The most interesting thing on the internet today is to read a student blog. The material is so raw and natural that it brings a smile to the face of the reader, and it is not just the smiles it is the way a student thinks. The ideas that are portrayed in the blog are unique, and it is always great to see the world through a student’s eye.

However, students have so many things to do. They study, socialize, work and even blog. At these times programming help at Assignment Geek gives students the desired help they need with their writing work.

Creative Topics for Students Blog

Moreover, if they want to blog on creative topics, here are a few topics for students to write blogs on, that can make the readers intrigued. Nonetheless, whether a student is doing an assignment or writing blogs, they should be really cautious of avoiding plagiarism, and should ensure that their content is unique.

So, now let’s start with the topics.

1. Pets and Rescued Animals

Student Blog for Pets and Rescued Animals
Student Blog for Pets and Rescued Animals

This is a quirky topic. But everyone will love to know what the millennials think about pets and rescued animals. Students should share their take on how people should adopt a pet and feed strays. Students have amazing ideas to carry on work and the way they explain things is really simple and fun. Students should also join social services related to animals and write down their experiences. Their blogs can also help rescue centers with donations and volunteers.

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2. Personality Development

Student Blog Personality Development
Student Blog Personality Development

Getting tricks and tips from students on developing personality should be an interesting read. Students can pour in creatively on how one can develop their personality and be cool while maintaining their originality. The students know today’s society and they can help people develop their personalities in those certain ways.

Students can also be expressive about the issues they face and how to overcome it. Moreover, anti-social kids can talk about their experiences thus helping other anti-social kids too.

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3. Social Media & Its Uses

Student blog on Social Media Its Uses
Student blog on Social Media Its Uses

Who can write better on social media than the users who know every setting and filters with knowledge of all the new updates? Students can write their views on how social media is helping them and society. some thing like social media affect.

Of course, the elders think that social media has a long list of cons, but students can prove them wrong and show creatively how social media has made learning and everything else fun.

4. Global Warming

Student Blog on Global Warming
Student Blog on Global Warming

Climate change is the most alarming problem of the hour. The planet needs us to treat it properly else there will be doom and disaster. When scientists tell the same thing, they hardly get attention.

But if students write about it and show awareness, they will be noticed. Their new ideas of saving us from climate change can come in handy. Students are more creative as they are learning new things continuously, thus their ideas and views can be more relevant.

Plus, how students are getting affected by global warming and carbon emissions can be creatively put out in blogs.

5. Importance of Sports

Importance of sports

Students have more access to sports. Nowadays students have lost intimacy in sports and are glued to screens. So writing blogs to create awareness and importance about sports can be done by students.

Sports is also a great way to socialize and meet new friends. It equally helps the body in various ways. If students write blogs on sports and their favorite sportsperson, more people will get attracted towards the games and know their importance.

6. School/College/University History

college education
Student Blog on College

Writing about the history of your educational institution can be very interesting. A student can dive deep into the university history, talk to his seniors, professors and write everything about college history.

A place wherein you stay or spend the maximum time can be beautifully presented by the students and at the same time fascinate people to read.

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#7. Student Blog on Travel

Travel Blogs
Student Blog on Travel

Travel blogs for students imply exploring the neighborhood and the school trips they take. Writing down the experiences they have had from them can be a captivating topic. Like said before, students write raw.

So when students will write about their travel to even a local place in their community, they can be creative and interesting to read. Checkout some travel community WordPress themes.

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To conclude,

Students can write about their daily experiences in blogs and that can be creative. Students write with innocence and that makes their blogs an interesting read. Students can get creative with basic topics, too but they should write real blogs.

Whatever topic a student chooses the main point is that they should write a blog. Writing is a fun activity and has a positive impact on students. Moreover, writing down their feelings and experiences can also make a student more expressive and thoughtful.

Thus, writing blogs is sure to make a positive impact on students’ health- mentally and physically.


A WordPress enthusiast, Shashank is a writer, reader and loves exploring places worldwide. He believes in gathering knowledge and bringing it to constructive use. His motto in life is YOLO, You Only Live Once. Reach out to him via Gmail: [email protected]

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