Videos are preferred over text!!


Because of visual species, the users these days find video more memorable and more engaging. These are more leading than any other content type.

Video is a kind of storytelling and hence, advertising is nothing but a necessity now. After researching, it is estimated that:

  • Videos are used by 81% of businesses as a marketing tool. (Hubspot)
  • Nowadays, the videos are watched over television by 6 out of 10 people. (Google)
  • Online videos will experience an increase of 82% of all the customer internet traffic by 2020. It is 15 times more than in 2017. (Cisco)
  • Every day, there are 55% views online videos whereas 78% watch online videos every week. (HubSpot)
  • After Google, YouTube is the second most popular website. (Alexa)
  • The viewers grasp 95% of the message while watched on video as a comparison to the text with a percentage of 10%. (Insivia)
  • This year (2020) will get almost 1 million videos crossing the internet every second. (Cisco)
  • Videos let the businesses get 300% of more traffic and improvement in leads. (MarketingSherpa)
  • Almost 97% of marketers have observed that videos enable the users to get a better perception of services and products. (Hubspot)
  • It is believed by 52% of the marketers that videos allow them to get more ROI. (HubSpot)
  • Approximately five billion views daily are killed by YouTube videos. (VideoNitch)

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It is now clear that the demand for video content is growing. Basically, it is because of an increase in the bandwidth of Internet channels and an increase in the technical capabilities of computers and mobile devices.

Because of this, marketers are actively using YouTube, which is considered the best video hosting for publishing commercial content. They publish videos on this resource, relying on the attention of the audience and transitions to the brand’s website. So demand for Youtube SEO is increasing as everybody wants to see the video on top.

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Nevertheless, it even has increased competition among marketers. Every minute, users upload videos of 100 hours to this resource. Therefore, video marketing specialists have to actively fight for the attention of the audience. To do this, they use search engine optimization video.

Hence, as a businessperson, you must be thriving to rank the youtube video higher.

But, you do not have any idea for the same!! Don’t worry!!

We are here to reveal how to rank your Youtube video higher. Keep on reading to find the factors.

Table Of Contents

  1. What affects the ranking of videos on YouTube
  2. How to Rank Your Youtube Video Higher on SERPs
  3. Post long descriptions
  4. Use video-specific keywords
  5. Post videos in themed social communities
  6. Encourage users to subscribe to your channel and like the video
  7. Title Optimization
  9. Video views
  10. Visitor engagement and retention
  11. How to make more people watch your video to the end?
  12. Concluding Remarks

What Affects the Ranking of Videos on YouTube

When you enter a query in the search box YouTube, the service offers you relevant videos. Video content is ranked using a search algorithm. The YouTube search algorithm includes the following factors:

  • The title of the video: The YouTube search engine determines the semantic relevance of the title to the search phrase.
  • Description of the video: The presence of keywords in the description increases the visibility of the video for the search robot.
  • Tags: The presence of tags helps the YouTube search engine determine the relevance of the video to a particular request.
  • Description of the video: Manual decryption gives the search engine an additional reason to increase the rating of the video.
  • The quality of the video: YouTube prefers quality videos.
  • Channel authority: This indicator includes the age of the channel, the number of subscribers, the relevance of published materials to selected topics.
  • The number and duration of views: The more users watched the video, the more chances it has for high positions in the SERP. View duration refers to behavioral factors. If users watch a video from beginning to end, the search engine gives it high positions in the search results.
  • The number of video distributions: This ranking factor includes the number of sharings using the buttons of social networks, as well as the number of embed videos on sites.
  • The number of comments likes and dislikes:  The more comments the video receives, the higher its chances of getting into the first positions of the issue. This is true for likes. Accordingly, dislikes reduce the chances of the video to high places in the ranking. At the same time, the YouTube search algorithm takes into account not only the total number of likes and dislikes but also the ratio of these indicators.

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How to Rank Your Youtube Video Higher on SERPs


Post Long Descriptions

Google is not yet able to watch and listen to your videos. Therefore, the search engine cannot directly determine the value of the published content. It tries to fill this gap with the text that surrounds the video. The main source of the text is the description of the video. The search engine uses it to determine the relevance of the content to user requests.

By publishing long descriptions, you increase the visibility of the video for users entering various queries into the search line, including low-frequency ones. Therefore, try to have a description of at least 1,500 characters or 200 words.

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Use Video-specific Keywords

High positions in the delivery of YouTube guarantee the attention of the audience to the content and transitions to the site. You’ll get even more attention and transitions if your video reaches the top positions of Google SERP.
It is no secret that the largest search engine in the world leaves a place at the top of the SERP for videos published on YouTube. When choosing keywords to describe your video, consider which ones might be specific to the video. If you find these keys, your video will appear at the top of the SERP. For example, for many commercial topics, video-specific keys are “how-to” keys.

Post Videos in Themed Social Communities

Popular thematic communities on social networks are a good source of targeted traffic. Community administrators are loyal to posting videos that answer audience questions. Therefore, feel free to publish links to videos in thematic groups.

The more views, likes, and distributions your video gains, the higher up the YouTube video’s position will be. Therefore, publishing content in social communities, you simultaneously solve two problems: increase the reach of the audience and increase the position of the video in the search.

Encourage Users to Subscribe to Your Channel and Like the Video

Encourage Users ro like video for ranking Made with DesignCap

The YouTube search engine pays a lot of attention to the behavioral factors of content ranking. If the audience likes your videos, the system gives them the first positions in the show. Therefore, the system must show that people cannot live without your videos. This can be done using the likes and subscriptions to the channel.

If a user subscribes to your channel immediately after watching the video, then a powerful signal to the search engine will be sent. YouTube finds out that you posted an outstanding video, the viewing of which caused your viewer to become a subscriber and wait for new masterpieces. Likes also send a similar signal to the system.

To encourage users to subscribe to the channel and put “likes”, you need to publish useful videos. Sometimes users forget to like or like to subscribe. Therefore, they need to be unobtrusively called for the necessary actions.

Title Optimization

After securing the keyword, now, you can use it to optimize the video in many ways for the improvement of YouTube ranking. The best, simple yet powerful way to carry this out by including it in the title. Besides, with the 300 hours of video uploaded to YouTube each minute, just the keywords alone are not going to work. And, will not help you to get a boost in SEO ranking.

Hence, you need to make your title engaging and compelling at the same time. It should emphasize the YouTube visitors to Click.
So, allow yourself to teach your viewers something and follow the practices to entertain them. Reveal to them what they are going to watch.

Integrate the appropriate Tags

Similar to description and titles, the titles can also be placed in the tags as well. Tags are meant for YouTube’s reference; so that the viewers cannot examine what you have incorporated. You can include as many variations of the search terms and keywords as you can. If we take an example of ‘Facebook hacks’, then it can be used in below seven ways:

  • Facebook Hacks
  • Facebook
  • Hacks
  • Life Hacks
  • Social Media Hacks
  • Social Media
  • Some Social Media Tips

These do not need to be more specific. YouTube has a Chrome extension, known as TubeBuddy. In between these features is keywords rank tracking, that permits you to discover the search ranking for several tags so that the perfect ones could be used for Search engine optimization.

VidIQ app can be used to know which tags are used by the competitors. With the use of similar tags as your competitors, your YouTube videos will rank in the “Up Next” section.


Comments for the video are important. Especially if the user watched the video, it is essential to know if the video is liked or not. And, check whether he left the opinion in the comments. Find out how many comments are there, is there any presence of keywords in the comments and if some other viewer has replied to the comment or not?

If you have a tedious topic, in which they usually do not leave comments, then this is easy to solve using various services with pay for actions. Like; you can put on the below tasks:

  • view video
  • leave a comment
  • either reply to someone’s comment
  • use the keyword in the comment text

But in any case, naturalness is more appreciated. When you buy some channel (newsletter, social networks, or in the video itself) prompt users to leave comments and express their point of view.

Video Views

Youtube video rank more audience Made with DesignCap

This is one of the most important factors in recent times. Which affects not only SEO for YouTube, but also for getting videos into the popular ones. It is prevalent to know how many have watched the videos within the first 4 hours. This way you will identify the 301 views and more appear near the video. Many ways are there to get the views, like, you can

  • Make a newsletter
  • Publish on the visited site
  • Buy ads on Adwords
  • Wind up using services (not recommended for a normal project)

You can get to the top YouTube for almost any request per day. Therefore, views are a very important factor in our experience. If it’s really about highly requested queries.

The Video Depth indicator is no less important. Therefore, very often shorter videos are shown better in the search. For example 1-2-3 minutes. It all depends on the subject matter of your video and what it is about and how this information is presented.

Find out how the video responds in the first 4 hours, the first 12 hours, the first 24 hours, and so on. It is during this period that you need to make maximum efforts to view your video, which you need to put in the top for the desired keyword.

Visitor Engagement and Retention

Engagement is the average viewing depth of your video, as a rule, it is expressed in % and you can watch it in the analytics for your video.

The income of YouTube depends on how much time people spend inside this social network. YouTube networks and algorithms give priority to those authors and those content that is most interesting to the audience and with which people interact longer.

And as you know, if people close your video after 30 seconds, then YouTube understands that this is uninteresting content and stops showing it in the display.

How to Make More People Watch Your Video to the End?

youtube video popularity SEO ranking Made with DesignCap
Youtube Video Rank

Do not make long introductions and immediately turn to the point. The first 30 seconds are given to us to interest the viewer with our promise and this is a kind of sale. That is, you must sell to a person viewing your video promising benefits after watching.

Installation is a very important component, which can even pull out initially the bad video. The imposition of transitions, color grading, animation inserts, music effects greatly facilitates the viewing of your video and discourages the desire to click on the cross in the corner of the screen. It implies that the involvement in your videos will be much higher.

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Concluding Remarks on Youtube Video Rank

YouTube is delighting its viewers daily with amazing content. Daily, billions, or trillions of users are visiting or searching the content on it. And, this gives a boost to the competition in the market.

Many are emphasizing on using YouTube to rank a video on top. Hence, there is a neck to neck competition. Therefore, you have to be cautious enough to follow the ways that can make your brand shine and your videos on top. Implement the methods we have defined in this write-up and let your YouTube videos be viewed by many.

Hopefully, this article is beneficial for you. If you have some queries or suggestions then let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!

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