Elementor and LearnDash together helps a lot in making online education website with an optimized learning experience for the students.

Table of Content:

  1. Elementor and LearnDash Integration: Quick Introduction
  2. How Elementor and LearnDash Integration Helps
  3. How to Use Elementor and LearnDash Integration Add-on
  4. What You’ll Get

The online education industry is growing at a fast pace. Advanced technologies are captivating the interest of learners to seek education online. And, in such a pandemic situation like COVID-19, online education websites act like a superhero allowing learners to learn from anywhere and at any time without physical interaction.

No wonder LearnDash is the go-to choice for you if you are a school or a university which is moving online, an individual who is planning to sell courses online, businesses who are finding e-learning solutions to train their workers remotely or an institute that wants to add another source of revenue by providing students to get certified online in the field of various professional courses.

Choosing the solution that can help better creating online learning websites is essential since you’re investing your valuable time, money, and efforts. And, that’s where Elementor and LearnDash integration add-on comes in!

In this blog, we’ll help you understand what this integration is all about, how it helps, and how to use it on your LearnDash LMS in the right way.

Elementor and LearnDash Integration: Quick Introduction

Elementor and LearnDash
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Elementor and LearnDash Integration is an amazing add-on for LearnDash that allows customizing LearnDash design elements. You can customize the elements using Elementor according to your brand’s requirement, color scheme, and font choices.

With this add-on, now, you can polish the visual elements of LearnDash according to your designing and color scheme of your favorite WordPress LMS theme. This expands your ability to vanish the difference between plugin page design and theme styling. It’s up to you for which post type you would like to enable the settings. You can do it for courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, certificates, transactions, submitted essays, posts and pages.

How Elementor and LearnDash Integration Helps

LearnDash is the most popular WordPress e-learning plugin that allows creating and selling courses online. On the other hand, Elementor is the powerful drag and drop page builder plugin that allows creating and customizing web page layouts of WordPress like a pro.

And, when both the plugins combine, the capability of online educators increases a lot! Let’s learn how the Elementor and LearnDash integration add-on helps:

  • Customize your LearnDash LMS: With this LearnDash integration, you can customize LearnDash elements including fonts style, the color scheme of call-to-action button, the styling of navigation buttons, breadcrumbs, progress bar, and course status. Think and design as per your choice that matches your brand.
  • Extends the capability of e-learning website: If you like working with Elementor, this integration extends your capability of working with your LearnDash powered online education website. Just try out your hands on the LearnDash-specific elements added to the design panel.
  • Customization without coding knowledge: Not a web designer? No worries! All the LearnDash-specific elements come with drag and drop functionality so that you can easily customize your web pages the way you want.
  • Quickly add learning content: With the help of four new LearnDash page templates, you can add learning content quite easily. Templates are available for courses, lessons, topics, and quizzes.
  • Insert editable design elements and functions anywhere: The integration comes with useful widgets that allows you to add many design elements and functions anywhere on your e-learning website.

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How to Use Elementor and LearnDash Integration Add-on

LearnDash LMS Elementor Add-on

In order to use the integration, make sure you’ve installed LearnDash and Elementor plugin beforehand on your website. Now, you can install this integration as follows:

  1. login to your LearnDash LMS.
  2. Navigate to Addons.
  3. You’ll find LearnDash Elementor Integration there. Just click on the install now button.
  4. Once the installation is complete, you will need to click on the Activate Plugin option.

When the integration gets installed and activated successfully, you will get two resources. These resources are:

  1. Learndash Elementor Integration documentation
  2. Page Builders + LearnDash User Guide

These resources provided by the LearnDash team will help you get started with this integration.

What You’ll Get—

1. Elementor Templates for LearnDash

LMS Templates

The integration comes with 4 new and easy to customize templates for LearnDash post types. The templates are available for:

i) Course Template

This template is designed for the main page of each course. You can display:

  • Course overview
  • Information regarding the pricing of courses
  • Course description
  • Certificate

Elementor helps in adjusting the styling features such as the buttons to expand course content, the fonts, font colors, etc. Besides, you’ll also get widgets such as course content, course infobar, and course certificate.

ii) Lesson Template

With the lesson template, you can style up the breadcrumb, and the course status. Course status can be “not started”, “in progress”, or “complete”. Quickly edit the appearance of “Next Lesson” button, “Back to Course” link, Lesson Content overview bar, topic checkboxes, and quiz icon.

Lesson Content and Lesson Infobar widgets help a lot in displaying lesson content list, breadcrumbs, and course status easily.

iii) Topic Template

Want to include an image box or add another styling option to your topics? This template will help. Customize the font or colors of the progress bar, breadcrumbs, and navigation buttons easily.

Topic widgets include the Topic Content and Topic Infobar.

iv) Quiz Template

With the help of Quiz Template, you can adjust the styling of various design elements of quizzes and infobar by using Elementor.

The quiz widgets include Quiz Content and Quiz Infobar.

2. LearnDash Widgets

The LearnDash widgets offered by Elementor and LearnDash can be used across all page types. And, you can insert these widgets anywhere on your website. Just drag and drop the required widget from the design panel.

Here are the widgets that you’ll get with this LearnDash integration:

LearnDash Widgets

  • LearnDash Login– Use shortcode [learndash_login] to add login button.
  • Profile– Use shortcode [ld_profile] to add profile icon with a link.
  • Course List – Use shortcode [ld_course_list] to display the course list.
  • Lesson List – Use shortcode [ld_lesson_list] to display the lesson list.
  • Topic List – Use shortcode [ld_topic_list] to display the topic list.
  • Quiz list. Use shortcode [ld_quiz_list] to display the quiz list.

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Use the Power of Elementor in Selling Your Courses Online!

That’s all about the Elementor and LearnDash integration add-on. All the control of the designing aspect of your website is now in your hand. And, I’m excited to know how you’re going to use this integration for your online learning website. Do share your thoughts, experiences, and opinions in the comment section below.

Stay tuned!


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