Thousands of people use WordPress every day for their varied needs. It is a one-of-a-kind online solution for people from across the world. Taking advantage of the same, more and more people are creating online WordPress forums! To make the most of such a forum, it is essential to install plugins that enhance each element of your website.

Forum Plugins: The what and the why:

Forums make way for organic discussions. It helps its members to connect, share and discuss in the virtual world. It is a way for you to know what your audience is thinking. In a nutshell, forums are the new-age online communities. Forums can be question-and-answer platforms, knowledge-sharing space, discussion boards or problem-solving platforms.

Visitors of a community can engage with each other with the help of a WordPress forum. It is the primary way of communication on the platform. When you integrate your forum with the best plugins available, you give your site a chance to grow.

Having a WordPress forum means extending support to your users and customers, providing them with a networking platform and providing your website with SEO value.

The world of forums is expanding. The time to strengthen the way your website works with the help of a forum plugin is right now! When users engage and participate with your site, it is likely that they will come back for more.

There are so many alternatives in the market! To aid you, in this article, we have rounded up some of the best WordPress forum plugins! Read on:

1. bbPress:

WordPress Forum Plugins
Top WordPress Forum Plugins

This plugin has been around for a long time and remains one of the most popular plugins. It has a lightweight build and has an unbloated interface. Its biggest advantage is the third-part extension library it provides. Setting it up is fairly simple. It uses core WordPress user profiles, lets you customize URL slugs and allows reply threading. Using its simple built-in form, you can personalize various aspects of your online forum. Moreover, it also has multisite forums that let you manage all other forums from one dashboard!

bbPress is a typical, traditional forum and the first of its kind. For a lot of users, it is the best solution if you want to integrate your forum into a WordPress site. Go for this plugin if you are looking for easy installation and configuration along with a plethora of available features!

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2. Sabai Discuss for WordPress:

forum plugin
Top WordPress Forum Plugins

Sabai Discuss is much like Yahoo Answers. It allows users to post questions and answers. You can customize it or stick to a standard question-answer layout. It also provides you with a voting system: that moves answers up and down and shows the most relevant at the top. What’s more, is that it also has a report abuse system. Together, this paves way for site moderation!

It provides you with an unusual design, is fully responsive and provides a modern experience to the user.

If you are looking for a plugin like this with a responsive and supportive developer, Sabai Discuss is for you!

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3. Simple:Press

forum plugin
Top WordPress Forum Plugins

You can create a small or a large public forum with Simple:Press. It is fast and simple. The level of customization is high and you can create wonders with this plugin. It integrates directly into your WordPress site. It classifies users based on badges, lets them create and upload profiles and simplifies the whole moderation process.

Simple:Press has unlimited forums, private messaging, is SEO friendly, secure and allows you to generate revenue. It allows for restriction of content, lock and pin of forums and the use of coupon codes! You can build membership sites, support and donation sites, e-learning sites and so much more with this distinctive plugin!

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4. DW Question & Answer:

forum plugin
Top WordPress Forum Plugins

DW Question & Answer is like Quora. It lets your visitors vote on topics and replies on the site. Its main thing is that it allows users to vote for the best answers to the questions asked. All this ensures that the best content always remains on the top of your website!

This plugin ensures quality content on the website since all spam messages and comments are downvoted and sent to the bottom of the post. It supports multi-languages, shortcodes, email notification systems and so much more! You can also create a private or internal discussion forum for your company.

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5. BuddyPress:


BuddyPress WordPress theme is ideal in customizing your forum the way you want. Once registered, members can create profiles, connect, have conversations and interact in groups!

It is the go-to solution for your online community needs. It has all social media components and the plugin allows you to send friend requests and make special groups as per your requirements. The interface is easily navigable and it is perfect if you want to create a site for your niche.

The best feature of BuddyPress is its activity stream: where you can view what your fellow members are up to! It provides you with options to comment, delete or favorite a particular post!

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Wrapping Up

There you go! Pick one that’s relevant to your site and provide your users with an unforgettable experience. All you need to do is install and activate the plugin of your choice and voila! Make a successful online community with these plugins right away!

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