An icon is nothing but a graphical representation of any program, file, or feature. Icons are available everywhere. Icons are an easy way to communicate with people and help them understand your message easily.

Many types of research have revealed that icons, when used correctly, can help in improving the design of any webpage or software; it is easy to remember and increase usability. If used incorrectly, it will give opposite results.

Indeed, icons are pretty important. But designing icons every time could be time-consuming.

Here is the list of the 10 best websites to download free icons.

This will save you a lot of time, and you may focus on other essential things.


ICONMNSTR is the best website to download free icons. It has more than 4512 free icons from 316 collections. You will also get over 300 free icons in one iconic font.

icon monster

You may download icons in every form, i.e. in SVG, EPS, PSD, and PNG. You can choose the color, shape, and size. Different design variations are available.


ICONFINDER is another website from where you can download free icons. The three easy steps to download icons.

icon finder

  • Search for any topic or keyword.
  • Download file in PNG or SVG format.
  • Add the icon to your design.

Here, around 5 million free and premium icons are available. Subscription is also available where you will have access to some pro features.


FONTELLO is a website from where you can download unique free icons. It is the best resource for web/UI designers looking for icon fonts. Popular icon fonts are available such as Font Awesome, Brandico, Modern Pictograms.


Downloading icons are very easy. Just choose the icons you want, and then the Fontello converts them into a font file.

Fontello has no pixel resolution. Also, it is easy to use Fontello.


FLATICON is also an amazing website from where you can download free icons easily. It is a tool that will convert icons into web fonts. You will have access to more than 45,44,000 vector icons. The icons are available in PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE64 format.


Here, you will get access to more than 2000  SVG and web font-optimal vector-based icons for android, iOS, and web applications.

Premium plans are also available in Flaticon.


ICONS8 is another website from where you can download free icons. It provides the right element for design at the right time. It is one of the best websites for downloading free icons.


Icons8 publishes design content and tips. The diversity of icon styles are there. It is like real-time vector editing software that you can use directly from your web browser.

Icons8 generates icons in any size, color, and format. Customization is available. The quality is good, and you may download the icons quickly.


FREEPIK is also an excellent website to download free icons.


Here you will find free stocks, vector photos, PSD, and icons. It has many astounding graphics which grabs the attention of the users.

Freepik has all the necessary things which help you to make your project outstanding.


ICONSTORE will help you with outstanding icons.


You are available with over 230 unique packs. The quality of the icon is appreciable and fits with the modern projects you are working on.

You may narrow down your search with colored graphics and an outline. Also, different categories of icons are available from where you can select the icons of your choice.

You may also switch to premium plans to get access to some more features.


PNG TREE is another best website to download free icons. PNG has millions of unique graphics. It has illustrations, vectors, templates, backgrounds, and icons.


You may download icons in PNG and SVG formats. Also, the PNG tree is available in English, Italian, Russian, French, and many other languages.

You may also go for the premium plan of PNG Tree to get access to additional features. is one more website to download free icons. Here, you can browse the items category-wise or by style.

In, you may download icons in the PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, and BASE 64 formats. The quality of the icon is high.


ICONSHOCK is another website from where you may download icons for free. It has over 2 million icons. Also, Iconshock is run by Unusual minds, which have a specialization in modern graphic design.


It came different from others in custom styles. You may choose variation in download by downloading a single icon or group of icons.

You may also go for a premium plan.


Above are the top 10 websites to download free icons. Many other websites are also available, but here we gathered the top 10 websites to help you in your projects and make your projects extraordinary.

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