Before we start, let’s go over the basics.

What is bulk email verification?

A lot of companies use email list verification services when they plan to send emails in bulk. Such emails are sent with the purpose of finding new customers and is a mode of marketing. This verification is done to remove emails that are likely to bounce back for any reason. Typically, bulk verification services analyze the different addresses through a plethora of validation tools. In simple terms, it aims to delete addresses that are invalid. Email verification services produce a list after all the checking that consists of real email addresses. Spams and other invalid mail addresses are removed, and this ensures that your marketing campaign actually reaches lots of people and improves the overall deliverability!

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Now, let’s know more about how they will benefit your company and marketing strategy:

  1. Improves deliverability – your campaign reaches the inbox of your prospective customers.
  2. High conversion rate – helps you to reach your target audience and understand their needs.
  3. Sender reputation – your overall sender score improves.
  4. Optimum usage of resources – resources such as time and money will not be wasted in reaching spam email addresses.

What kinds of checks are performed by such tools?

  1. Syntax check
  2. Disposable addresses check
  3. Spam and honeypot detection
  4. Final verification
  5. Role-based accounts check
  6. DNS record check

Time to cut to the chase!

Here are some tools that can validate and verify your email addresses:

1. Email Checker:

Email Verifier and Validation Tools
Email Verifier and Validation Tools

Email Checker is a great free bulk email verifier and email validation tool. It ensures accuracy and activeness of an email address and that too in real-time! You can deploy it to all types of websites and applications. Oh, and it has eCommerce checkout pages, Point of Sales systems, online inquiry forms, and so much more. It has a 99% deliverability and aims to capture accurate email addresses for you. With this tool, you can retain customers! Some other notable features include a user-friendly dashboard, real-time verification API, drag and drop dashboard, and so on. You cannot go wrong with this one!

Check out this tool – here.

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2. EmailListVerify:

Email Verifier and Validation Tools
Email Verifier and Validation Tools

This is a powerful email verifying tool for your business. It gets rid of spam traps, hard bounces, and disposable addresses. Improve your sender reputation and deliverability with EmailListVerify! Include real audience in your marketing campaign and improve your success rate! It ensures that your email does not end up in spam folders of your potential customer. It has eight advanced verification processes! This tool sends you a detailed report along with your clean list.

Know more about this tool – here.

3. DeBounce:

Email Verifier and Validation Tools
Email Verifier and Validation Tools

One of the fastest and accurate verifier, DeBounce focuses on eliminating bad email addresses. It allows you to upload various addresses without much hassle. It detects invalid and spam addresses in no time. Moreover, it has powerful integrations that keep your lists clean. It is the ultimate tool that has bulk validation, WordPress plugin, and is real-time. All in all, it is a feature-packed email verifier that will clean your list and thereby increase your sales.

To know more about this tool – click here.

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4. MyEmailVerifier:

Email Verifier and Validation Tools
Email Verifier and Validation Tools

This is one of the most popular tools that aid in removing junk and spam emails. It performs different kinds of activities, such as syntax verification and temporary unavailability detection. Overall, its primary function is to lessen your email deliverability problems and help your brand reach potential customers. If you rely on heavy marketing, this tool provides you with a real-time verification API. To conclude, MyEmailVerifier works well with all kinds of businesses and suits all types of budgets.

Check out this tool – here.

5. ClearOut:

Email Verifier and Validation Tools

With a 98% guarantee in results, ClearOut had to make it to our best tools list! It does not let any kind of spam or honeypot enter your clean list. It even offers a real-time verification of your addresses. It has an advanced algorithm that improves your overall deliverability rate. It removes duplicate addresses, has a catch-all verification goal, an autosuggestion tool, and so much more. So go ahead – upload your email database and clean your list in just one click.

Know more about this tool – here.

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6. QuickEmailVerification:

Email Verifier and Validation Tools

This tool is one of the most advanced tools available out there. Top marketing professionals usually use it. Increase your deliverability with its reliable and clean service. It takes away fake and spam addresses from your list and ensures that your strategy is a success. It can be used by professionals of all industries such as eCommerce, retailers, marketing agencies, education, and so on. It also has an encrypted data storage to provide complete security to your data. With seven different validations, it is no wonder popular amongst marketers.

To get this trusted tool, click here.

Final thoughts:

Email verifiers and other validation tools should be an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. Use any of these tools and reach high-value contacts that have the potential to be your full-time customers! The accuracy of these tools is unmatched. Understand the requirements of your businesses and choose a tool for your brand today! Save yourself time and money by picking out a tool that works best with your business. We hope this article was helpful. Thank you for reading!

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