Have you built your website? Are you wondering why you have so many visitors yet very few conversions? Don’t worry, we are here to solve that problem. There is no single solution for this. You have to incorporate different strategies and mix them together to get a final and long-lasting solution. Conversions don’t happen for a variety of reasons and in this article, we will go through some of the techniques that can boost your engagement and lead to sales!

1. Build a relationship with your customer:

Increase Website Conversion Rate

Knowing what your audience wants and understanding what they need is #1 strategy of any online business. But you cannot stop there – you have to go further and build a meaningful relationship with your customer. Some ways you communicate with your audience include the way your home page is designed, the kind of content you put up on your website, and so on. When you give them information that is relevant to them, they tend to choose your service over others. Give them something meaningful. Give your audience more than their expectations. Build a relationship that will go a long way.

You can do this by offering them content that is not easily available, giving them discount codes if they are new and more such strategies that will ensure they remain engaged and loyal to your brand.

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2. Focus on your website design:

Increase Website Conversion Rate
Increase Website Conversion Rate

Your users will trust your website more if it looks professional and is designed well. The way you put out your information and design your layouts helps the visitor decide if they want to be associated with you. If it is hard for your visitor to trust you, chances are they will not do business with you. Moreover, if your website is complicated, the visitor will not spend more than a few seconds browsing it. Your website should be simple to use, colorful, and easy to read. Put relevant information on the front page, make payment processes easier for the visitor, and have accurate searches. Ensure that your website is effective and efficient. It should work the same on any kind of device. Also, securing your website will make your visitors feel safe.

Make it easy as possible for your customers to shop with you. Provide your users with a straight and clear path, for example – checkout options should be visible. Make the whole process hassle-free. Ask only for basic information. The easier you make it for them, the more your chances of conversion get.

3. Understand the importance of conversations:

To converse with your audience, you have to be approachable. That is, you have to give different mediums to your users to connect with you. Ensure that your website has a contact page and reach out to customers that are facing any sort of difficulties. You can also add a chat plugin to talk to your customer in real-time.

If you have come up with an emailing list, make sure that you send useful information to your customers. Do not spam their inboxes. Use language that resonates with your target audience.

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4. Create an online community:

Online communities are growing and we can see why. If you build a forum or a community with your loyal customers, it gives out a personalized feel. They start trusting you more. In such a community, you can encourage members to share their experiences, ask questions, and the like. You can even keep your members engaged by giving them various offers, coupon codes, and discounts for being a part of your community. You have to offer your customers incentives to keep them interested. Also, share blogs related to your brand with them, tell them your stories, and build a relationship.

In short, let your members feel exclusive.

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5. Engagement:

Another way to build trust is by adding your social media accounts to your website. This way, customers can be in touch with you through mediums more than one. Add customer reviews and testimonials so that your visitors associate your website with credibility. Provide your users with different kinds of options and help them make a choice. Being social simply means being in touch with your customers through the use of social media. You can also come up with various ways to keep your customers engaged, like, organizing giveaways.

6. Provide recommendations:

Think about Amazon – whenever you shop with the website, you see that the site recommends you more products based on your previous purchases. Make sure customers spend more time on your website with this easy way. Recommend them relevant products that they might be interested in. With this, they may end up purchasing more products than they intended to! It also gives a whole customized shopping experience.

7. Feedback and analysis:

Increase Website Conversion Rate

Feedback is important for any kind of business. You need to understand what your customers and visitors expect from you. Whether you have an online course, a blog, or an eCommerce website, you need feedback. Let your customers know that their opinions are heard. Give them a place to communicate with you, add a section where they review your products and services.

Lastly, ensure that you regularly check how your strategies are working out for you. Is there a need for change? Do you need anything more? With regular analysis, you can figure this out. Feedback + analysis sustain your website in the long run.

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Final Words

This is not an exhaustive list. There are so many more ways in which you can entice your audience and ensure that they end up buying the product or service that you are offering! You just have to constantly try till you get it right. Also, remember that these strategies will be successful when you completely understand your audience. What works for a certain kind of user may not necessarily work for others.


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