From Pay-Per-Click marketing to social media marketing, there are several ways to reach and stay connected with your customers in today’s modern age. Some might say the OG is email marketing, which has been around since the late 70s! But now, nearly three decades later, is the email list still relevant? The simple answer is yes. Email marketing is beneficial as well as cost-effective. Well-targeted and relevant emails play a key role in solidifying your organic reach. But that being said, the email marketing strategies that worked ages ago will not yield the same success now.

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Moreover, creating great email marketing content isn’t enough without increasing contacts. Are you struggling to grow your email list? Even if you have a decent email list, it’s imperative to constantly increase your contacts. In this post, we’re sharing some effective ways to grow your email list. Take a look.

Create Targeted Content

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Telling your teenage demographic about a product or service made for older adults is simply wasteful. Sharing irrelevant content will push your contacts to unsubscribe from your email list. Rather than sending a generic email to the entirety of your contact list, segment your list into different groups. Sharing targeted emails will boost engagement.

Improve Sign Up Form

No one wants to fill out a long sign-up form asking for way too many details. If you want new visitors to quickly sign up to your email list, try to keep the signup form as brief as possible. It would be best to just ask for a name and email address.

Utilize LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is a social media platform that can help you make some valuable connections in the industry. You can download LinkedIn contacts and use them for your email marketing campaigns.

You should also consider building your credibility on LinkedIn groups. Once you establish your authority, you can use this opportunity to post a link to your opt-in page.

Introduce Gated Content

newsletter or promotional emailsIs your website generating good traffic, but visitors are reluctant to sign up? Gated content restricts access until visitors share their contact information. You can choose to fully or partially hide content. Introducing gated content can boost your subscriber rate.

Offer Incentive

Offering your visitors some sort of incentive in exchange for their email addresses is a tested way to grow your email list. As an incentive, you can give your new subscribers an exclusive offer or a discount code. Offering a discount from the get-go not only adds to your email list but also encourages purchase.

Add Signup Button to Facebook

Your website is not the only platform where you can ask for contact information. There’s a good chance that your target audience may be learning about your company via various social media channels.

You can easily add a Sign-Up button on your company’s Facebook page. Clicking on this button takes your visitors directly to your sign-up page.

Add Signup Link to Instagram Bio

Similar to Facebook, you can ask visitors to become a part of your email list through Instagram. All you have to do is add a link to your opt-in page to your bio. Cross-promotion is crucial to increase your organic reach and lower email marketing costs.

End Cards on Youtube Videos

Is your company creating content for Youtube as well? This is another opportunity to ask viewers to sign up for more content. In addition to asking viewers to subscribe to your channel, you should also link your opt-in landing page using end cards.

Start a Blog

Update Your Contact Form

If you don’t already have a blog, it’s time to start one. Sharing valuable and relevant blogs is a great way to attract visitors and persuade them to sign up for your newsletter or promotional emails.


How Much Does It Cost to Start a Blog?

When visitors fill out your contact form, it’s the perfect opportunity to ask them to subscribe to your email list. An automatically checked checkbox will help you grow your subscribers.

Try Gamified Campaigns

Use gamification to encourage visitors to become subscribers. A coupon wheel is an excellent way to get visitors to sign up. You can also ask visitors to take a fun quiz and access answers in exchange for their contact information.

Highlight Anti-Spam Policy

Visitors are often reluctant to share their email addresses because they simply don’t want to be spammed. Moreover, some companies engage in a fraudulent practice of selling contact information.

Use your signup form to highlight your anti-spam policy. You should also mention that your company doesn’t share contact information with third parties.

Final Words for Email List


People often opt-out of email communication or abandon email addresses, which can impact your organic reach. Whether you want to accelerate your subscriber growth rate or you’ve hit a point of stagnation, the aforementioned tips can help you grow your email list.

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