May 29, 2017

How to Enhance Your WordPress Search

We should face truths. The WordPress site seek abilities aren’t on a par with they could be. From returning results that aren’t sorted by their importance, not being able to search uploaded documents, or neglecting to discover matching content, it’s fair to say there is room for improvement. So while  you could sit tight for a future update to our most loved publishing software to deal with this, you could likewise correct this issue today. By introducing one of the suitable plugins that have been made to upgrade the center WordPress site search tool you can give this component of your site a highly required boost to your performance.

In the event that you aren’t giving your guests the choice of seeking the scontent of your site to discover a greater amount of what they are searching for, or you aren’t happy with the performance of your current site search methods, then read on to show signs of improvement comprehension of the advantages of including a compelling internal site search feature to effectively highlight your site, trailed by a few proposals of plugins that can help you do as such.

Advantages of Including A Internal Site Search Tool


Site search meets the customer’s “I want it now” attitude-

Installing an internal site search box can help the visitors to find out what they need more quickly. With web users still looking to find what they need as fast as possible, confusing navigation and cluttered design are more likely than ever to prompt an “on-to-the-next-site” response.

Internal site search is undoubtedly the quickest way for someone to find what they’re looking for on a large and complex site. An internal site search helps visitors get around navigational structures that may be confusing to them. This is especially important for sites that are constantly adding new content. As the site continues to grow, many users will find the site search function to be a valuable tool in helping them find what they need.

Increase in Page Views and Time Spend by a particular visitor-

Making it easier for your guests to discover a greater amount of the content they are keen on your site can keep them around for more. Expanding the page views and the time on the site for every guest are supposedly ranking factors that Google calculates and take in account in choosing where to list your website in its SERP (search engine result pages).

The normal measure of time spent on your webpage per guest, gives a decent sign to the web crawlers of the quality level of your site, with additional time proposing a higher quality website. Along these lines, it bodes well to do whatever you can to urge your guests to stick around for more, and empowering site search can be one approach to do as such.

Providing Better Conversion Rates

This advantage takes after on from the last one, in that more a visitor engages with your website , the more prominent the possibilities of them changing over against one of your objectives are. The more pages they open on your site, the more calls to action they will see. If you’ve been experimenting with split testing to compare multiple call to action variations, including unique designs and offers, then as your visitors search for and find more of your content, they will be exposed to more opportunities to join your mailing list, become a member, or make a purchase.

Site search brings ideas for new products

Users’ searches can even inspire new product offerings. If you see that many visitors are searching your site for a particular type of product or service that you don’t yet offer, it may be time to consider developing an offering to fit that underserved need. Especially if your site is already bringing traffic for those particular searches, your company may do well to act on this informal market research.

Site search reveals new keywords

You may end up finding new keywords you were never aware of, allowing you the opportunity to tweak your content so more users will find the information they need on your site. Perhaps some of your pages that you feel are relevant to a specific topic are missing a few of the terms people are actually searching on. In that case, you’ll have the opportunity to add them as appropriate and further refine your content, making it even more targeted to your users. In addition, those keywords can be added to your search marketing campaigns, perhaps offering a chance to reach a wider audience on the Internet than originally anticipated.

In order for your company to remain competitive online, you need to be open to the new ways people are finding and disseminating information. Site search is an exciting utility for websites looking to evolve their websites according to user demands.

The List of Free And Paid WordPress Site Search Plugins

Better Search

The Better Search plugin adds more relevancy to search results by giving more weight to titles and content as opposed to date published. You can also play with the weight you give each.

Here’s a look at some of the settings, including the weighing of the title and the content.

better search

The plugin additionally gives you a chance to track demanding searches and spot them in a sidebar widget like a tag cloud with bigger text dimensions for more popular searches.

WP Search

The WP Search plugin seeks to increase relevancy by focusing on titles and content rather than ordering search results by date. It also lets you control the weight of importance given to  both the titles and the content.

In addition to searching Posts and Pages, it lets you choose to include attachments, revisions, nav menu items, comments, and categories. It also includes wildcard and Boolean operator support.

wp search

Search Everything Plugin

The Search Everything plugin lets you add a number elements to your search bank that wouldn’t normally be included in a WordPress search.

Here’s a look at the options included with the plugin:

search everything

Here’s a look at some of the settings. You have the ability to control what gets included in the search results.

search results

While the Search Everything plugin lets you search more, it doesn’t really work on improving relevancy. It simply lets you search more parts of your site.



Relevanssi is available in both free and commercial versions, giving you a chance to try out enhanced searching on your WordPress site without spending a penny. Once the plugin is active on your site, your visitors will then have an easier time finding what they are looking for – or at least knowing they’ve done all they can to track down the content they seek.

Some of the features of this search plugin include: search results sorted by relevance rather than date, fuzzy matching, document searching, phrase searching, and the ability to search through comments. And if you choose to upgrade to the premium version of Relevanssi, you can start using features such as: user profile searching, search suggestions, and content weighting to influence the search results.




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