Search and replace plugins are especially useful when you have to replace a particular word or a phrase on your WordPress website. The search and replace plugins will allow you to find your text and replace it quickly without causing any other changes to your WordPress website. These tools are extremely useful in making quick fixes to your website.

Using these tools, you can also make changes to the database of your website. The plugins also provide you with a real-time search environment using which you can make changes to your website without modifying the database. Here we have listed some of the best search and replace plugins for your WordPress website:

#1 Better Search Replace by Delicious Brains

Replace Plugin of wordpress

Better Search Replace is a simple yet extremely powerful search and replace plugin. It allows the users to scan the database quickly in search of any kind of problem. The plugin is highly efficient and can also perform a dry run to enable you to see the changes that you have made to your database. You will be provided with regular updates. 

Better Search Replace also comes with excellent customer support. It has a pro version which allows you to backup your data and also import the database even while the changes are being made to it. The users will be able to save their custom profiles. This will allow them to perform search and replace easily whenever they wish to. The users will also be provided with a full update and customer support. Better Search Replace also comes with a priority email support feature.

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#2 CM Search & Replace

CM Search And Replace

CM Search & Replace plugin is an excellent WordPress plugin which allows your users to make any type of changes to the posts and pages before you display it on your website. The tool allows you to replace the content of your website without disturbing the WordPress database. CM Search & Replace is extremely affordable and is also quite rich in features. Some of the most important features of this plugin include a rule set management, time-based search and replace option, import and export tools, etc.

CM Search & Replace also supports HTML search and replace. It has a basic as well as a pro version. Using the pro version, you will be able to make permanent replacements of a post on your website. You will also be able to restore the original content whenever you wish to do so. The pro version also allows you to apply search and replace rules on specific dates only. The users will also be able to replace content domains and HTML. It is an excellent plugin for all WordPress users. It can also be used to censor swear words.

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#3 Search Regex Plugin

search regex

Search Regex Plugin is one such plugin which enables easy migration of your WordPress website. It also allows you to upgrade your website easily. The plugin has supreme quality search and replace functions using which you will be able to improve the searching capabilities of your website.

Search Regex Plugin also has a localisation option. The plugin is ideal for businessmen who wish to upgrade their directory easily. Search Regex Plugin also allows the users to search and replace the URLs easily.

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#4 Real Time Find & Replace

WordPress Search And Replace Plugin

Real Time Find & Replace is another very useful search and replace WordPress plugin. It allows the users to implement various find and replace rules on their website. The find and replace rules are implemented after a particular page has been created by WordPress but before the page is sent to the browser. All the changes occur in a real-time environment so that you need not have to make any changes to your WordPress themes and plugins.

The process of updating and upgrading the pages of your website is extremely easy. The pro version allows the users to modify the admin pages. You will also be provided with additional filtering options. You will have entire control over all the functionalities of your website.

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#5 Search & Replace by Inpsyde

WordPress Search And Replace Plugin

Search & Replace plugin allows you to directly replace the data in your WordPress database. It is not just a search and replace plugin. It has various other uses as well. You will be able to do a complete backup of your database and restore the data whenever required. 

The plugin is highly customisable and is suitable for both beginners as well as experienced WordPress web developers. Search & Replace also enables you to replace your domain and URL easily. The plugin works extremely fast. It also provides you with excellent customisation. The localisation option is also included.

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So, these are some of the best search and replace tools available for you. Each of these tools is loaded with useful features which will allow you to accomplish your task easily. You will be able to fix all the content of your WordPress website by means of these plugins. Look through all the features carefully and choose the plugin which is most suitable for your website.

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