Are you looking for the best responsive themes for your WordPress website? You’re in the right place! There are so many amazing and responsive themes out there! Choosing one that’s apt for your brand becomes difficult. However, don’t worry – for we are here to help. Read on to know more about our pick for responsive WordPress themes!

Need for a responsive WordPress theme:

Usually, WordPress themes are designed to suit and adjust the screen of your device. It ensures that your website looks great on any user device – mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. More and more people access websites through smartphones. Not everyone browses on a desktop and therefore themes must be created in such a way that the user can access it on all devices.

Now, if your website is not optimal and does not look good on your user’s device, it dampens their overall experience. There are huge chances that they’ll browse for a few seconds and leave your website – to maybe check out your competitor’s website. Here’s when it gets really serious – you might be losing out on potential customers because you didn’t take enough care to make your website responsive!

A responsive website gives your users a delightful experience and makes your website SEO oriented. This results in huge traffic, engagements, and conversions! Responsive themes provide your user with an optimal experience across different types of devices and screen resolutions. It smoothly adjusts your website’s layout accordingly. This leads to better readability and usability. In short, responsive design allows one site to be viewed on various devices without any inconvenience.

Let’s begin now, shall we?

1. Vellum – Responsive WordPress Theme:

Responsive WordPress Theme

Vellum is a new kind of WordPress theme. It has a lot of capability and tons of features! It is fully responsive and SEO optimized. You can create different kinds of layouts and styles with this theme. To sum it up, it has the benefits of various themes all rolled into one!

Get this theme here!

2. Museum – Responsive WordPress Theme:

Responsive WordPress Theme

Museum allows you to create a noteworthy and amazing professional museum or historical society website! It is great for art, science, and history business. The theme is fully responsive and looks fantastic on all devices! Using it is easy and it gives your website a professional look!

Check it out – here!

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3. Engic – Multiuse Responsive WordPress Theme:

Responsive WordPress Theme

Engic is a lightweight WordPress theme and has a user-friendly framework. It is perfect for architectural firms, designers, and freelance architects. The layout is ideal to showcase your designs. The theme is fully responsive and it looks beautiful on all kinds of user devices.

To know more, click here!

4. Power Gym – Responsive WordPress Theme:


Create a gym, fitness, or any sport-related website with this one-of-a-kind WordPress theme! It has a variety of widgets and allows customization. The layout is completely responsive and looks great on a desktop or a device with a smaller mobile resolution! You cannot go wrong with this theme!

Get the theme here.

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5. Mini – A Unique Responsive WordPress Theme:


Mini is designed for your corporate and creative needs. It is optimized with mobile first techniques, full retina display support, and is ultra-responsive! Customize it as per your needs and you’re ready to go!

To check out this theme, click here.

6. GoodDay – Multi-purpose WordPress Theme:

good day

Create unlimited design solutions with this theme. GoodDay is highly flexible and offers you an optimal way to set your content. The theme is fully responsive and looks amazing! It allows you to make a website without much hassle and offers you lots of awesome features!

Check it out here!

7. Bolt – A Delightful WordPress Theme:


In simple words, Bolt is an exquisite easy-to-use theme with a modern design. It is a great WordPress theme that’s completely responsive and aims to help you create unusual corporate, creative, and e-commerce business websites!

To know more, click here.

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8. Max Cleaning – Responsive WordPress Theme:

Responsive WordPress Theme

With a responsive layout, this theme is one of the most sought themes in the market. It is filled with features and is a WordPress theme for cleaning companies. The theme is powerful, easy to use, and has custom widgets.

Check out more features here!

9. Selfie – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme:

Responsive WordPress Theme

Selfie is a perfect solution for all kinds of businesses. You can create unique websites with the classy features provided by this theme. The responsiveness is amazing and the website will look astounding on all devices!

To know more, click here.

10. Responsive – WordPress Theme:

Responsive WordPress Theme

Responsive is a fully customizable, fast, and responsive theme for all types of blogs. It has a responsive layout design that works efficiently on all user devices. It also works seamlessly with the most popular WordPress plugins!

Check it out here.

Final Words

Well, here we are. These were our choices. Now it’s time for you to choose one according to your preferences. Having a responsive website should be your most basic priority. Depending on your brand and your industry, you should choose a theme that works best for you! Get started and provide your users with an experience they’ll never forget!

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