WordPress online fundraising plugins allow you to collect funds online from donors for various charitable purposes. Various such WordPress donation plugins are available using which you will be able to manage the different aspects of online fundraising. However, if you are looking WordPress online fundraising plugin, then GiveWP is the plugin for you that is fully compatible with any WordPress themes for Non-Profit organizations

GiveWP WordPress Donation Plugin

WordPress Donation Plugin
WordPress Donation Plugin

GiveWP is an excellent online fundraising platform. It allows you to collect donations from your users. You will also be able to manage your donors and see how your website is performing. All these operations can be done directly from your WordPress website. GiveWP is a highly efficient plugin and it is the top choice for religious organizations and educational organizations. You do not have to be registered as a charity in order to collect donations. It is perfect for any type of online giving, be it small or large.

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Donorbox – WordPress Donation Plugin for Your Nonprofit

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When it comes to donation plugins for WordPress, nothing works more easily than Donorbox. The plugin provides easy setup and customization options for donation forms in 15 mins. Attract recurring donors.
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Place a catchy donation button on your WordPress website to attract donors. You can take donors to your secure donation page or a pop-up donation form with a single click. Also use your donate button in your fundraising outreach emails

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Features of GiveWP

Creating a site for fundraising becomes so easy with these features

Customizable donation forms: You will be able to create highly attractive donation forms for your users. Various payments and display options are also available.

    1. Flexible recurring donations: The recurring donation option can also be customized. This will give the donor a lot of options to choose the amount they wish to donate. They can also control the frequency of donations.
    2. Powerful donor management: You can keep a track of all the contributors and the donors. You will also be able to generate donation tax by means of various third-party tools.
    3. Easy donation payment: The donors will be able to make their payments easily. Various payment gateways are available like Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay and many more.
    4. Built-in reporting system: You will be able to understand the performance of your website using the highly advanced dashboard which will be provided to you. The dashboard can also be integrated with Google Analytics to give you a better insight into your income.
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    5. Configurable fundraising goals: The plugin allows you to set fundraising goals and display them on your WordPress website. This will not only motivate you but will also create a sense of competition in your mind.
    6. Custom form fields: You will be able to create your own form fields as per your choice. You can add an additional donation form field wherever required.
    7. Credit card fee recovery: You need not have to pay any credit card processing fee by making payments through payment gateways. Instead, you can ask your donors to pay a few extra bucks.
    8. Enhanced E-Commerce tracking feature: You will be able to keep track of all your donations. You will also be able to gain information about donor traffic behaviour.
    9. Salesforce integration with Zapier: The donation forms can be integrated with a Salesforce account through Zapier addon. This will allow you to maintain a better relationship with your donors.
    10. Host of marketing integration: GiveWP is integrated with powerful marketing platforms like Constant Contact and MailChimp. This helps to increase the credibility of your website.
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    11. Ability to import and export data: You can keep all the data of your old fundraising platform and directly export them to your new website. You will also be able to store your previous donation history.
    12. Complete payment history: You will be able to give your donors their complete payment history whenever they ask for it. This will help you to maintain clarity with your donors.

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Some Popular GiveWP Addons

Given below are some of the most popular addons of the GiveWP plugin:

WordPress Online Fundraising Plugin
Must Have GiveWP Donation plugin addons
  1. Recurring Donations: This addon is used to collect recurring donations from your donors. This will allow you to collect more payments from your donors by giving them the liberty to make their payments at different time intervals.
  2. Form Field Manager: Using the Form Field Manager addon, you will be able to add additional fields to your donation forms. It comes with a highly interactive drag and drop interface/ You will also be able to add checkboxes and radio buttons to your forms.
  3. Fee Recovery: This addon helps you to recover the Credit Card processing fee. The credit card processing fee may amount to a lot of money. So, you can ask your donors to help you out by paying the processing fee.
  4. Currency Switcher: Your donors will be able to make their payments in whichever currency they wish to. You will be able to receive your donation in the currency of your choice. This gives you the opportunity to collect payments from different corners of the world.
  5. PDF Receipts: The PDF Receipts addon allows your donors to print their tax receipts to keep a track of all their taxes. The receipt is given to them in PDF downloadable copies.
  6. Google Analytics Donor Tracking: This addon uses the features of Google Analytics to see whether your donation campaign is going successfully or not. You will be able to track all user interaction and also get to know the user experience.
  7. PayPal Pro: The PayPal Pro addon lets you accept payments from your donor. The transaction is carried out in a secured way.
  8. MailChimp: Using the MailChimp addon, your donors will be able to obtain the organization’s newsletter where they make a donation. They will be added to a particular group and customizations can be made to that.

Where Does The GiveWP Plugin Find Its Use?

The GiveWP plugin can be used by any kind of organisation, be it a small or large one. here we have mentioned the organisations where this plugin is used the most:

Religious Organisations: You will be able to create an online fundraising website for temples, churches, and any other religious organization. An unlimited number of forms can be created to collect funds. Your members will be given different payment options to choose from. They can also opt for recurring payment methods. Most popular is creating an online community website for charity.

Educational Organisations: The GiveWP plugin can be used to raise funds for schools and other educational institutes. You will be able to host an online school raiser and report to the school board. This will help to provide education to underprivileged children.

Final Thoughts on WordPress Donation Plugin

So, this was all about GiveWP. If you wish to raise online funds for a charitable purpose, then do not forget to install the GiveWP plugin to your WordPress website.

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