We know how overwhelming it can be to find the right tools to use for your SEO. There are so many options available, and very conflicting  guidance on the subject. Hopefully we can make your life a little easier by breaking down a few keyword research tools that satisfy different budgets and keyword strategies.

In this article we will group 9 different keyword search tools into free, freemium and paid categories. The categories will cover each tool’s unique features and pricing structure.

  1. What’s My Serp ( Free )
  2. Google Keyword Planner ( Free )
  3. Ahrefs keyword generator ( Free )
  4. Keywords Everywhere. ( Freemium )
  5. Keywordtool.io ( Freemium )
  6. Wordtracker ( Paid )
  7. Serpstat ( Paid )
  8. Moz’s keyword difficulty tool ( Paid )
  9. SEMrush ( Paid )

Free Keyword Research Tools

For anyone looking for awesome keyword tools on a budget, then these three free options are definitely worth looking into!

What’s My Serp

Now Ahrefs is a big player in the game, and their tools are generally pretty expensive, however they have made their Keyword Generator free for the public, an amuse-bouche if you will. The keyword tool can populate data for multiple different platforms such as Google, Bing, Youtube and Amazon.

The keyword information generated for these platforms are related keywords, keyword queries as well as the accompanying keyword difficulty and volume metrics for those results.

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Price: Free

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Freemium Keyword Research Tools

If you’re looking to dive into the more swanky keyword tools, but still want to try before you buy, we recommend checking out these great freemium options.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere tool
Keyword Research Tool

Keywords Everywhere was always a fan favorite, this browser plugin provided great keyword information and was once free. This tool has now leveled up and become a freemium option.

Features vary based on whether or not you select the free or paid options, but in general people use this tool to get insight on keyword volume, CPC and adword competition.

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Free version offers related keywords and content keyword lists.
The pay as you go credit system, unlocks volume, cpc and competition features.
1 keyword = 1 credit
10$ for 100,000 credits

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keyword tool google bing
Find Great Keywords Using Google Autocomplete

This is another great option for anybody who is shopping for a freemium option, the free version of this tool offers a pretty wide selection of related keyword lists such as keyword suggestions, keyword questions and keyword propositions.

The paid version takes it a step further by giving twice as many keywords and providing metrics to the items on these lists such as search volume, search volume trends, cpc and competition.

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Free version: Provides keyword lists
Paid version: Unlocks metrics
Ranges from $69, $79 or159$/month

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Find new keywords for your market
Take competitors’ keywords, in-depth PPC and SEO insights, data from Google

Last but not least we have Wordtracker. This tool is unique because unlike its predecessors it offers all it’s available features in the free and paid version. The only difference is that the free version will limit the number of searches to 9 per day, while the paid version gives you unlimited queries.

The features offered by this tool are a list of related keywords as well as each keyword’s respective volume, IAAT (In anchor and title), and competition data.

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Free version: Offers all features with a limit of 9 searches per day
Paid Version: Offers all features with unlimited searches.

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Paid Keyword Research Tools

Now for the haute-couture of keyword tools. The paid tools of the keyword research world  are usually only offered as paid options because they are also bundled with other SEO tools that the platform has available. Here are a few of the more popular providers.


Keyword Research Tools
Keyword Research Tool

Up first we have Serpstat. In addition to their keyword tool, this bundle comes with a whopping 20 SEO tools! It is a pretty great offer for anyone wanting to explore different SEO tools they may have not considered using before.

As for the keyword tool, Serpstat provides these keyword metrics: keyword difficulty, volume, trends and related keywords.

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serp stat

Price: $69, $149, $299 and $499/month
Based on number of users

Write SEO Friendly Headlines

Moz’s keyword difficulty tool

Keyword Explorer
The keyword research tool with over 500 million traffic-driving keywords.

Moz is a familiar face for a lot of digital marketers, it’s just an overall great resource for anyone working with SEO. So it’s no secret that this tool is definitely a fan favorite and people are willing to pay big bucks for it.

Moz offers it’s keyword difficulty tool at a premium. In addition to access to many other SEO tools, keyword ranking/queries lists, the tool also provides users with scores to help them better understand the market for a specific keyword. Scores are tabulated for difficulty, volume and opportunity.

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Price: $99, $149, $249,$ 599/month
Based on the volume of information and campaigns you require

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Keyword Magic Tool
Best Keyword Planning Tool

And finally, to end our journey we have SEMrush. Like Moz this tool is also considered beloved to many, and most people will struggle between choosing SEMrush or Moz. With a little digging we can see that while Moz is absolutely adored, many users believe that SEMrush packages offer more useful tools in their toolbox overall.

Like with most strictly paid tools, SEMrush’s keyword tool is packaged with a plethora of other useful tools for SEO. The keyword tool offered by SEMrush offers features like related keywords, keyword variations, keyword queries, volume metrics, keyword difficulty, cpc and historical data of all these metrics over time.

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Price: $99, $199 and $399/month
Based on volume of information and searches needed

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