Social learning websites are the types of websites where people can acquire knowledge by collaborating with their fellow students and mentors. They can learn a lot by taking advantage of the latest forms of technology. The students will be able to share their common concerns and discuss common topics. Social learning websites are mostly designed to promote online education. The students will be able to create their student’s profile. They will also enjoy various other features of community websites like activity walls, forums, groups and so on. These kinds of websites present a huge opportunity for students. This form of education will also help to save a lot of time.

Features of social learning websites

Social learning websites

Team-based learning: The students will be able to interact with one another and share their knowledge. In case they face any problem, they can share their doubts with their fellow mates. This will also create a great learning environment and develop a sense of competition in the minds of the learners.

Email and text notifications: The students will be notified about upcoming tests and examinations through email and text notifications. They may also get regular updates about the completion of the courses. The results of their assessments can also be shared with them via email.

Regular assessments: The performance of the students can be regularly assessed through a social learning platform. There can be weekly and monthly assessments which will generate a sense of awareness among the students. They will also get to know about their progress.

Weekly and monthly reports: An in-depth report can be provided on weekly as well as monthly basis. This will help the students to understand how exactly they are performing. They can work on their weaknesses and strengthen their skills for better results.

Student’s profile with detailed information: The students will be able to create a detailed profile on social learning websites. They will be able to add their personal details as well as their academic qualifications. This data can be shared with employers. In this way, the students will be able to acquire jobs and internships easily.

Groups, Forums and Discussion Boards: Distinct groups and forums can be created each of which is focussed on a particular topic. The students can exchange their ideas in such groups. They will also be able to know what others are thinking about that particular topic.

Experts Area: In the Expert Area, the students will be able to ask for expert advice in case they face any kind of difficulty. This will give the learners an opportunity to learn from the best and improve their skills.

Ability to create and share content with one another: The students will be able to learn in a collaborative environment. They can learn from others and also help others to learn. The learners will also get to know what others are thinking about a particular topic.

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Advantages of social learning websites

social learning

Easy access to course data: The learners can access the course data quickly and easily. All they have to do is log in to their accounts and they will have complete access to the study material which will be provided to them.

Organisational Knowledge: A very important aspect of social learning is organizational learning. It is one such platform where students from different corners of the world can interact with each other and share their knowledge.

Collaboration between the students: A major advantage of social learning is collaborative knowledge. The students can exchange their knowledge with one another. This will help them to become familiarized with concepts which were otherwise unknown to them.

Proper utilization of time: You will be able to utilize your time properly. You need not have to travel to far off places in order to attend a class. You will have access to everything from your own homes.

Proper interaction between the students and the teachers: The students can have one-to-one interaction with the students. The students will be able to clear all their doubts and queries and also ask for advice. This is definitely going to help them in future.

Learning at your own pace: Sometimes, it becomes difficult for students to catch up with what is being taught in an offline classroom. However, this isn’t the case for social learning websites. The students can learn at their own pace and have a clear idea of all the topics which are being taught.

Displaying of talent before a larger audience: You will be able to display your knowledge before a greater audience. People will acknowledge your skills and talents. This will also help you to acquire jobs and internships in reputed concerns.

Improving communication skills: Most students face problems in communicating before the public. Social learning will help you to overcome this fear. You will become more confident about yourself. You can speak confidently without any fear.

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