The whole world is on social media! It is only fair that your brand builds a presence on social media too! You can do this by using Hashtags on Social Media.

Social Media Marketing is an important aspect of Digital Marketing. It helps a brand to reach millions of customers worldwide! In simple terms, social media gives your brand identity and is an important tool to validate your brand.

Now let’s talk about hashtags. We all use them. Almost all brands understand the importance of hashtags. They are used widely! But, are we using it correctly? In this article, we will understand the basics of hashtags and explore ways to use them effectively!

A hashtag is a word or keyword phrase preceded by a hash (#). It draws attention to your posts and boosts interaction.

Remember to use your hashtags without spaces: #helloworld. Include words and numbers but not punctuations or symbols. You can post it at the beginning, middle, or end of your post. People who don’t follow you will be able to find you through effective hashtags.

Once known as the sign for pound, hashtags are becoming increasingly common in today’s world! Did you know that they were first widely used on Twitter? Nowadays, every social media platform uses hashtags! It increases your social impact powerfully.

Hashtags: the basic working:

Typically, hashtags are a social media ‘search’ tool – they tie together different posts online. It makes your post discoverable. Hashtags are primarily used to increase your visibility – it gives you engagement from people who may or may not follow you!

Some popular Instagram hashtags (March 2020):

#love (1.7B posts)
#photooftheday (763M posts)
#happy (564M posts)
#food (376M posts)

As you can see, there are millions of people using hashtags every day.

Why should you use hashtags?

  1. It increases your engagement by making your posts visible to a larger audience. It facilitates sharing and improves your discoverability.
  2. Hashtags give your brand an online presence. You can promote and build your brand by using effective hashtags.
  3. When you use a hashtag that’s connected to a social issue, you establish the values your brand inculcates. It gives the audience an idea about what you stand for and breaks the barrier.
  4. Lastly, it helps your target audience to find you! Using popular hashtags is a useful way of being found.

How to use hashtags for maximum engagement?

1. The number of hashtags:

Hashtags on Social Media
Hashtags on Social Media

The number of hashtags you use should depend on the social media platform. Typically, you should use 10-11 hashtags on Instagram. Instagram encourages hashtags for engagement. Facebook recommends you use 2-3 hashtags.

In short, all we have to say is: #Use #Relevant #Hashtags

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2. Popular:

Using popular hashtags has turned out to be a good tactic for brands. Usually, hashtags are made popular by celebrities and influencers. We recommend that you follow influencers in your niche and strategize your hashtags accordingly! This will maximize your reach and make your post visible to a larger group of people. In the end, you can always measure your success through analytics and make necessary changes, if any.

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3. Know your audience:

Hashtags on Social Media

We’ve always focused on this aspect the most – knowing your audience. At the end of the day, your audience is your customer, and therefore, everything you do should be according to their preferences. To get noticed, use relevant hashtags for your target audience. Your audience is searching for you online and you have to make yourself easily discoverable. Hashtags bridge the gap between the customer and you! When you have a fair idea of what your audience wants, attracting them becomes easier. Think about what your audience wants and give them more than they expect! Once they find you, you must keep them satisfied. Always organize your whole marketing strategy around your prospective audience! Another way to know relevant hashtags is by monitoring what hashtags are used by your competitors.

Tailor your hashtags! Don’t end up using irrelevant hashtags for your posts.

4. Creative and catchy:

To get noticed, it helps if your hashtags are catchy! Creativity in social media goes a long way in helping your brand. Apart from being relatable, your hashtags should also be catchy and creative.

Here are some example of creative hashtags:

#ShareACoke by Coca-Cola
#IceBucketChallenge for raising awareness about ALS

Hashtag campaigns that are simple yet effective, funny, relevant, and creative create a ton of user engagement!

5. Trending hashtags:

Keep your hashtags simple and precise! There is a sea of hashtags out there – you don’t want to get drowned! Be tactful when coming up with hashtags for your brand. Focus on what you do and create magic!

You can also create a new hashtag for your brand that defines your business. Use it consistently to optimize its use on social media.

Some extra tips:

  • Keep them short and memorable.
  • Don’t make it too unusual. Know what people are searching for online.
  • Don’t overuse them. Use them whenever it’s relevant.
  • Prefer short hashtags.

Final Words

So. There you go! For your business to work, you have to understand the importance of hashtags. To be successful in the digital world, you have to master hashtags. Hashtags connect your brand with interested audiences. It drives new viewers to your social media and facilitates engagement. Ensure that your hashtags are short and unique. Incorporate them into your social media marketing strategy and see effective results! These were some basic tips to get your account running. With this knowledge, go ahead and boost your social media engagement!

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