re you looking for the best server plugins for your WordPress site? Choosing the right plugin for your WordPress website is very important for your website.  This article makes it extremely overwhelming for users to find the right plugins for their website.

We are often asked by readers for the best WordPress plugins suggestions for social media, backups, migration speed, etc. The shared plugins will allow you to migrate your website easily and will also make sure that all your data remains secure.

So, in order to run your online business successfully, it is very important for you to add a server plugin to your website. Having the best WordPress plugins and tools can help you grow your online business. In this article, we have shared some of the best WordPress server plugins for your websites. Let’s get started.


updraft plus

UpdraftPlus is one of the best server plugins for WordPress. It is designed to schedule and store your WordPress backups to remote locations. If you already use it as your backup plugin then you can create a complete backup and import it on any location. This plugin is easy to use.

UpdraftPlus works with WordPress multisite networks. Its premium version comes with a migration tool that allows you to easily migrate your website. Restoring your files with this plugin is easy, and you can do it with minimal technical knowledge.

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2. Duplicator


Duplicator is a popular WordPress server plugin on the market. It is a great plugin for migration and backup. You can easily work on this plugin without any technical knowledge. It can be used to schedule backups and save them on remote storage such as Google Diver, Dropbox, etc.

Duplicator unpacks the content of your package and installs them. It also allows you to update URLs to make sure that everything runs smoothly after the unpacking. It also helps to migrate a WordPress website from one hosting provider to another with ease.

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3. JetPack


JetPack is an amazing WordPress server plugin that comes with a powerful backup feature. You can easily restore data in 1-click and improve site performance. It has website analysis functionality to monitor the number of visits.

You can easily restore your WordPress backups and migrate your website to a new server. You don’t need to manually re-upload backups during migration as all your data is already stored on the cloud. It also includes site security features which makes your backups secure.

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4. Migrate Guru

migrate guru

Migrate Guru is a WordPress server plugin designed for migration and backup solutions. It is best used for migrating websites to a new host or server. Migrate Guru Supports all popular WordPress hosting providers.

You can use Migrate Guru plugin to migrate large websites without affecting server performance. In this plugin there is no risk of data loss during the migration. You can move a website with a large database (up to 200 GB!).

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5.  MonsterInsights

google analytics

MonsterInsights is an amazing WordPress server plugin especially designed to connect your WordPress website to your Google Analytics account. It allows you to monitor site visitors and how they find your website.

The premium version of this plugin allows you to track traffic sources, eCommerce stats, advertisements efforts, and more which lets you grow your business online. You can enable different tracking features in just a few clicks without having to touch a single line of code. It is a very responsive and user friendly plugin. Over 1.9 million websites use MonsterInsights.

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6. WP Mail SMTP

Best server plugins for WordPress

If you want to send emails and facing problems, use WP Mail SMTP server plugin. It is a popular WordPress plugin for sending emails. It includes Multiple Integration. It brings all SMTP providers together into a single plugin.

WP Mail SMTP is used to fix all email deliverability by reconfiguring WordPress. If the proper authentication isn’t there, then the emails either go in your SPAM folder or will not get delivered at all. This plugin is very useful for improving email services and reducing email spam. It is a must have plugin for all websites.

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7. OptinMonster

Best server plugins for WordPress

OptinMonster is another popular WordPress server plugin for small business owners, bloggers, or any website. It includes amazing features to grow your business online. It is a very helpful plugin to turn your site visitors into potential customers.

It comes with a drag-n-drop page builder that allows you to create stunning forms in just a few clicks. It allows you to show personalized messages to every individual visitor on your site with the help of a powerful targeting and segmentation engine.

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8. W3 Total Cache

Best server plugins for WordPress

W3 Total Cache is a modern WordPress plugin designed to increase the page load speed for WordPress sites.  This will boost ranking, site traffic, and improve your visitor’s experience. You can share compressed and cached files to site visitors. It reduces the load time on your server and improves overall site speed.

It also improves server performance by caching every aspect of your site and also offers content delivery network integrations. It is fully responsive and allows you to customize all the parameters including the minimization of CSS code, HTML, and JavaScript.

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9. Redirection

Best server plugins for WordPress

Redirection is the most flexible and modern WordPress plugin for servers. It is useful to set up custom 301 redirects within your website and then keeps a full record of data on one click.                                                                 

This plugin will help you to show a list of 404 pages and allow you to track broken URLs on your site without digging into .htaccess files. All you need to do is enter the URL and redirect your visitors on another page or site.

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10. Smush

Best server plugins for WordPress

This WordPress server plugin resizes, and compresses all of your site images automatically. It is a free and responsive WordPress plugin. This plugin allows you to resize images without reducing the quality of your images. Due to high quality your website ranks higher in search results.

Smush allows you to compress and optimize images automatically in bulk. It comes with NextGEN and WP Retina 2x, so you need not to worry about displaying crisp and stunning images.

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That’s all. Here we are with the best Server WordPress plugins. Each of these plugins is unique in their own way. This list will help you make improvements to your site and achieve your business goals. If you liked this article, please share your view in the comment box.

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