If you want to find individual and bulk emails for your business, you are in the right place. Finding legitimate email addresses helps significantly in reaching out to prospective customers. In this article, we will go through some of the most excellent email finder Chrome extensions that will provide a boost to your brand quickly and efficiently! In simple terms, an email finder is a crucial tool when you intend to grow your business and contact more professionals. It is an easy way to generate new leads. When you find more leads through this kind of marketing, converting them to full-time customers in the future is not that difficult! It also helps to develop your business by promoting your brand to your target audience. Lastly, it also assists you with recruitment – by finding professionals of the kind of niche you want.

Let’s start, shall we?

1. Uplead:

Email Finder Chrome Extensions
Email Finder Chrome Extensions

Upload is an excellent lead-generation tool. Use it to browse through 56 million contacts! It also provides you with an option to filter the search. Once you find the relevant email addresses, you can download them in bulk, verify the addresses in real time, and then act upon this to increase your leads. It has powerful integrations and is available as a Chrome Extension and a Web App. With targeted sales leads provided by this tool, you can grow and amplify your sales. Connect with the right contacts with Uplead today!

To know more about this tool – click here.

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2. Voila Norbert

email finder

Voila Norbert is great for finding those email addresses you need. It uses its massive B2B database to check all requests. The result? It has up to a 98% success rate, the highest in the industry.

Voila Norbert is very easy to use, too. Just input the name of your prospect and the tool will give you their email address. You can even enrich your email list with other data. Apart from the email address, you can get a prospect’s company, position, and social media profiles. Those are great for personalizing your messages and increasing conversions!

Get this tool – here.

3. FindThat.Email:

Email Finder Chrome Extensions
Email Finder Chrome Extensions

With this tool, you can easily find professional and work emails. It is one of the best email finders of 2020. To get started, type in the name and domain – that’s all. You will get email addresses and sources in a few simple steps. It is the ‘Yellow Pages’ of email. Find emails on an individual basis or bulk basis and upload lists all at once.

To check out this tool, click here.

4. Clearbit:

Email Finder Chrome Extensions
Email Finder Chrome Extensions

All you have to do to use this tool and connect with others is type the company’s name along with the employee’s first name or job title. It integrates with your Gmail without the hassle and helps you find email addresses for your business. With this tool, you will be able to identify future prospects for your business while also personalizing your marketing strategies. The tool provides you with accurate data with its real-time lookups. It has all the features you need and is designed for modern businesses.

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5. AeroLeads:

Email Finder Chrome Extensions
Email Finder Chrome Extensions

AeroLeads is a user-friendly software that works in real-time to prove you with much-needed leads. It works well with multiple websites such as LinkedIn, AngelList, and so on. With this tool, you can easily find business emails. Oh, and it has an accuracy level of 95%! You can use it for individual and bulk email findings. It also provides you with awesome support via different modes that make the whole procedure smooth.

To know more, click here.

6. Email Hunter:

Email Finder Chrome Extensions
Email Finder Chrome Extensions

Hunter is a popular tool that is commonly used to find email addresses. It provides you with an email finder, domain search, and email verification. Once you enter a target domain, it gives you all the verified emails that can be found. All you have to do is type in the company domain and select the category of emails you require – and voila – you will get a list of public email addresses right in front of you. Like the others, this one too is used for individual and bulk email finding and is available as a Chrome extension.

Get this amazing tool – here.

7. FindThatLead:

Email Finder Chrome Extensions
Email Finder Chrome Extensions

Manage your email addresses with this one-of-a-kind tool. Once you put in the company’s URL, all emails related to that will pop up on your screen. You can also use it for domain and lead searches. It is technically more of a lead manager than an email finding tool. It is available as a Chrome extension and as a web app. With FindThatLead, you can find individual and bulk emails most quickly!

To know more about FindThatLead – click here.

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8. Anymail Finder:


This is yet another fantastic tool to find emails on an individual basis or in bulk. All you need to do is add your prospect’s name and the tool will guess their email address. You can copy all of it in one click! It searches billions of web pages to give you accurate results. It also provides you with a number of tutorials to aid you in finding more leads for your business.

Know more about this tool – here.

9. ContactOut:


If you are looking for a tool that is great at finding personal email addresses, this is the one for you. It triple-verifies email addresses. Oh, and it has a 97% accuracy rating! The company also claims that its extension is used by 30% of the Fortune 500! Professional recruiters mostly use it all around the world. Also, you are in luck because its Chrome extension is very easy to use!

Get this tool – here.

Final Words

We hope you were able to find an email-finding tool that works well for your business. You should decide according to the requirements of your business. Thank you for reading the article. All the best!

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