June 5, 2017

Steps Involved In Making Your WP Site Mobile-Friendly

Making Your WP Site Mobile-Friendly

With the constant evolution of devices and capabilities, more and more users are adopting mobile devices for browsing purposes.

mobile users


By seeing this graph, we came to know that majority of visits are made using mobile devices than desktops.

Essentially, as an increasing number of people are moving to new mobile tools, it has become needful to re-think and adapt our website content keeping mobile users in mind. Moreover, for site owners running mobile optimized websites, making their website truly mobile-friendly has become a hard-to-ignore necessity post the release of Google mobile-friendly update.

So, if you own a WordPress website designed for desktops and planning to go mobile, or want to make your current site more optimized for mobile, then following the steps covered in this post will definitely help you accomplish your objective.

Different Steps that can help you to make your WordPress site mobile-friendly-

Create a Different Website For Mobile

You may be using some features on your regular website that might not be necessary for your mobile visitors. Perhaps, you may wonder to get rid of those features. But, what if the features that you want to be eliminated are important for desktop users? In such a scenario, creating a separate mobile site will prove a viable solution for you.

Building another website may seem a daunting task to you, at first. But, in reality its not that difficult, as you don’t need to build the entire website again from scratch. Instead, you just need to create a few significant pages and add certain features to your mobile website. However, you’ll need to write some code in the process. So, make sure to hone your programming skills before getting started with the process.

Use a Mobile Plugin


Don’t have enough time to convert your existing WordPress theme to a responsive one? Well, in that case, installing a mobile-specific plugin can help you get all the work done effectively and efficiently. Using a plugin can help in making your website mobile-friendly without much hassle. Below are a few plugins that you can consider to meet the varied requirements of a mobile website:

WP Touch: Touted as the most popular mobile-specific plugin, WP Touch helps in loading a beautiful mobile version for your mobile visitors automatically. The best aspect about this plugin is that, it enables a mobile theme that has passed the “Google Mobile” test.

Use Google Mobile-Friendly Tool to Test Your Site Responsiveness

Even if, your website can be accessed across different mobile device doesn’t mean it is mobile-friendly. Put it simply, you may be running a responsive website, but it might provide a positive experience to mobile users. This may even make you lose your search engine rankings based on Google’s new mobile-friendly algorithm update.  you can find out whether your site is mobile-friendly or not using the Google Mobile-Friendly Testing Tool.

mobile friendly

Use Google Webmaster Tools To Make Your Mobile Site SEO-Friendly


So, now once you know about mobile responsiveness of your site, you also need to ensure that your site is optimized for search engines. If your mobile theme isn’t SEO optimized, then you won’t be able to drive good traffic to it. Fortunately, Google offers excellent Webmaster Tools (a toolset) to help maximize your website search engine ranking.

The toolset provides information about keyword rankings, traffic trends on the basis of content and other useful data, helping you create an effective SEO campaign. For using the toolset provided by Google, you’ll first have to login to Google Webmaster Tools, and then add it to your site. Next, you will have to verify yourself as the owner of the website.

Make Your Content Flexible with your Mobile Theme

You need to make your content adjust properly to a mobile device which must includes:-

  • Long titles or headlines
  • Images containing text or numbers
  • Products with “View More” and “Buy Now” options and so on.

It is very important that your content looks good without impacting its quality on the desktop. This can be achieved, by making your content adaptive. This is because, adaptive content help make the content appropriate according to a specific mobile platform by replacing the content with shortcodes and creating other alternatives.

Turning Your Site Layout To Single-Column Layouts

When you’re creating a layout of your website, going for a single-column structure will work the best for you. Such a layout not just help manage the limited space of small-size screens, but also help to easily switch the website layout to and from portrait and landscape mode.

You can make your multi-column desktop layout, adjust to a single-column layout with the help of responsive web design techniques, such as the Basecamp project and others. 

Take Advantage of Mobile Capabilities

to make sure that your site is mobile-friendly, you need to ensure that it provides an optimal user experience. One best way to let mobile users enjoy an enhanced experience via your website is to add mobile capabilities within your website.

For example, you can embed the geo raphicallocation capability to help users get directions, view in-store availability of desired products at the nearest retail store, and much more.




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