Promotional Marketing. You’ve heard of it. You might have even used it in your marketing strategy. However, has it proven to be useful for your brand? Has it improved your reach? Do you think you got an adequate return on your investment?

Choosing the right kind of marketing for your brand can be tricky. However, when used effectively, promotional marketing can do wonders for you! Not only do they have a considerable reach, but also they compel people around to be your customer. Sending branded items makes your customers feel appreciated and special. They are more likely to recommend you to their family and friends. Promotional items should be valuable to you and the user. If you tailor your products according to your audience, you can make every effort count.

Ways promotional products can benefit your brand:

  1. It fosters brand loyalty – your user feels valued.
  2. Brand awareness – your customers become your advocates.
  3. It builds long term relationships – you just have to take the first step!
  4. Promotions help boost sales.
  5. Adds a personal touch – this goes a long way.

But what does it really take to make the most of promotional advertising? Step one is having a clear marketing strategy. As for the rest, we suggest you read the article to know more!

Some statistics to understand the importance of promotional marketing:

  1. 88% of people claim that they remember the advertisers better if they receive a promotional product from them.
  2. If you give out promotional merchandise, you increase your chance of getting new customers by 83%.
  3. 80% of people state that they have at least one promotional product in their home or office.
  4. 81% of people will use or keep the promotional product for a year or more.

Here are some tips for choosing the right promotional products:

1. Have a clear end goal:

Tips for Right Promotional Products
Tips for Right Promotional Products

What do you want to accomplish with your marketing strategy? Do you want to increase the awareness of your brand? Do you want more engagement? More followers? Depending on your end goal, you should curate an effective strategy. Understand and decide according to your resources. If you want a low-cost approach, focus more on the general audience. Giving your users attractive products that are useful to them fosters recognition and helps you gain leads.

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2. Know your brand:

You must know your brand and your audience. Build a strategy that is in line with the principles of your brand. Know what your audience wants and expects from you. If you end up giving them something they do not need, the whole campaign will be a waste. Take decisions only after careful research. In short, choose a product that has the most value for your customer. Factors such as age, gender, and other demographics play a huge role. It decides your target audience and helps you make a more precise plan.

3. Be unique and creative:

Here are some basics: your product should look impressive, it should be useful, it should have a utility for an extended period. Some common examples include t-shirts, calendars, desk supplies, stationery, and so on. If it ends up being an addition to your customer’s routine – you are on the right track. Also, be creative! Don’t end up doing the same things everyone else has been doing for ages. Think about what your customers would want and give them more than they expect. Choose products that connect with your customers. Personalization is the deciding factor.

Promotional products most frequently received by customers:

  1. 50% of people received promotional bags and promotional clothing.
  2. 58% of people received promotional t-shirts.
  3. 50% of people received promotional paper products.

4. Do your research:

Tips for Right Promotional Products

Now, this is a very tricky point. Consider your distribution process. Consider the weather. You cannot go around distributing sweatshirts in the middle of summer. Change your promotional products depending on what an average audience needs most during that time of the year. Judge your situation before you make a plan. Your audience should need and want your product! If your target audience is in their 20s, they may prefer a promotional hoodie. Older adults are more likely to appreciate calendars. Millennials would like reusable coffee cups or power banks. Change with your surroundings and stay relevant.

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5. Measure progress:

One way to measure progress is by adding a call to action. You have to implement ways to understand if your strategy has worked. When you measure your progress, you know what worked and what did not work for your brand. With this new information, you can alter your strategies, and now they have a better chance of working! Ask your customers to use hashtags, tag you on social media, and so on. You can also use surveys and feedback forms. Do not underestimate the value of insights – they help you make better decisions. Talk to your loyal customers, understand their needs, know more about their interests, and provide them with incentives.

Final Words

Well, there you go! We hope you now have a clearer picture of which kind of products you should use as your promotional marketing strategy. Selecting the right product is vital as it becomes a deciding factor for the success of your plan. Well-picked products have the potential to grow your brand awareness, and it leads to customer loyalty. Let’s face it – if you get your promotional product right, you are going to be way ahead of the competition!

So, get going – curate your next strategy keeping these points in mind! We wish you the best!

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