Client portal websites allow you to establish a really good relationship between you and your viewers. You will be able to add the client portal feature to your website by means of various plugins. These plugins implement contact forms and live chat options to your website using which you will be able to connect with your customers.

Here we have listed some of the best WordPress client portal plugins using which you will be able to give your users an excellent experience:

1. Client Dash

WordPress Client Portal Plugins

The Client Dash plugin gives the WordPress administrator total control of WordPress admin area. The plugin gives the client an excellent experience. It has numerous amazing features all of which can be easily customised from the dashboard itself.

The customizer tool comes with the live preview option. Customizations are extremely easy to make. You will also be able to remove and add menu items as per your choice. A handful of dashboard widgets is also available.

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2. Live Agent

WordPress Client Portal Plugins

Live Agent is a highly popular client portal WordPress plugin. It provides your website with the live chat and help desk features. You will be able to set up your client portal within just a few minutes. Your customers will be able to search for their queries all by themselves without having to require any kind of guidance.

Live Agent integrates easily with WordPress Joomla, Weebly and various other third party organisations. It stores all important information related to payments, orders and policies. Multiple customisation options will also be available.

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3. LearnDash

WordPress Client Portal Plugins

LearnDash is a very popular client portal plugin. It is basically a learning management system which allows you to create a unique online learning platform. The plugin provides you with all the essential features that you would be requiring to develop your online learning system.

You can create unique courses for all your users. The students will also be able to navigate through the courses easily. The student dashboard will inform the students about the progress that they have made on a particular topic. LearnDash also provides a separate dashboard for the instructor.

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4. WordPress Client Portal Plugin

WordPress Client Portal Plugins

WordPress Client Portal Plugin allows you to create private pages for your WordPress users. The contents of that particular page will only be visible on the front end only after the user has logged into the website.

The plugin does not provide you with a registration form. You will be able to use a plugin of your choice for that purpose. You can add shortcodes to any of the pages of your website. You will also be provided with a lot of useful features. WordPress Client Portal Plugin is very easy to deal with.

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5. WordPress Customer Area


WordPress Customer Area allows you to be in touch with all your customers. It is a highly useful plugin for a customer portal website. You will be able to ask questions to your customers and also provide them with the necessary answers.

WordPress Customer Area integrates smoothly with other plugins and CRM tools. It has a huge number of features and adds extra functionality to your website. You will be able to attend to all the needs of your customers and keep them satisfied.

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6. MemberMouse


MemberMouse allows you to create a visible membership website. The plugin has an enormous number of useful features all of which are recommended for a membership website. You will be able to sell any kind of subscriptions or products on your website.

Multiple payment methods will be provided. You can also secure the pages of your website by adding passwords. Using MemberMouse, you will be able to maximize the revenue on your web site. The plugin also increases the retribution rate of your website.

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7. Awesome Support


Awesome Support is an extremely versatile WordPress plugin. It has a range of extensive features. You will be able to add customers to your website in very less time. The installation and activation process is also quite easy. The plugin also supports a ticketing system.

You will be able to receive email notifications from time to time. You can also restrict access to certain sections of your website. Multiple products can be viewed on a single page. Awesome Support also comes with the sorting and filtering tool.

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8. Clinked

WordPress Client Portal Plugins

Clinked is a client portal plugin for your WordPress website. It enables fast and easy communication between the clients. You will be able to integrate this plugin easily with your WordPress website just by using a simple widget. You will also be able to manage and discuss content for different projects.

You will be able to keep track of all the activities from time to time. The plugin is suitable for any type of organisations be it a small or a large one. Clinked is also quite easy to use and provides high-grade security to your WordPress website.

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9. Ultimate Private Member Portal

WordPress Client Portal Plugins

Ultimate Private Member Portal allows you to share private content with your users. You will be able to create single prices with pages for sharing your content. The plugin comes with a number of interesting features like private discussions, custom private content tab and private sharing tab.

The administrator has the ability to share different types of private data with their users. They may also receive feedback from their users. A front-end private member portal is included. There you can also carry out customisation. A powerful backend is also included.

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10. Suitedash


Suitedash is an integrated client portal software. It is an excellent platform using which you will be able to create a client portal website. Suitedash has a number of features using which you will be able to enhance your business.

Suitedash also allows you to automate all your processes and collaborate with your team members. The plugin is a complete toolkit which provides you with a huge range of functionality. Some of them include secure client portal appointment, scheduling project management activities and invoicing effects.

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So, these were some of the best client portal plugins available to us. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let us know which plugin you pick for your website.


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