Remember when old video games were considered one of the most corrupted and toxic things revolving around the internet? The most prominent example is the Pacman Perils.

Back in 1982, Pacman and some old titles were once regarded as one of the top reasons for family violence.

Furthermore, video games were considered a way of alienation among users, peers, and society. Later, a lot of activists and parents started to raise their voices against arcade games and how they were polluting the youth.

By 1990, online gaming dominated more vividly over the arcade games. But, the stereotype about the gaming community is still the same. The technological advancements, such as the introduction of the home console, have reinforced family relations.

Lately, online multiplayer games have caused a social community to develop. Although the social potential of online gaming is appreciated, it is still considered less viable than human-to-human interaction.

Importance of Private Community for Gamers

Studies show that the gaming community has seen a big boost after the COVID-19. Twitch, the world’s largest streaming platform, has experienced a sudden upsurge of 1.2 billion hours of gaming content since March 2020.

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Benefits of Online Gaming Communities

Private Community for Gamers

Private online gaming communities have given a social boost to gamers. Now they can create a group of like-minded people or play together multiplayer games.

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Jane McGonigal, the author of New York’s best-seller, ‘Reality Is Broken,’ has stated in her book that “Games bring us, and keep us, together. Do your society and friends refuse you? Don’t worry, you are not the only one, and virtual communities are waiting to accept you the way you are.”

Kowert, a researcher from the Edge Hill University, states that “The online gaming communities and multiplayer games foster a sense of friendship among the users as it serves a common goal and strategies to the players.”

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Online gaming has immensely brought people not just for entertainment but to help those in the constant state of isolation from their peers. A senior doctor of psychology at Edge Hill, Dr. Linda Kaye, has found that multiplayer online games create more engagement among online users and a feeling of self-esteem.
Private Community for Gamers

Besides this, social gamers can be better leaders than those involved in arcade gaming.

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Online Gaming Is Considered Best for Only Child

An only child has no siblings, working parents, and thus a distraught childhood. A sense of loneliness may cause them to lose focus, along with various physical and mental effects.

Such children can make friends from different cultures, countries, and races and restore self-confidence. In 2020, there is a variety of gaming communities that are friendly and understanding. It is true that they are not always safe, but they help only children to get involved and socialize.

Share Stories & Experiences

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Online gaming communities are not just the place for teaming up during the gameplay. Reddit, Quora, and other discussion forums have a characteristic of their own; they are not limited to a specific platform. In fact, YouTube has the most flourishing audience now.

Live streams, meetings, conferences, and online webinars generate more stories and experiences among the users. Events like Quakecon and Minecon bring thousands of gamers and developers together to create tight bonds and enhance socialization.

Online gaming communities such as Battlefield, The Rocket League, Dark Souls, and Wolf Cub have helped millions of gamers unite and create a playful space to compete and learn from each other.

Communities May Act as a Therapy

Private Community for Gamer
Importance of Private Community for Gamers

That’s true. A private online community of any type gives therapy. Often, peers or their families fail to understand certain characters of the game. Thus, the characterization of gaming plays a huge role in being on the same page with everyone around you.

A community can spark interest and develop self-motivation further that changes into a usable skill.

Multiple online gaming communities have given a major boost to teens and individuals with a small social circle. It is not just a mode of entertainment but also a bigger space for sharing knowledge interesting to all participants.

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Online games have an increased engagement rate of about 8% since 2017. Thus, online gaming communities are a great and quick way to get some good lads from different parts of the world.

And, the best part is that you can do that without revealing your identity. Discuss the games and strategies and get open to them once you have created a sense of trust.

However, the screen time duration should be duly monitored since more screen time can be an alarming sign for young kids.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the best online gaming community or create your own community one and start interacting with like-minded people!

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