Your WordPress may not be online for a lot of reasons – maybe you are just starting out and don’t have a lot of content to put out, maybe your site is under maintenance, maybe you want to alter the way your site looks. What do you do during such times? If you just put out a “come back later” message, how many visitors will actually come back? Turning visitors away is a big no-no when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Well, it sounds like your website needs a WordPress ‘coming soon’ plugin!

Now, what does this mean?

A coming soon plugin creates a landing page for you that can be seen by visitors. It is your home page you can use before your website is launched. These plugins can have different visual appeals like – background graphics, countdown timers, animation and videos, and so on.

Why does one need a WordPress coming soon plugin?

There are a variety of reasons why having a coming soon plugin is a good idea. Some of them include:

1. Generates a buzz:

Such a plugin creates excitement in the mind of the customer. Having a countdown timer means something exciting is on the way and visitors tend to remember that. It also gives your users a fixed date for when you are open for business!

2. Curating an email list:

Just because your business has not started yet, does not mean you cannot build an email list. When you ask your users to sign up with their emails, you are creating a list of visitors that are already interested in what you have to offer. Further, you can interest them by providing them with coupon codes or premium content!

3. SEO:

When you use a plugin, you are telling Google that your website is relevant. Your website will show up in the search results when certain keywords related to your brand are entered. This ensures you do not lose out on potential customers!

The following are some of the best coming soon plugins in the market:

1. Elementor Maintenance Mode:

WordPress Coming Soon Page Plugins
WordPress Coming Soon Page Plugins

This free WordPress plugin shows visitors your landing pages and has maintenance and coming soon modes. Also, the good thing is that admins can still access and work on the site! Design modules, templates, and widgets are provided with this theme. It also tells search engines to index your website automatically.

To know more about this plugin, click here.

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2. CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin:

WordPress Coming Soon Page Plugins
WordPress Coming Soon Page Plugins

Create coming soon pages flawlessly with this plugin. It adds a very engaging feature to your landing page. The free version provides you with notable features such as custom branding, customizations, compatibility, and an option to connect with social media profiles. The best part is that you can easily activate the coming soon pages with a single click. Along with all this, it also offers a custom subscription form to collect emails. Your users can use it on any device because it is highly compatible and has easy navigation.

Get this theme – here.

3. WP Maintenance Mode:

WordPress Coming Soon Page Plugins
WordPress Coming Soon Page Plugins

This is a great coming soon plugin that offers you with a plethora of amazing features. It has a countdown timer, subscriber and contact form, social media icons, and customization tools. Oh, and it allows search engines to bypass maintenance mode. There are a good amount of extra features such as extra languages, custom logo upload and a contact form. All kinds of situations can be handled with this simple plugin!

To know more about this theme, click here.

4. SeedProd:

page soon
WordPress Coming Soon Page Plugins

SeedProd is a popular plugin that is used by a lot of brands worldwide. It provides you with powerful options that can easily create attention-grabbing pages – which in turn provides you with leads even before your website goes live! It has a countdown timer to generate excitement among your visitors, email marketing integrations, is search engine optimized and you can share your social buttons. For a lot of users, SeedProd is the best plugin in the market! Get it today if you want to get ahead of the curve!

Get this highly-sought plugin – here.

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5. Minimal Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin:

fly pimp
WordPress Coming Soon Page Plugins

If you want simplicity with flexibility in your plugin, Minimal is ideal for you. It is used to create coming soon, maintenance mode, and landing pages for your website. The tons of features it provides makes your page look different and gives you an edge over others. It has animated and video backgrounds, autoresponder, and email services and so much more. Add a subscription box to your page, connect it to email marketing services and you will get the desired leads! Moreover, it provides you with customization – you can alter every part of your website including logos, fonts, backgrounds, and cover images.

Get this plugin – here.

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6. Nifty Plugin:

WordPress Coming Soon Page Plugins

Nifty is an easy and feature-packed plugin. It can be used without any hassle to create under construction and coming soon pages. It is responsive and will load on all user devices. Some exemplary features include solid background colors, countdown timer,300+ Google fonts, live preview feature, and so on.

Know more about this plugin – here.

Final thoughts:

Once you know what your brand actually requires, you can compare the aforementioned plugins and pick the one that works best for your business. We hope this article has made your decision easier! Start creating beautiful websites and make a great impression with these WordPress Coming Soon Page plugins! All the best!

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