Whether your website is dedicated to blogging, eCommerce, online servicing or any other form of lead outreach, you are bound to SEO in some capacity. Given the increased emphasis on digital technologies, many businesses have shifted their focus toward the web in order to reach new audiences through organic traffic.
According to 99 Firms, proper SEO can increase your conversion rates by up to 14.6%, with 57% of SEO experts advocating for original content creation. This makes creating a spotless SEO strategy in 2020 a must to stand out you’re your competitors and continue generating traffic for your website. Let’s take a look at what makes SEO useful in 2020, as well as concrete ways to utilize it for your own business going forward.

Why Invest Into SEO in 2020?

SEO is often a topic of conversation in the digital marketing circles – but what makes it so special? Search Engine Optimization represents a set of search algorithms and trends under close supervision by Google. Its mission is to ensure that quality, original and accessible content shoots up to the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

Spotless SEO Strategy Creation
Spotless SEO Strategy Creation

Search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and aforementioned Google rely on SEO to quickly gauge whether or not a newly-posted piece of content is relevant. As such, following in the footsteps of trending topics, keywords and optimization standards is highly recommended.

WordPress SEO Plugins To Improve Your Website Ranking In 2020

SEO is a content marketing inevitability. Regardless of how small-scale or niche your website may be, it’s important to abide by SEO standards to ensure that your creative efforts pay off. Otherwise, your content will fall on deaf ears and no amount of originality or well-constructed writing will help it rank well in global SERP.

If we were to list the outcomes and benefits of implementing a structured SEO strategy in 2020, it would include:

  • Streamlined content production pipeline
  • Higher brand authority and industry reputation
  • Building on brand credibility and traffic generation
  • Lower bounce and higher conversion rates
  • Higher local website traffic for the case of retail storefronts
  • High ROI in regards to ad monetization and sales

Spotless SEO Strategy Creation in 2020

SEO planning

Creative Content First, Optimization Second

Before we approach SEO, it’s worth prefacing the fact that content is everything – no matter how good the SEO, users will come for the content itself. This means that original ideas and content creation should come first before any optimization is made to individual website pages.

The reason for this is simple – we write content for other people, not for robotic search algorithms. Content writers at professional writing services apart from academic assistance can also help organize your content writing and creation and make it easier to craft new content as you go along. Put passion before you approach SEO analysis and the audience will slowly but surely flock around your website and recognize those efforts.

Standardized Content Formatting

Once you decide on the direction for your content, it’s important to implement the same optimization across the entire website. This will not only create a feeling of uniform content for users but also add to your SEO ranking by introducing a cohesive, standardized system.

Websites which rely on a structured content formatting system will always outrank their competition both in SEO and audience impressions. Thus, your lead generation, conversion rate, as well as the bottom line revenue will all experience an uptick given the newly-established content structure.

SEO Friendly WordPress Themes

Balanced Content Mix

Written content represents the backbone of SEO – however, it is in no way exclusive in what you can do to achieve a high ranking in SERP. Your content mix should always reflect your industry as well as your marketing team’s sensibilities and aspirations.

Videos, infographics, original images as well as audio interviews, podcasts and discussions can all find their way into your content mix. Mix up tools such as Readable and Canva in order to strike a balance between various content formats for your audience’s benefit. Not only will your website become more dynamic, but you will also earn a lot of positive SEO points for offering a variety of content types.

Topic Clustering

With such a variety of different content outlets and websites to follow, users often have a hard time committing to one business or blogger. In addition, content trends and topic relevance often change on such a constant basis that it is difficult to keep track of what’s relevant. You can amend for that shortcoming by introducing a topic clustering content pipeline to your creative efforts in 2020.

Topic clustering represents an initiative which allows for grouped content creation on a single topic, allowing you to explore it in greater detail. For example, a topic cluster on SEO trends would include several articles with “SEO trends” in the title and focus on different aspects of it. This will effectively deepen your content, elevate your SEO and give users plenty of reasons to come back in anticipation for more content periodically.

Keyword Grouping

SEO strategy
SEO strategy

Given how users search for content via keywords inserted into search engines, their use in content optimization should be a logical addition to your strategy. As with topic clustering, organizing your keyword selection into thematic and functional groups will allow for a better handle on day-to-day SEO.

In order to reach your target audience, keywords related to the topics you write about should be added to allow for higher SERP ranking. Combine platforms such as Google Keyword Planner and Hemingway in order to strike a good balance of keyword density and proper proofreading. Use the same keywords throughout related topics to ensure that each of your pages has an equal chance to find its audience for maximum success.

Technical Website Optimization

SEO goes beyond the content you produce for your audience’s convenience. Most specifically, your website’s performance will play a major role in its global ranking. Site elements such as load speed, link building, as well as multimedia optimization will have a large impact on its SEO success.

As such, it is pivotal that you do a good job at making sure that the website is lightweight and free of unnecessary filler content. Optimize your multimedia, disable unnecessary plugins and make sure that all of your links work as intended. This will not only improve the site’s overall User Experience (UX) but also add a major positive factor to your SEO going forward.

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Continuous Optimization SEO Strategy (Conclusion)

The fact of the matter is that SEO never really ends – in order to remain relevant, new trends and optimization efforts should become regular. Keep an eye on your industry, audience expectations and SEO standards to stay ahead of the curve and make the most out of coming changes.

What works today may not work as well tomorrow – be on the lookout for creative content opportunities, lead generation chances and SEO improvement tricks. Make it a habit to audit your website and improve on the SEO foundation – your audience will grow organically in 2020 and beyond in response.

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