Have you already saturated your efforts on Instagram and Facebook marketing since only these two seem like the only useful social media platforms? Well, here is a solution, try Pinterest marketing like these brands! 

Brands with amazing Pinterest Marketing

  • StarbucksStarbucks

Coffees and shakes at Starbucks are already very pleasant to look at. So, why not capture them and make a great feed for the brand? 

Starbucks has not let go of the opportunity of Pinterest marketing. It focuses on picture quality, using Pinterest for product campaigns, and some interesting facts and recipes that users can try at home. Its focus is not solely on pictures. Instead, the brand makes sure to add detailed and thorough captions that are rich with strategic keywords. As a result, Starbucks has been remarkably successful at optimizing Pinterest search results. Other than the text in descriptions, pictures also have a well-optimized, readable, and precise text for viewers to go through quickly. 

  • Benefit cosmetic


Benefit cosmetics has been popular for its aesthetics across various social media platforms.  The brand has a huge following on social media, thanks to its regular and artistic approach towards content creation. 

On Pinterest, the brand has over 2.5 million viewers monthly. The best part about its pins is that there is a huge variety of different types and topics. You will find product campaigns, some beauty tips, and how-to, along with inspirational quotes too. This variety makes their followers wait for more every day. Another strategy the brand uses is the maintenance of its signature “pink” color. This pink color theme constantly creates a brand association and helps the audience recall their logo and brand image instantly. Not only the color, but fonts, writing style, and frequent incorporation of the logo are also important to note here. 

  • Kate Spade NY

Kate Spade

Again, Pinterest Marketing is not only about the brand and its products. Instead, the brand tends to focus on pins and posts that can reflect the brand image and how it wants its customers to view it. With minimalistic, elegant, and simple re-pins, Kate Spade canis able to create a sense of luxury and a high lifestyle. It also showcases its products, such as bags and watches worn by usually well-dressed and upper-class women with chic appearances. Not only this, but it also does not forget to provide its users with valuable content. So, you can see costs like “self-care ideas” and “ideas for girl’s night” posted regularly. 

  • Ikea


We all know how inspirational Pinterest is. It is interesting how many ideas you can get there for absolutely anything. From decorating your room to interesting food recipes to shopping inspirations, Pinterest is rich with it all. This is where Ikea has been able to benefit the most. 

Since users on Pinterest are already engaging with DIY décor ideas and other such projects, Ikea has been able to contribute to their experience. The brand regularly updates its audience with posts that include DIY and fun projects that involve Ikea’s products. It has also used Pinterest ads to its benefit, with the majority of the ads falling in the shopping category. 

Out of the many successful campaigns Ikea has had on Pinterest, perhaps the smartest thing it did was target the main audience or user base on Pinterest Marketing i.e. youngsters, millennials, college-going individuals. It took huge advantage of the “back to school” season and created posts with highly targeted keywords such as dorm ideas on posts that guided readers on how to make the most of small spaces on a low budget. 

Key takeaways

If you are running a small or even a large brand but need to up your social media game, Pinterest is the best way to get a head start. It’s not only a successful platform with a large number of users but is also fun for the brands to use. Make use of affordable and reliable Spectrum packages to stay up-to-date with other brands and their marketing tactics on Pinterest. For now, let’s see what we have learned from the Pinterest Marketing Strategies of the aforementioned brands. 

  • Be picture perfect

You are free to post whatever you want, but try to focus your efforts on the quality of the image and not the quantity. 

  • Give something valuable

Your followers will, at some point, get tired of you rambling on about your products and services. Now and then, give them something valuable that is more about them than your brand. Such as giving DIY ideas or how to recycle the packaging from one of your products! 

  • Be regular

Consistency is the key. Post regularly, don’t put a dry spell on your account. There are high chances of getting engagement back up once you have had a dry spell without any good reason. 

  • Consistent content

Other than consistently posting content, make sure you are posting consistent content. Pick a theme and stick to it. Don’t be all over the place and build a brand image with nothing but your aesthetic feed!

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Final thoughts of Pinterest Marketing

Looking at the feeds some of the most successful brands have built makes us value the importance of a good quality picture and a detailed description. User engagement on social media is essential for your brand to build an online presence, and in some cases become a global brand. 

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