Database plugins are extremely important for your WordPress website. They help to optimise the performance of your website and also allocates more space for the database. It removes all kinds of unwanted data and documents from the database and allows more space for useful data. Such plugins are easy to use and take automatic backups for your website. 

It is really important for you to install one such WordPress database plugin to your website. Here we have listed some of the best WordPress database plugins that will help you to manage your WordPress website extremely easily.

WordPress Database Plugins Are:

  1. WP-Optimize
  2. UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration
  3. VaultPress
  4. Backup and Restore For Wp
  5. WP Cleaner Pro
  6. WP-DB Manager
  7. WP Database Backup
  8. Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions
  9. WP-Sweep
  10. Clean Up Optimizer

#1 WP-Optimize

WordPress Database Plugins

WP-Optimize is one such plugin which allows you to manage your database quickly and easily by compressing large volumes of data. It also enables the caching of websites. WP-Optimize is one of those plugins which helps your website to run extremely fast. The plugin is both simple and easy to work with.

WP-Optimize mainly optimizes your site. The premium version has a lot of advanced features like enhanced logging, advanced optimisation and scheduling, WP-Optimize also has multilingual compatibility.

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#2 UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

WordPress Database Plugins

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration is one of the most downloaded WordPress backup plugins. It also enables restoring and cloning of data. The plugin will protect your website from server crashes and hacking. It lets you store all your data in an extremely safe and secure way.

The interface is highly interactive and is also easy to use. You will be able to backup your data by just a single click of the mouse. UpdraftPlus is highly secure and lets you store your data in Google Drive, Amazon Web Services, Dropbox, etc. Continuous monitoring of the database is allowed.

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#3 VaultPress

WordPress Database Plugins

VaultPress is also a very powerful WordPress plugin which can be used to keep your website highly secure. It provides complete protection against security threats like viruses, hackers, malware, user errors and many more.

VaultPress will also provide a lot of other services. You will be able to monitor all the activities in real-time. The restoration process is completely automatic. You can also browse for the entire history of the backup. VaultPress enables regular security scanning. Periodic scanning process is activated.

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#4 Backup and Restore For Wp

WordPress Database Plugins

Backup and Restore For Wp helps to protect your data when your website is experiencing any type of downtime. It also prevents the loss of data during hacking or data corruption. Backup and Restore For Wp allows you to run your online business smoothly. You will be able to take up regular backups of all your data.

Backup and Restore For Wp provides you with email notification when the backup process is complete. It has both a complete backup option as well as a differential backup option. You will also be able to split the backups into two different volumes. Backup and Restore For Wp also automatically backups the data to Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.

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#5 WP Cleaner Pro

WordPress Database Plugins

WP Cleaner Pro is a highly equipped WordPress database plugin. It lets you clean over 25 types of data. The plugin has been specially created for single websites installation. WP Cleaner Pro offers a lot of optimization options. It is also highly efficient and mobile-friendly. You will be provided with a user-friendly interface.

WP Cleaner Pro also enables automatic update. The plugin helps to remove duplicate data from your website by optimizing it. WP Cleaner Pro can also help you to get rid of trash comments and spam comments easily. Unnecessary files are also eliminated while taking backups of your data.

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#6 WP-DB Manager

wp db manager

WP-DB Manager is one such database plugin using which you will be able to access your website database directly from the dashboard. You can easily optimize and restore your data. You will also be able to backup and delete the databases whenever required. 

WP-DB Manager also supports regular scheduling of the backups. You will also be able to restore all your data extremely easily. You can clean the different details of your database using this plugin. The backup is done in gZip format. All the data can be managed extremely easily.

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#7 WP Database Backup

database backup

WP Database Backup lets you backup and restore all your databases very easily. The backups can be carried out by a simple click of your mouse. All your data will be backed up automatically. It can also be done manually depending on your requirement. WP Database Backup stores the backups in reliable integrations like Google Drive, FTP or Dropbox.

You will also be notified about the completion of your backup.WP Database Backup supports multi-site backup. It will also remove the old backups automatically as soon as a new backup is available. The backups can be stored in different formats. 

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#8 Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions

optimize database

Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions is a very useful WordPress database plugin. It acts as an optimizer and deletes duplicate data and comments from your website. The plugin was specially created to remove unwanted data from your website and keep it highly optimised.

Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions regularly analyses the database and provides the user with necessary guidelines regarding how the database can be kept clean. After analysis of the database, it will also provide the user with a detailed report. You will be able to delete unused tags and trackbacks. 

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#9 WP-Sweep

wp sweep

WP-Sweep is a highly simple WordPress plugin which can act as a cleaner and an optimizer for your website. You need not require any technical knowledge in order to use this plugin. The plugin also lets you delete the data quickly and easily. 

You will be able to delete all the unnecessary MySQL queries without causing any loss to useful data. The spam comments and duplicate post media can also be removed from your website. However, it is not compatible with all other WordPress plugins.

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#10 Clean Up Optimizer

WordPress Database Plugins

Clean Up Optimizer is a great choice for your WordPress website. The plugin helps to remove all the unused data from your website and boost the performance of your WordPress website. It also increases efficiency by deleting old records and tables. 

Clean Up Optimizer also helps to remove unused data and spam comments from your website. All duplicated data are removed immediately. It also provides a lot of security to your WordPress website and prevents any kind of authorised access. You will also be able to schedule backups for your website and keep your website highly functional.

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So, these are a few of the best WordPress Database Plugins. Apart from these, various other plugins are also available. Do let us know which plugin you are going to use for your website.

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