plugin.

Inside the WB plugins menu, you will find the LD dashboard option. All the settings will be automatically enabled once you activate the plugin. You’ll also see the My Dashboard and Instructor Registration page with the page mapping along with the shortcode.

See this video to learn how to set up LearnDash Panel For Students & Instructors:

Key Features of LearnDash Dashboard

The LearnDash Dashboard offers 3 types of dashboards— for instructor, for group leader, and for students. Let’s take a look at the noteworthy features of this LeanDash add-on:

  • Everyone will get dedicated widgets to manage their courses online.
  • Commission calculation and anayzing reports based on WooCommerce and LearnDash.
  • Course-specific reports include pie graph of number of students who have started the course, completed it, and have not started yet. Moreover, you can also check a detailed report for each student for a specific course.
  • Student specific details that display pie chart for course progress, assignment progress, and quiz progress.
  • Send emails to many students at a time
  • Send private messages to students from the dashboard.
  • Display activity feeds done by students on the right-hand side.
  • Dedicate Menu For Dashboard
  • Attractive Front End form for instructor registration.
  • Add co-instructor.
  • In-built support for WooCommerce and Learndash WooCommerce add-on.

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Key Takeaways

With our LearnDash Reporting Solution, you can empower students and instructors with their own dedicated dashboard. Now, it’s time to grow your eLearning business. Try out this plugin and let them manage the content as per their need.

For further queries, you can get in touch with us at any time.

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