Do you want to launch a new website but have no idea how to begin? You are at the right place. In this article, we will explore different activities that need to be done to have an amazing website that works according to your preferences!

Are you ready? Let’s start!

1. Define your Unique Selling Point (USP):

What do you want to sell? How do you want customers to perceive your website? What are your objectives and end goals? Do you have a decided vision and mission? These are just some of the many questions you should ask yourself before you decide to build a website. What are you good at? What value will be given by your website?

Having a definite USP also helps build your brand identity. Brand identity makes it easier to have a loyal customer base. Just remember that your website should be a representation of your thoughts and goals.

2. Understand your Audience:

Website Launch Checklist

A lot of people make this rookie mistake – they make the website as per their needs and forget to factor in what the audience wants. Your audience will make or break your website and it is hugely important that you continually work towards fulfilling their wants. When your visitors feel in sync with what you have to offer, they are more likely to become full-time customers and recommend your products to their friends and families.

To be in touch with your audience, you can also establish an online community. Communities facilitate healthy communication between members and pave way for quizzes, up-to-date information.

3. Domain Name and Hosting:

A ‘Host’ is the physical location of your website. Web hosting providers deliver storage spaces and access. Your domain name builds your credibility and gives your brand a professional feel. Your unique URL is known as a domain. Before using a domain, you need to get it registered. Keep it short and simple. Just ensure that your website should be named aptly so that your clients and visitors can associate the website name with your brand.

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4. Create your Website!:

When you have selected your domain name and hosted it online, it is now time to put up content on your website! You can include pictures, videos, and anything else you like. There are certain aspects of your website that you need to curate in a way that they look attractive – colors and color schemes, types of fonts, typography, photographs, videos, and infographics.

If you want to get inspired, check out websites of your competitors and try to give your website your feel. You have to ensure that you regularly maintain your website and introduce engaging content.

Colors play an important role and have a psychological impact on your visitors, so you must use them wisely. Ensure that your fonts are easy to read and not complex. Keep colors and fonts in tune with your website. Photos help in grabbing the attention of your visitors. Use high-quality pictures that give a sense of personal touch to your website.

Lastly, your website should be easy to navigate and should load quickly.

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5. Creativity is the way:

Keep adding new content, stay relevant and your website will flourish! Have a regular schedule and arrange what / when you plan to post. If you talk about topics that are trending, it is a major plus. Use hashtags so that potential customers can reach you. Continually maintain your website and add content that your users can relate to. Also, engaging content goes a long way!

Don’t be afraid to play with your website. Try different styles every other time and notice whatever works for you. You don’t have to be rigid with your work. Stay flexible.

6. SEO Friendly:

Website Launch Checklist
Website Launch Checklist

Search Engine Optimisation puts you on the front of your search engine. Use relevant keywords on your website so that it is easy for potential customers to find you. When people type keywords on their search engine, your website should appear at the top! Your content should be top quality and relevant. Search engines should be able to understand what your website is all about.

Keywords define what your content is about. Focus on the quality, usefulness, and relevance of your article. Algorithm changes more often than not and therefore you must stay on the top of your game! Implement effective strategies, understand the basics, and take proper steps to choose the correct keywords.

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7. Feedback and Reviews:

Organic feedback keeps you on the right track. It helps you understand what more you can add to your website to keep it trendy and to keep your audiences engaged. Also, let your users connect with you. One way to do this is through comments. When your users know that their opinion is valued, they tend to give you feedback that helps in making your website better. You can even use social media to stay in touch with your users. Feedbacks are honest and give your website a sense of authenticity. More and more people are relying on reviews before making a decision online.

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Well, there you go! Follow this website launch checklist and you will surely be able to build a website you are proud of!. Here’s the list of best Landing Page Builders that helps you to design your website. If you have any recommendations, Let us know in the comment section below. We would be glad to hear from you.

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