Do you want to build a strong market presence for your brand? Struggling to gain a huge market share like Indeed, CareerBuilder, or Monster? Want to make your job board website successful? 

Creating a job board website is not enough until you make efforts to make it popular among your target audience. Although it seems a tough job, you can do better with a perfect marketing strategy. 

Hey everyone, today in this blog, I’ll put light on powerful marketing strategies that help you understand your strong competitors and assist you in building a strong market presence.

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How to monetize job board website

Differentiate Your Job Board Market

Ask yourself—

  • Does your job board belong to a general niche where everyone can register or get hired? If not, does you job board offer a platform for only a specific niche?
  • What is your market size?
  • What’s your marketing budget?

You need to find out the answer to all these questions. This will become a base for creating a perfect marketing strategy. Usually, general job boards have a higher volume of employers and job seekers. They have the potential to reach a broad audience. Due to a lot of competition, it is somewhat difficult to grow your market share.

On the other hand, niche-specific job boards have fewer employers job seekers, a narrow audience. Due to low competition, it becomes easier to market your brand.

Now, let’s start talking about how to do a competitive analysis for job board website!

Competitive Analysis For Job Board Website

The strategy will cover the following major steps. Stick to the last step and you’ll be ready with a perfect plan to grow your business.

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Step1: Find out your job board competitors

job competitors

The first and foremost step to be taken is to find out the number of job board competitors in the market. Figure out whether your job board market is less competitive or has high competition. Is it easy to reach out to your target customers?

These answers will help you understand your market size and competition-size which is very helpful in further estimating the required market budget.

How To Do This?

In order to list out your major competitors, do a Google search. 

Type the main keyword, your product ideas, and keyphrases for which you want to outrank your competitors. You’ll find the websites that are currently ranking on the top. Many of them will be just a blogging website, but there will be some sites that are ranking for their job board services. And, they’re the key players in the market that you need to focus on.

For example, you can search like this way:

[Your Niche] Job, Vacancy for [Your Niche], Hiring for [Your Niche], and so on…

This way, you’ll collect a huge amount of data consisting of your competitors’ names and website. Don’t forget to create a spreadsheet for all this data.

Step 2: Categorize Your Competitors

categorize competitors

Always remember— Not all your competitors worth your time. Instead, you need to focus on those who are strong market players where you want to make your job board website stand out.

If that’s the case, categorizing your competitors on the basis of certain attributes is crucial. You can categorize all your competitors as follows:

  • On the basis of competition: You can categorize them according to the primary or secondary competition. Primary competitors are your direct competitors who offers the same product or service just like yours. Secondary competitors are involved in offering a high- or low-end version of your product.
  • On the basis of Geographic location: This categorization is helpful if you want to focus on employment services for a specific location.
  • On the basis of keywords: You can find the primary keywords and secondary keywords that relate to your industry and then put your competitors into the respective category accordingly.

Step 3: Research on Key Industry Players

market analysis

Next, you need to research on the key industry players of your job board niche. Although it takes time, it will help you create a solid plan to market your brand.

How to do this?

In the first step, you’ve created a spreadsheet consisting of your competitors’ names and website. Now it’s time to do research on all these competitors.

Pick the first competitor from your spreadsheet and start analyzing the following points:

  • What are the strength and weaknesses of your competitors?
  • How many roles are they advertising on their website?
  • Who are the major recruiters and businesses that are consistently posting on the job boards?
  • How many recruiters and businesses are posting on their platform regarding job vacancy in total?
  • How many jobs are being posted every month on average?
  • What are their premium plans? 
  • How much they are charging to advertise on their job board platform?
  • On which social media platform they’re active and how many social followers do they have?
  • Identify the Domain Authority and Page Authority of their website
  • From where they are getting backlinks?
  • What are their top-ranking pages?
  • What are their major ranking keywords?

Find the answer to all the above-mentioned questions and put it into their respective column in your spreadsheet.

Tools For Competitive Analysis

Finding answers to all these questions becomes easy by using these tools:

  • Moz
  • Ahref
  • Alexa
  • Semrush
  • BuzzSumo
  • Buffer
  • Spyfu
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Google Alerts

All these tools will help you perform competitive analysis in a detailed manner. Go through with them and explore your competitors’ market.

Step 4: How Your Job Board Competitors Are Communicating With Their Leads

Marketing Strategy for job board website

So far, you’ve understand who are your competitors and other important details about them. Now, let’s analyze how they deal with their target market. 

Follow these steps to learn how they deal with and influence their customers:

  • Sign up for their newsletter: The newsletter of a company says a lot about the business environment. Sign up for their newsletter if they offer and try to read out every email they send to you. Try to figure out how they’re talking with you and how they are promoting the available jobs, new vacancies, their offers to get featured, and so on.
  • Subscribe to their blog: Subscribing to their blog helps you figure out their content marketing strategy. 
  • Follow them on social media: Observe their social listening power. How they speak to their customers and how they serve them, the types of social media posts they publish on each social network, etc.
  • Download their resources: If they’re sharing some resources, download them. The resources might include training guides, resource guides, experts’ advice &  tips, podcasts, and eBooks. This will give a better understanding of the type of content your job board competitors are using to influence your target audience.
  • Join their online community: Find out if there is any forum or online community they’re running for their audience. Join them if any. Try to figure out how they’re handing their audience queries.

Things To Try: 

If you also want to make a private social network for your employers and job seekers, you can try the JobMate WordPress theme. It offers dedicated support to BuddyPress that allows setting up social network for your brand.

Live Demo

Step 5: What does make you stand out from your competitors?

Marketing Strategy for job board website

It worths spending time on this step. This is where you need to figure out where is the gap that is still needed to be filled. And, that’s what will become your strength and help you in outranking your competitors. 

Brainstorm the ideas on what could be the unique value that you can offer to employers or job seekers in terms of opportunity. 

For example, you may serve your target audience in the following interesting ways:

    • Industry Trends: Share the report on upcoming trends in the employment industry and how they’ll impact their career.
  • Interesting Talks With Experts: Interview the business leaders and share the talks with your audience.
  • Professional Resume: Help job seekers in creating a professional resume based on the job role they would like to apply for.
  • Career Guidance: Help your job seekers find out the best job role according to their skills and qualification.
  • Provide Mutual Support: Start your forum and let them discuss their problems.

Ready To Position Your Job Board Website In The Market?

This is how you can conduct a thorough analysis over your competitors and go along with your marketing plan.

Stay tuned with us and we’ll share soon some more marketing techniques to grow your job board platform. Meanwhile, you can share your opinion in the comment section below.

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