Taglines are placed next to your logo and your title. You have finally made your whole website and are ready to launch. But go a few steps back. Look at your tagline. Is it effective? Does it portray what your website does? Will it be understood by your website visitors? If you are not too sure about the answer to these questions, stick around and read this article.

To put it simply – a website tagline provides your brand with a core identity. It is *the* thing that converts your visitor into a purchaser.

Research shows that an average user spends 45 seconds on a website. This is it – you have to make an impression in 45 seconds or less.

We all are constantly using the internet. We are browsing all the time. When was the last time you lingered around a website for more than a few seconds? Why do you expect your visitor to spend more time on your website then? What is your bounce rate? The initial moments are hugely important and you have to make an impact in that time frame. How? Through effective website taglines. If you want them to pay attention, you have to give them something that’s worth sticking around for.

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1. Keep it simple:

A rookie mistake anyone can do while coming up with a tagline is making it complicated in the effort of sounding clever or funky. Taglines don’t necessarily have to rhyme or sound interesting. While that surely is an added bonus, we suggest that you try and keep it as simple as you can, while portraying what your entire brand stands for. You can decide the word limit and how it looks on your page – but remember to address a few important things:

a) What does your brand do?
b) Whom does it benefit (target audience)?
c) Why should one opt for your brand?

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2. Brand’s mission and vision:

create effective website tagline
create effective website tagline

It’s always a good practice to align your website tagline with the core values of your brand. Your vision and mission define your business, objectives, and various approaches undertaken to fulfill those objectives. Your values should be reflected in your website tagline. Everything that is on your website should speak the same language – that is, the end goal of your content should be uniform.

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3. Be different:

Point 1 says that you should aim to keep it simple. However, that does not mean that you stay ordinary. Your brand is unique and one of a kind. All you now have to do is ensure that your tagline showcases why your brand is different than most – USP (Unique Selling Point) comes to play here. When you tell your visitors why you are special and ahead of your competition, you make taking decisions easier for your visitor. Research, brainstorm, and come up with a tagline that you are proud of!

4. Value:

If your tagline just describes what you do without properly explaining how it is beneficial for your end customer, you need to modify the way you think. Everybody, including you and me, look for value online. We need to know what benefit we will receive when we do a particular thing or opt for a particular brand. When your customer looks at your tagline and understands the end value you are willing to provide to make their experience better, they will surely keep coming back for more. We all want something more. Without value, your brand goes nowhere.

5. Make it clear:

Often, companies end up making their taglines too complicated in an attempt to sound cool or different from others. It is simple – if your visitor has no idea what you are talking about and does not get a fair idea about your work in the first few seconds of browsing through your page, they WILL leave. Your bounce rate will be high and that is a major negative point for your website. While playing around with words is fun, try not to make it all sound too difficult.

6. Understand your target audience:

Another important thing to remember is that your customers are the most important part of your business and everything you do, should be for them. That is why an initial step is to understand what your audience really wants. This can range anything from the kind of language they prefer to what utility they expect from your brand. When you truly know your audience, pleasing them becomes easier.

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7. SEO friendly:

Did you know that search engines constantly scout for keywords from your website? And it is no surprise that the first thing they look for is the title and tagline of your website. Using SEO friendly words gives you an automatic boost on the search engine. When the keywords of what the customer wants matches with the keywords of your website tagline, you show up on the search results. Therefore, use words wisely and focus on important words if you want your customers to find you!

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8. Study your competition:

create effective website tagline
create effective website tagline

If you are facing tough competition out there, it is always healthy to study your competition. Understand and explore the way they present their website, check out their website taglines, and the way they engage with their audience. Understanding how successful companies maintain their online presence helps you in formulating your online strategy. Learn from them and create an effective website tagline that will change the whole game!

Final Words

Website taglines are the first method of communication between you and your potential customer. You have to ensure that your brand sends across a loud and clear message. Brainstorm and come up with an awesome tagline that defines your work! You get only one shot at making a first impression – do it well! All the best!

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