Monetizing job board website is not a hard nut to crack if it is done strategically. If you move your marketing strategy in the right direction, you can quickly turn your job board into a huge money-making asset.

Your revenue opportunities revolve around the two major groups, i.e., Employers and Job Seekers. But before learning about how to monetize job board website, it is crucial to understand how your job board website should be.

Let’s dive deep into it!

Essentials of a Job Board Website

A job board website without required features and professional look can make your target customers bored. They won’t take interest in being a part of your platform unless they get the right and interactive elements on your website.

So, what are those essentials that make your website a complete job board solution?

Here is an answer!

Give proper attention to these 3 essentials of a job board website:

  • Job Listing Page
  • Job Board Management System
  • In-built Front-end Form

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1. Job Listing Page

Make sure you have a well-organized job listing page that allows employers to list the vacancies for their companies easily within a well-defined category along with a proper job description.

The page should reflect the total number of jobs listed and job seekers can easily apply for the jobs as per their skills and qualifications.

2. Job Board Management System

Next, you must have a proper job board management system. It should be such that allows the employers to easily post their job requirement and the job seekers to easily apply for the jobs. Besides, a proper job board management system will also help website owners to manage the listings on your website.

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3. In-built Front-end Form

The form you’re using on your website should be perfect for both employers and job seekers. It will be daunting for your target customers to fill up the requirements and application forms that are complicated. Make sure the frontend forms are perfect and they don’t find it difficult to use these forms.

WordPress Job Board Solution

Take a look at the WP Job Manager plugin. This is a lightweight job board plugin and offers all the above-mentioned functionalities that every website owner like you is looking for. Plus you can try out the WP Job Manager addon such for adding extra features like applications, resumes, alerts, and more.

You can check live demo of all these features by using JobMate WordPress theme that has been designed to provide a professional look and style to your job board website.

Here is a link to the live demo of WordPress Job Board Theme.

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How To Monetize Job Board Website


Now, let’s learn some of the interesting job board monetization strategies that help you grow your revenue.

For better understanding, here, we are categorizing job board monetization strategies into five different categories:

  1. Revenue earned from employers
  2. Revenue earned from job seekers
  3. Revenue From Affiliate Commission
  4. Revenue from advertisement
  5. Sell Personality Development Course

Let’s take a look at each of them one-by-one.

1. Revenue earned from employers

Use these monetization strategies to generate revenue from employers. However, make sure your job board website is well established before utilizing any of these strategies. This is because the companies are willing to shell out the money and get premium access if they find that your job board is the best platform from where they can get valuable candidates.

a.) Job Posting for a certain period of time

You can charge from employers for posting job vacancies on your website for certain period of time. Say, for example, you can ask them to pay a certain amount to list their job openings in a particular category for 30 days.

b.) Standard or Featured Job Posting

You can offer multiple options for job listings such as standard job listing, featured job listing in all job categories, featured job listing in a particular job category, featured job listing on all pages, and many more like that. It can be the best source of revenue for job boards.

c.) Featured employer listings in blogs and email newsletter

No company wants to miss out on the opportunity to acquire the best talent. You can take this advantage to grow your revenue. Ask your employers to get more exposure by getting featured on your blog or email newsletter.

d.) Exclusive access to resumes of job seekers

Every employer wants to hire a candidate that best suits the job requirements. You can ask your employers to pay a certain amount of fee to get access to the resumes of job seekers.

e.) Sell Premium Job Posting Packages

Help your employers stand out from the crowd. Offer them premium job posting packages. This way you can easily generate a decent amount of money from your job portal website.

2. Revenue earned from job seekers


So far you have learned how to monetize job board website through employers. Now, let’s explore some of the best ways to generate revenue from job seekers.

a.) Charge for view jobs

Millions of job seekers are searching for their dream job in the best company. You can help them find their dream job that best suits their profile. Charge a monthly or annual fee to view relevant jobs on your website. People who are damn serious with their career or job profile, wouldn’t mind getting premium access.

b.) Exclusive access to apply for jobs

You can create an exclusive pool of job listing that comes into a specific category. And, ask the job seekers to pay a certain amount of fee in order to get access and apply for those high-profile companies.

c.) Featured resume listing

Encourage them to land on the best available job by offering the option for featured resume listing. They won’t like to miss the chance of making their profile appeared on top of the search results.

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d.) Sell your resume writing service

You can encourage the job seekers to gain the attention of potential employers with a professional and eye-catchy resume. Sell resume writing service to them and charge a certain amount for it.

3. Revenue From Affiliate Commission

Affiliate commission is one of the preferred ways opt by the people to grow their revenue. It includes selling third-party products or services for a certain percentage of total sale or a fixed amount depending on the contract, terms, and conditions.

You can apply this affiliate marketing strategy on your job board as well. Just populate the job listings on your website from the most popular and trusted job boards like ZipRecruiter, Indeed, Job2Careers.

4. Revenue from advertisement

banner ads

Now consider these job board monetization strategies based on advertisements. It is a great way to make your website traffic a revenue stream for your business.

  • Run Advertisement through Google Adsense.
  • Allow companies to place the banner ads on your website to advertise their products or services.
  • Sell ad space to employers by running ads for their company on your job board.

5. Sell Courses & Resources

a.) Sell Personality Development Course

Personality Development Course adds value to the career of job seekers. This helps them to make them confident while cracking interviews and performing best in their employment. You can motivate them to get in front of employers with a strong personality by taking this value-added course.

b.) Sell useful resources to employers

Share your knowledge or experience by creating valuable resources that are useful for employers. You can share these resources in the form of e-books, videos, PDFs, etc. Some interesting examples of these types of resources can be:

  • How to hire employees that bring worth to your organization
  • Experts’ advice to train new employees
  • 10 Tips to keep in mind while selecting the right candidate

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c.) Sell useful resources to job seekers

Similarly, you can share your knowledge or experience by creating valuable resources that are useful for job seekers. You can package up these resources in the form of e-books, videos, PDFs, etc. Some interesting examples of these types of resources can be:

  • How to crack the interview in one go
  • 10 Important tips to keep in mind before applying for a job
  • Expert’s advice to get your dream job

Wrapping up

This is how you can monetize job board website. Experiment with these different offerings and grow your business earning.

So, which job board monetization strategy you think is the best suitable for your job board website? Share your opinions in the comment section below.

Stay tuned!


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