You have heard about LearnDash – it is easily one of the best Learning Management System (LMS) plugins and is used worldwide for creating and selling online courses. If you want your online course to be successful, you have to plan – and plan hard.

We thought of creating a list for you to help you plan a successful online course in the best possible way! Read on to know more.

1. Know your audience:

This is the most basic thing on your checklist. If you don’t know what your audience wants, you cannot build a course that caters to their needs. Your audience means your target audience; that is, the people who will be interested and willing to buy your online course. Knowing the needs of your audience helps you to curate a course that provides them with maximum value and satisfies their wants. When your audience is happy, it leads to recommendations and a better rating of your course online.

Having a basic profile of your target audience makes the other steps of building an online course simple. You can later direct your advertisements and strategize your marketing based on where they spend their time online. The baseline here is to create meaningful material and attract interested audiences!

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2. Build an online community:

Plan a Successful Online Course
Plan a Successful Online Course using online community

Online communities are on the rise and rightly so. When you give your students and potential purchasers of your course an online platform to discuss and share information, you enforce a sense of community between them. Audiences like to be heard and an online community paves way for mutual interaction. You have to ensure that you post regularly, share tips and hacks, and keep the members engaged with information about upcoming courses and classes. You can even host webinars, encourage discussions, conduct quizzes, and do so much more!

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3. Find your niche:

Your online course should be based on a particular subject or topic – and that becomes your niche. Identifying the right niche for yourself may not always be easy but it is highly essential if you want to build an online course that gains traction. You have to answer a variety of questions, such as:

  • Are you confident about the material your course provides?
  • Do you think you can offer value to your students?
  • What are your qualifications and experiences?
  • List your strengths and weaknesses.

This is not an exhaustive list. It can alter according to the kind, of course, you choose to teach. You can also make a list of the thing you like and don’t like when it comes to teaching a group of students. Figuring out what your calling is may take time. But when you answer more and more questions like these, you can make a fair assessment of what your niche should be.

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4. Objectives and Assessment:

Your online course should have different short-term and long-term objectives. Your goals can be flexible and should be able to change as per new happenings. When visitors know what you actually provide to them, it makes it easier for them to take a decision. At the end of the day, you have to provide long-term value to the ones who enroll in your class. Your students should have a clear idea about what to expect from your online course.

Before you start, try to give your students an idea of your course in the following manner:

  • Different teaching methods you aim to incorporate
  • Overall objectives of the online course
  • In-depth material
  • Ways to determine course progress

Another thing you can do is assess your students online by setting different types of milestones to achieve. It makes them active and facilitates healthy competition among your students. Letting students know how well they have progressed in your course boosts motivation. If a requirement arises, you can set different kinds of objectives depending on the needs of your students.

5. Engagement, Rewards, and Feedback:

review feedback

Engagement is crucial when it comes to anything that is hosted online. Your course cannot be successful if enough people don’t engage with your content. A way to boost engagement is to ensure that your online course is flexible and interactive. There are different ways to interact with your users. One way to do it is by allowing them to review and share feedback. Organic feedbacks add authenticity to your course and help you understand what more you can do to make your online course better. You can also award various badges or pins to your students when they complete a certain section of your online course or when they perform well on your online tests. All this motivates your student, keeps the morale high, and leads to a positive assessment. The chances of them recommending your course to their family and friends also increases drastically when you keep them engaged.

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Final Words

While building an online course, you have to think of different ways to support your users. Make it a point to share valuable information and knowledge with your students at every step of the way. When you give them more than they asked for, they are bound to come back for more and recommend you highly!

LearnDash is easily our most preferred LMS plugin out there. So, what are you waiting for? Start preparing and build an online course and let LearnDash worry about the technical aspects!


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